May 17, 2022

My Conclusions From The Recent UFO/UAP Hearing in Congress: There Are Only 3 Possibilities For Authenticated UFOs/UAPS: Decades Old - Super Advanced and Top Secret - American Program, An Underground Civilization Or Alien Visitation. (Full Video Of Hearing)

Congress just had a hearing with the military which brought more de-classified material to light and confirmed videos already in the mainstream outlined in links below. Politicians have been asking about UFOs/UAPs for over 70 years. Who could have technology that advanced for well over half a century and not rule the world? There can be only 3 possibilities. Either this is a super secret American program, an elite and exclusive advanced underground civilization like Wakanda or its an alien visitation. A secret and elite underground civilization like Wakanda is entertaining to think about but is unlikely and I don't think these military officials are lying. Thus, alien visitation is the most likely one. The following is the full hearing and then a news clip from CNN putting the recent hearing in historical context.

CBS: Lawmakers discuss UFO sightings and reports during congressional hearing | full video

A House panel held the first public congressional hearing on unidentified flying objects, or unidentified aerial phenomena, in more than half a century on Tuesday. Top Pentagon officials detailed the U.S. military's efforts to identify hundreds of objects reported by pilots and service members. Watch the full hearing.

CNN: 'I do not have an explanation': Pentagon official shows video of unidentified object

Deputy Director of Navy Intelligence Scott Bray shows declassified video of an unidentified object during a House subcommittee hearing on "unidentified aerial phenomena," popularly known as UFOs.


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