Jul 23, 2020

Pedo Pals: With Trump's Well Wishes For Epstein Associate In Prison, His Support For Roy Moore Makes More Sense

1. FLASHBACK: Trump, GOP & Right Wing Media Embraced Pedophile Roy Moore
2. Media Ignore Trump's Well Wishes To Alleged Underage Sex Trafficker And Instead Try To Enhance His Image, A Common Theme When Media Has To Deal With Republicans
3. Trump Is Crazy. There's No Denying It. Just Accept It. We Have A Completely Mad President And A Party That Wants A Mad Man In Office For Personal Gain!

CNN: Trump on Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell: I wish her well

CNN: President Donald Trump that he wishes Ghislaine Maxwell "well," as she faces charges for recruiting, grooming and ultimately sexually abusing minors as young as 14 as Jeffrey Epstein's alleged accomplice. "I just wish her well, frankly," Trump said during a White House press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic. Trump acknowledged that he has met Maxwell "numerous times" over the years, but said he hasn't been following her case. The President was also asked whether he believes Maxwell will turn on powerful men, including Prince Andrew, who has faced public pressure to explain his relationship with Epstein and one of his accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Giuffre has alleged that she was forced into sexual encounters with the prince while she was underage. rump replied on Maxwell, "I don't know. I haven't really been following it too much. I just wish her well, frankly. I've met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach. I guess they lived in Palm Beach. But I wish her well. Whatever it is. I don't know the situation with Prince Andrew. Just don't know. Not aware of it." CNN #News

Mika: ‘We allow the shock to wear off’ - When asked about alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, President Trump used the stage to ‘wish her well.’ Morning Joe discusses the normalization of the president's problematic statements.

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