Jan 8, 2018

Trump, GOP & Right Wing Media Embraced Pedophile Roy Moore Till He Lost & Are Now Trying To Distance Themselves From Him

1. From Being Pro-Child Rape To Stealing A Conspiracy Site's Explanation For His Yearbook Signing... All Evidence Points To Roy Moore Being A Pedophile 
2. With RNC's Funding Of Roy Moore & Trump's Endorsement Of Him... Truth Tellers Can Now Official Use The Term "The Pedophile Party" in Describing The GOP
3. Trump, Hannity, And The Pedophile Brigade
5. Trump Wants To Be A Dictator & The GOP Likes Dictators. They Couldn't Be A More Perfect Match for Each Other... Especially Now That They Are OFFICIALLY The Party Of The Pedophile

This post summarizes the Roy Moore episode.

ROY MOORE LOSES THE ALABAMA SENATE RACE TO SOMEONE NOT ACCUSED OF PEDOPHILIA 12/13/2017 Doug Jones becomes the first Democratic senator of Alabama in 25 years after beating out far-right Republican and accused child molester Roy Moore.

After Roy Moore loss the right wing media immediately started coming up with a weird variety of excuses for why they lost...

Here are the excuses (so far) right-wing media figures are using for Roy Moore’s loss

On Tuesday, Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s special Senate election, becoming the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in the state in 25 years. Moore -- whose campaign was likely damaged by a litany of sexual misconduct allegations from multiple women, including a then-14-year-old girl -- had extensive support during the campaign from pro-Trump right-wing media. Following Moore’s defeat, some of these right-wing media figures reacted by giving an array of excuses for the loss, such as saying Fox News had a “vested interest” in the outcome, claiming supposed voter fraud, and attacking a GOP operative for allegedly leaking Moore’s sexual misconduct accusations to The Washington Post. Here’s a list of some of the excuses:
  1. Infowars host Alex Jones blamed Democratic voters "bused in those Democrat areas" to steal the election. And dead people.
  2. On his radio show, Sean Hannity blamed "the establishment pushing all this money into" Alabama, which made voters "sick and tired." Hannity was also critical of the "terrible campaign" the alleged child molester Roy Moore ran. 
  3. Fox political analyst Brit Hume blamed Breitbart.com chairman Steve Bannon, who extensively campaigned for Moore, for the Republican’s loss, stating Bannon was “a man we’ve been given to believe was a master political strategist. ... Maybe not.”
  4. Big League Politics, a far-right media blog that is connected to far-right mediaclaimed that there was “evidence of voter fraud” in Alabama election.
  5. Fox News co-host Ainsley Earhardt said Moore’s loss was “a referendum on Harvey Weinstein, not on President Trump.”
  6. Fox host Sean Hannity in a tweet blamed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for Moore’s loss, writing, “McConnell deserves a lot of the blame for Alabama."
  7. On Breitbart News Daily, co-host Alex Marlow blamed Fox News, alleging they had a “vested interest” in Moore losing.
  8. Bannon implied a GOP operative, who he claimed leaked Moore’s sexual misconduct accusations to The Washington Post, was a reason Moore lost.
  9. Alex Jones also claimed that there was “massive evidence of election fraud” in Alabama while also falsely claiming that Moore lost by only half a percentage point.
  10. TruthFeed, a fake news website connected to white supremacistspushed Fox contributor Sebastian Gorka’s tweet which highlighted a report claiming that former independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin took money from an “anti-American Persian billionaire” to fund to ads attacking Moore. TruthFeed claimed it showed an “anti-American Arab bankrolled the Democrat win in Alabama.


A pattern of defense so well used that The Opposition NAILED right wing defense tactics the day before they were implemented (this video is from before the Alabama elections results)...

After the election the jokes - based on reality - continue...

JUST BETWEEN US - WHO BROUGHT DOWN ROY MOORE? Desperate for answers, Jordan runs down his list of potential suspects responsible for Republican Roy Moore's defeat in the Alabama Senate election.

Jones, of course, lives in an alternate reality where Trump WASN'T supporting a pedophile for the Senate.

Alex Jones: People should react to journalists at CNN reporting on Trump like they do to a pedophile serial killer Jones: “We only want to sexualize children; we’re a bunch of pedophiles at CNN”

From the August 8 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

Back again to what is going on. Losers become scapegoats and winners become automatic dictators of the Republican party as per GOP tradition since Nixon ...

