Jan 28, 2024

[AI Generated Art] A Christmas Story: How Santa Brought Christmas To The Aliens

The following are individual art pieces generated by an AI art generation software combined together to create a story. Since each piece was generated separately there are variations from image to image while keeping the same theme.

Long, long ago...

Santa had a UFO Sighting!

Aliens hear about Santa and go out and about looking for Santa

A short alien finds Santa. Santa is shocked. "They do exist!" Santa exclaims

Santa and the aliens become friends & Santa gifts the aliens a ball of holy light to fuel their spaceship

Santa And Aliens Celebrate Christmas Together

Santa is used to Aliens now and they even decorate his trees


Aliens also celebrate Christmas as its the day the ball of holy light was given to them to fuel their spaceship

Are You Ready For Christmas?

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Disclaimer: None of the story in this post is considered to be accurate by anyone including the author.

Some More Christmas AI Art Titled: 

"A UFO Sighting On Christmas"

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