Jan 21, 2024

Alan Watts: Out of the Trap Pt. 1

 Alan Watts: Out of the Trap Pt. 1 – Being in the Way Podcast Ep. 22 – Hosted by Mark Watts

Video Description: Delving into the historically complicated human relationship to divinity, Alan Watts describes the trap of separateness. 

This series is brought to you by the Alan Watts Organization and Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation. Visit https://Alanwatts.org for full talks from Alan Watts.

In this episode, Alan Watts explores:

The sensation of our own existence 

Jewish Christian mythology 

Identifying with the tribe

Universal law and the roots of justice

Freud and the energies of the psyche 

Man as a product of nature versus the supernatural

The idea that we were all subjects of a divine king you might say was a political model based on the organization of the great city-states of the ancient near east. That image, you see, has absolutely haunted Western man throughout his whole development because he has felt that he is in the universe on probation and sufferance. He doesn't quite belong here."  – Alan Watts

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