Fox News throws Steve Bannon to the wolves over Roy Moore’s defeat

If you have tuned in to Fox News since the network called the Alabama Senate race for Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore, you may have had the sublime pleasure of watching its commentators drive a bus over Breitbart honcho Steve Bannon, back the bus up, and drive it over him again. Bannon was perhaps the most vocal supporter of the confirmed racist and reported child predator, barnstorming the state on Moore’s behalf both during the primary run-off against Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) and during the general election, and wielding Breitbart’s resources in support of Moore’s campaign. And Fox isn’t letting its audience forget it, warning viewers that Bannon’s penchant for waging war against the Republican establishment could be hazardous to the party’s electoral position and President Donald Trump’s agenda.
Bannon is “a man we’ve been given to believe was a master political strategist,” senior political analyst Brit Hume sneered moments after Fox declared Jones the winner. “But he went down and he really did go all in for Roy Moore. And this is a state where it’s very hard for Republicans to lose and his man lost.” Politics editor Chris Stirewalt added later that night that the result shows Bannon “was wrong” about the race, and suggested that Bannon now may want to reconsider “this primary battle stuff” because it could cost Republicans more elections in 2018.
“To many Republicans, especially Steve Bannon, [Strange] represents the swamp, they wanted to drain the swamp. And so rather than support the GOP candidate, the establishment candidate, in Luther Strange, Steve Bannon went 100 percent behind this guy, Roy Moore,” Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy said this morning. “This is what happens when Republicans don’t stick together,” his co-host Ainsley Earhardt responded.
Fox’s corporate cousins at the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal also chimed in this morning. “The Alabama result shows that Mr. Bannon cares less about conservative policy victories than he does personal king-making,” the editorial board wrote. “He wants to depose Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader even if it costs Republicans Senate control. GOP voters, take note: Mr. Bannon is for losers.”
Moore’s defeat exposes the weakness in Bannon’s dominance over Republican politics, and Fox has reacted by shifting from a soft alliance with Bannon to a repudiation of his strategy.
Fox is encouraging its viewers to place the blame for this humiliating loss of a Republican Senate seat in beet-red Alabama on Bannon, not on Trump, who vocally endorsed Moore even after women began coming forward to report that he sexually abused them. Its commentators have stressed that Strange, not Moore, was Trump’s first choice for the seat, and that the unique aspects of the race mean that it wasn’t about the merits of the “Trump agenda.”

Fox & Friends host on Doug Jones winning in Alabama: "This was not a referendum on Trump. I feel like it was a referendum on Harvey Weinstein"
Fox personalities are effectively presenting themselves to their audience as more loyal to Trump and the Republican Party than Bannon; the president himself has since echoed some of their sentiments.
This argument has the added advantage of sticking a shiv in a competitor. While Fox is still the dominant player in the right-wing media ecosystem, Breitbart is more powerful online. In late November, the website boasted that the only U.S. news sites it lagged behind in web traffic were CNN.com, NYTimes.com, and WashingtonPost.com, and that it is also “a powerhouse publisher on social media.” A true rival -- especially one like Bannon, who has reportedly considered starting his own television network and has a penchant for taking potshots at Fox whenever he perceived the network as insufficiently loyal to Trump -- would be dangerous for the network’s bottom line.
Fox has responded to that potential threat and Bannon’s powerful role in the Republican Party by trying to co-opt him, hiring Bannon favorite Laura Ingraham to take over its 10 p.m. hour and turning Fox prime time into Breitbart TV. Fox’s executives placed a bet on where the future of the GOP was going -- and thus what its audience would want from its coverage. But last night’s defeat suggests that they may have misjudged the situation.
If Fox personalities follow through with the effort to undermine Bannon, they will find themselves aligned with supporters of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), a leading Bannon target. McConnell’s allies savagedBannon last night, blaming his efforts for the defeat, and the argument from some personalities that internal primaries should be forestalled to preserve Republican seats echoes those from the majority leader. That may be a hard swallow for Fox personalities like Sean Hannity, who has repeatedly called for McConnell’s resignation. And indeed, last night Hannity wrote on Twitter that McConnell “deserves a lot of the blame.”
We’ve entered a new phase in the long-simmering Republican civil war. And like so many others, this one will be fought on Fox’s airwaves.

Trump gets scapegoated!...

Breitbart editor-in-chief: We had to defend Roy Moore from child molestation accusations to protect Trump from his accusers Alex Marlow: Moore "was a terrible candidate," but Breitbart had "no option"
From the December 15 edition of SiriusXM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

Hannity tries to distance himself from Roy Moore because he lost...

Following Roy Moore loss, Sean Hannity attempts to distance himself from Moore after defending him from sexual assault allegations  Hannity: "When I interviewed him, I was shocked by his answers as I've told you"

Other related information:

How adopting right-wing spin about Doug Jones' support for abortion access led media astray
In reality, as Jones has explained, he supports upholding current Alabama law, which allows patients to seek an abortion up to 20 weeks of pregnancy with limited exceptions for “medical necessity” beyond that point. During a September 27 interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Jones stated that he was “a firm believer that a woman should have the freedom to choose what happens to her own body.” Despite this, many outlets not only adopted right-wing media’s inaccurate spin that Jones’ stance was “extreme,” but also went on to claim that Jones’ support for abortion access would ultimately cost him the election.
From early in the campaign, right-wing media consistently pushed the talking point that Jones’ position on abortion access was “extreme.” For example, during the November 15 edition of Fox News’ The Five, co-host Jesse Watters described Alabama voters as having to decide between Moore, who “may have done inappropriate things with young girls 40 years ago,” and Jones, who he claimed supported so-called “‘partial-birth’ abortion” (a procedure that doesn’t exist but was invented by anti-abortion groups to shame those seeking abortions). In another example, Fox’s Marc Thiessen tried to equate Moore’s predatory behavior and Jones’ stance on abortion by calling them “two extremes.” Beyond this, Fox hosts and contributors alike leveraged a variety of inaccurate claims about Jones’ position on abortion -- saying he was for “abortion on demand,” claiming he was “a person who supports abortion at every level,” or parroting that he supported“abortion through all nine months” of pregnancy. In a particularly ill-fated exchange on the night of the election, Fox's Tucker Carlson and Brit Hume predicted that Jones' support for abortion would be his undoing:
Unfortunately, rather than debunking such obvious anti-choice talking points, some outlets instead adopted this right-wing spin about Jones.

