Mar 2, 2024

June 2021: The First Official Report From The US Government About UAPs/UFOs And A Few News Reports About It

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a landmark report titled "Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" in June 2021, marking a significant moment in the public discourse on unidentified flying objects (UFOs), now more commonly referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). 

This report represents the U.S. government's effort to address and demystify the encounters with unidentified objects in the skies, which have long been a source of speculation, skepticism, and intrigue.

Today: Government’s UFO Report Reveals Many Unexplained Objects
Recently there have been many sightings and reports of “unexplained aerial phenomena or UAPs, and the bottom line from a long-awaited report is that the government can’t explain most of them. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY.

Background and Context

For decades, sightings of unidentified objects performing maneuvers that seem to defy known aerospace technology have been reported, often dismissed or shrouded in secrecy. 

The increasing number of such reports, especially from credible military personnel, prompted the U.S. government to take a more transparent approach. 

The ODNI's report is part of this effort, compiled in response to a directive from Congress to provide a detailed analysis of UAP sightings.

Key Findings of the Report

The report covers observations of UAPs between November 2004 and March 2021, with a total of 144 reports under review. 

One of the most striking admissions is that the majority of these phenomena remain unexplained, with the report successfully identifying only one UAP as a large, deflating balloon. 

The rest, 143 cases, continue to be a mystery, demonstrating flight characteristics or aerial behavior that current scientific understanding cannot explain.

TODAY: Long-Awaited UFO Report Leaves Central Questions Unanswered
The U.S. government released a highly anticipated report on UFOs late Friday, but it didn’t answer the central question: What are those mysterious flying objects spotted by military pilots in recent years? Reporting for Weekend TODAY, NBC’s Courtney Kube speaks with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who says he isn’t convinced the current data points to extraterrestrial aliens.

The document categorizes UAPs into five potential explanatory categories:

Airborne Clutter: These include birds, balloons, recreational unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or airborne debris like plastic bags that could muddle a scene and affect an operator's interpretation of a sensor image.

Natural Atmospheric Phenomena: Atmospheric conditions such as ice crystals, moisture, and thermal fluctuations that may register on radar systems.

U.S. Government or Industry Developmental Programs: Some UAPs could be attributed to classified programs by the U.S. government or industry.

Foreign Adversary Systems: The possibility that some UAPs could be advanced technologies deployed by foreign nations.

Other: A catch-all category for difficult-to-classify phenomena.

CBS This Morning: UFO report: U.S. has no explanation for over 140 "unidentified aerial phenomena" - A U.S. government report on UFOs could not find an explanation for 143 sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena. The report says there's no evidence the objects came from outer space or a foreign adversary. David Martin reports.

Implications and Ongoing Efforts

The report acknowledges that UAPs pose a challenge to U.S. national security, not only as potential surveillance threats but also due to the safety risks of unexplained objects sharing airspace with commercial and military aircraft. 

To address these issues, the report emphasizes the need for standardized reporting mechanisms, improved data collection processes, and further analysis to better understand these phenomena.

The release of the "Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" report represents a pivotal moment in the study and understanding of UAPs. 

It signifies a move towards greater transparency and scientific inquiry into phenomena that have, until now, been relegated to the fringes of serious discourse. 

The report lays the groundwork for future investigations, acknowledging that understanding these mysterious sightings is not only a matter of national security but also of scientific interest and curiosity.


The ODNI's preliminary assessment opens up new avenues for the systematic study of UAPs, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach that combines aerospace technology, atmospheric science, and physics. 

By bringing these sightings into the public domain and framing them within a national security context, the report invites a broader conversation about what lies beyond our current understanding of aerospace phenomena. 

The ongoing work to demystify UAPs promises to expand our knowledge of the natural world and the technological capabilities of both ourselves and potentially others.

US releases UFO report with 'no explanation' for 143 sightings | DW News - The United States government has released a highly anticipated report about Unidentified Flying Objects sightings in the US. According to the report the government can't explain as many as 143 objects that were encountered by military aircraft in the last several decades. Despite speculation in social media, the US government's report doesn't entertain an extraterrestrial explanation for sightings. But it does say that identifying the objects or phenomena may be beyond the existing means of the American military.

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