Jan 21, 2024

Alan Watts: The Unpreachable Religion

 Alan Watts: The Unpreachable Religion – Being in the Way Podcast Ep. 18 – Hosted by Mark Watts

Video Description: Exploring modern culture as actually anti-materialistic, Alan tackles matters of sedentariness, sensuousness, isolation, work, play, God, and sexuality.

This series is brought to you by the Alan Watts Organization and Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation. Visit https://Alanwatts.org for full talks from Alan Watts.

Western Culture as Anti-Materialist (0:00)

Screen to Sensuality // Crowd vs Community // Work & Play (5:55)

Work, Play, Sex, & God (12:08)

“For the vast majority of American families, what seems to be the real point of life—what you rush home to get to—is to watch an electronic reproduction of life. You can’t touch it, it doesn’t smell, and it has no taste. You might think that people getting home to the real point of life in a robust material culture would go home to a colossal banquet, an orgy of love making, or a riot of music and dancing. But nothing of the kind—it turns out to be this purely passive contemplation of a twittering screen.” – Alan Watts

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