Jan 21, 2024

Alan Watts: Psychology of Mystical Experience

 Alan Watts: Psychology of Mystical Experience – Being in the Way Ep. 13 – Hosted by Mark Watts

Video Description: Binding contrast into paradox, Alan takes us on a journey through the psychology of mystical experience in relation to life and death, followed by a jaunt through the power of nothingness.

This series is brought to you by the Alan Watts Organization and Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation. Visit https://Alanwatts.org for full talks from Alan Watts.

Psychology of Mystical Experience (0:00)

The Paradox of Life & Death // Nature & the Anxiety to Survive (13:00)

Nothingness // Contrast as Oneness (33:00)

“I’m now 57 years old, and a lot of people are dead at 57. I look at this problem with complete fascination. You all have to face it. We’re all going to evaporate and turn into bones and dust. Instead of avoiding that, instead of looking the other way, instead of saying, ‘Oh, well, later…’ Let’s look at it! What would it be like to go to sleep and never wake up?” – Alan Watts

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