Dec 13, 2017

Height Of Hypocrisy 5: Roy Moore Hypocrisy & Deficit Hypocrisy Show GOP Stand For Nothing. Not Family Values. Not Fiscal Responsibility. Nothing. Except Maybe Pedophiles.

1. Fake - Unconstitutional - Economics: Debunking GOP Lies On Their Tax Bill (Its A Bill For The Rich At The Cost Of the Poor Which Will Balloon The Deficit)
2. Daily Show On GOP's Trickle Down Economics: The Republicans Economic Con Is Just The Already Debunked "Supply Side Economics" From The 80s (i.e. Reverse Robin Hood Economics Of Stealing From the People To Line Their Pockets Like "Nobles" In Monarchies)
3. With RNC's Funding Of Roy Moore & Trump's Endorsement Of Him... Truth Tellers Can Now Official Use The Term "The Pedophile Party" in Describing The GOP
4. Trump, Hannity, And The Pedophile Brigade
5. Trump Lied About Being President Of The People, Not Cutting Medicare, Not Cutting Social Security, Increasing Funding For Veterans With PTSD And Even Reducing The Debt! Trump Can't Be Trusted As A Man Of His Word. He's Not Even An American, Except In Name.
6. Trump Wants To Be A Dictator & The GOP Likes Dictators. They Couldn't Be A More Perfect Match for Each Other... Especially Now That They Are OFFICIALLY The Party Of The Pedophile
7. Don't Forget: Donald Trump Wants To Bang His Daughter
GOP argues its a Christian thing to support Pedophile Roy Moore. Crazy and NOT fine. GOP argues deficits are bad and will destroy America and then do them anyways (while lying about it like the Nazis did). Crazy and NOT fine.

Lets begin. GOP either are, or work with, Pedophiles. they have no standards.... 

TRUMP AND THE RNC: MORALLY DEGENERATE ENOUGH TO BACK ROY MOORE 12/5/2017 Despite top Republicans calling on Roy Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate race, Donald Trump endorsed the accused molester, and the RNC reinstated his campaign funding.

Summary of the GOP's EPIC Hypocrisy;


Evidence of GOP supporting Roy Moore, irrespective of his past which is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt,... is conclusive;

RNC caught in lie on renewed support for Roy Moore Kyle Whitmire, a political columnist for, talks with Rachel Maddow about how influential Senator Richard Shelby's decision not to support Roy Moore is, Alabama's recent history of political scandal, and the challenge of polling the special senate election. Duration: 10:46

Clearly the GOP is NOT a party of family values (unless they are attempting a redefinition of family values like they are doing with science)...

AT THIS POINT, DO REPUBLICANS EVEN CARE ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT? 12/11/2017 After Donald Trump urges Alabamians to vote for alleged sexual assaulter Roy Moore at a rally, the president's own accusers call on Congress to investigate their claims.

Note: 'There's a special place in hell for people who prey on children,' Ivanka Trump said... I just want to point out that this statement leaves out peeping toms, i.e. Trump walked in on underage girls naked with excuses like 'Im inspecting you' which is pedophilia in nature BUT he didn't PREY on them. So Ivanka spoke the truth.
GOP is not the party of fiscal responsibility or transparency or truth...

THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT'S TAX ANALYSIS DOESN'T ADD UP 12/12/2017 Even though several independent analyses of the GOP tax plan show an increase in the national debt, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is trying to convince Americans otherwise.

To reduce hypocrisy the GOP could just admit they are there to help themselves and no one else (like Hip Hop artists)...

HOW TO SELL THE GOP'S TRASH TAX PLAN 12/12/2017 After Steve Mnuchin downplays the potential damage of the Republican tax bill, Roy Wood Jr. explains how the treasury secretary could rebrand the bill.

Roy Moore a lose-lose situation for Donald Trump Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about Alabama history and why a Roy Moore victory in Alabama's senate race could be a bigger political problem for Donald Trump than the short-term embarrassment of Moore losing. Duration: 5:40

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