Nov 5, 2021

Trump The Terrorist: Every Opportunity Trump Has Had He Has Used To Undermine The Health & Safety Of The American People And The GOP Have Supported Him Gleefully

Related: The Fox News Involvement With Spreading Domestic Terrorism Is Hidden By Mainstream Media By Couching It In Soft And Indirect Words But Its Basically An Open Secret That Fox News Is Now A Pro Domestic Terrorism Propaganda Outlet

A short and simplified outline in mainstream news videos of how Trump has used his power and influence to spread death and terror.  More details are in the links below.

'Crimes Against Humanity': Hayes On Holding Leaders Accountable For Covid Failure

“This is the first time I've seen some official action taken that accurately represents how I feel about the crimes we have all witnessed,” says Chris Hayes on a panel finding Brazil's president at fault for their botched Covid response. “Bolsonaro and Trump, along with several others like them around the world, willfully got hundreds of thousands of people killed.”

Simple reality is that if Trump had been interested in protecting the people rather than the volatile markets that stabilize in prosperity anyways, then the US would have a death rate comparable to New Zealand... instead Trump went the way of the terrorist and the GOP and Fox News have fallen in line, using their power and influence to spread lies to deceive the people so that many would die. 

Besides killing people with intentional misinformation, Trump is also carrying out a full scale terror campaign against American democracy using his influence and the influence of the GOP and Fox News to spread even more deadly misinformation. As they spread this misinformation, chaos and death threats from their followers increases, as expected from a terrorist group. 

Threats, Harassment Inspired By Trump's Big Lie Terrorize Election Officials: Reuters

Rachel Maddow shares details of a special report from Reuters documenting threats to election officials at all levels as well as their families with almost no arrests or help from law enforcement.

'They morphed into terrorists': Judges question meager charges against 1/6 rioters

Rachel Maddow reports on a federal judge's strong reaction to video of a January 6th rioter saying she was looking to shoot Nancy Pelosi "in the friggin' brain" and then only being charged with a misdemeanor crime, not the first judge to express frustration at the leniency of the charges against members of Donald Trump's mob. 

‘That’s A Lie’: Jan. 6 Police Officer On Trump Rebranding Riot As ‘Love Fest’

In a recent interview, Trump called Jan. 6 a “love fest.” Officer Michael Fanone, who was brutally attacked at the Capitol, says, “That’s a lie. Donald Trump’s description of January 6th—pretty much every portion of that statement—is a lie."

Where Are The Consequences For The Trump Enablers?

Chris Hayes: “What they all did was as egregious an offense against the Constitution and the traditions of American democracy—as egregious as one that can be contemplated. And yet nothing. There have to be consequences.”

More Evidence:

President Trump

The Murdoch/Fox War On The People


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