Mar 2, 2024

May 2022: The 1st Congressional Hearing On UAPs (Formerly UFOs)

Congress just had a hearing with the military, which brought more de-classified material to light and confirmed the 3 UAP/UFO videos already in the mainstream

The basic thing we learned from the hearing is that

  • We don't know what these objects are
  • We don't know who operates them
  • We don't know anything about them except they can outfly us and don't look like planes

CNN: 'I do not have an explanation': Pentagon official shows video of unidentified object

Deputy Director of Navy Intelligence Scott Bray shows declassified video of an unidentified object during a House subcommittee hearing on "unidentified aerial phenomena," popularly known as UFOs.

If we don't know anything about these objects, then nothing is left to say.

But maybe we can make some minimum assumptions as to what these objects could be.

If we can take it for granted that UFOs/UAPs have been around for a long time, as the last hearing on UFOs was over 50 years ago, and they can outfly our planes with physics-defying technology, then we can know 3 things:

1. They have been outflying our top military planes for over half a century, indicating technology advanced beyond anything we have ever seen!

2. The UFOs/UAPs can't be operated by our foreign adversaries or they wold have taken advantage of their superior technology to expand their territories (something they have already shown a proclivity for). 

To think our foreign adversaries have had the ability to out fly us for decades and havn't used this tech in the battle field is absurd.

3. It can only be an American or ally based aeriel program or visitors from another planet who are not also conquerers (at least not yet!).

Watch the hearing in full:

CBS: Lawmakers discuss UFO sightings and reports during congressional hearing | full video

A House panel held the first public congressional hearing on unidentified flying objects, or unidentified aerial phenomena, in more than half a century on Tuesday. Top Pentagon officials detailed the U.S. military's efforts to identify hundreds of objects reported by pilots and service members. Watch the full hearing.

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