STEPHEN MOORE: I think Judge Roy Moore is kind of a creep and I think these are obviously very serious allegations against him. But I also think that it is appropriate for the people of Alabama to make this decision. This election is almost a jury of his peers, to indicate whether the people of Alabama want this man to represent them. By the way, the Democrat is no saint either. The Democratic candidate is for partial-birth abortion in a state that's highly Christian and Catholic. So there's no moral high ground here between the two candidates.
JOHN BERMAN (GUEST HOST): Except that one is an alleged child molester. 

 Me - Note: A Jury of his peers would make a decision based on evidence which the GOP media avoided providing (i.e. this was probably just a political tactic everyone in the GOP followed)


ROY MOORE VS. DOUG "ABORTION" JONES Janet Porter, Roy Moore's spokeswoman and alt-righteous angel, is owning the mainstream media by answering her own questions instead of theirs.

More research/articles;

MSNBC's Michael Steele responds to Roy Moore's pro-slavery era remarks: "Are you kidding me? This is coming to the United States Senate?" Moore told an African-American rally-goer that America was "great" before the abolition of slavery because "families were united"

LGBTQ Texas GOP Candidate Cites ‘Biblical Law’ on Homosexuals and Vows to ‘Gladly Execute a Convicted Sodomite’ Larry Kilgore made the anti-LGBT remarks on Twitter.

Mickey Mouse and Jesus Among Write-In Votes that Helped Sink Roy Moore The high number of write-ins helped tip the election for Democrat Doug Jones.

CNN's Ed Martin defends Roy Moore's slavery comment by pointing out Jewish slaves had families Martin: "When the Jews were in bondage for years, they still loved each other"

Stop blaming "the media" for Roy Moore Right-wing pundits sidestep their own movement’s toxic pathologies to blame the press for Moore’s potential win

Media ignore Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s other extremist belief: climate change denial

Roy Moore Lost Because Christians Are Better Than the Bible Thoughtful Alabama Christians stepped across the divide.

I’ve said before that the alleged behavior of Alabama Senate Candidate Roy “10 Commandments” Moore toward teenage girls was perfectly biblical. I’ll stand by that, citing chapter and verse. The Bible is a mishmash of texts that were written and assembled over the course of several hundred years by men with varied objectives. All manner of behavior and misbehavior can be justified from the contradictory stories and commandments between its covers. Men like Roy Moore who think they speak for God, who think their end justifies any means, play this to their own advantage.
Fortunately, most Christians are better than that. Where the Bible contradicts itself or endorses archaic cruelties or tribal thinking, their own conscience guides them toward something higher. Since the Iron Age when most of the Bible texts were written, humanity has gotten clearer about kindness and justice, about how people in power should behave toward those who are less powerful. We have evolved a more expansive view of who deserves to be treated according to the Golden Rule. That includes many Bible believers.
This is why in the lead-up to the American Civil War, Christian abolitionists drew on the dictates of conscience and then elevated Bible verses that teach compassion and equality rather than those that endorsed slavery. It is why some denominations, like the Plymouth Brethren, have taken a stance of pacifism despite tale after tale of divinely sanctioned violence in the book they consider sacred. It is why others, like the United Church of Christ, are struggling toward a norm of gender equality despite the fact that the Old Testament reflects an Iron Age understanding of females as chattel—economic property of men.
And it is why many Christians, including evangelical literalists, recognize Roy Moore’s behavior as exploitative or predatory even though Bible stories and commandments endorse similar behaviors.
From the outside, the 2017 Alabama Senate race has been an orchestra of ugliness, a cacophony of Moore boldly denying his past and accusing women of lying; his defenders chiming in counterpoint that nothing is wrong with a thirty-something lawyer hitting on middle-school girls; Moore’s wife layering in dulcet overtones of defense as she recites pastoral endorsements; and the Moral-Paragon-in-Chief chirping that Moore will “always vote with us”—because isn’t that what red-state faithful most want to hear?
On CNN, former Trump adviser casts doubt on Trump and Moore accusers because they spoke out weeks before an election Michael Caputo: "I don't believe allegations in the final weeks of a political campaign should be believed just absolutely and automatically"
From the November 19 edition of CNN's State of the Union:


Note: This is actually a common problem. During an election cycle most people become fixed in their opinions as they become emotionally involved with the candidate as their own ability to judge a person comes into question. Towards the end of an election people are always fighting for the craziest or least informed people to change their vote as everyone else mind is already made up. Of course, there is precedent for this suspicion. Politicians WILL often lie during a campaign (especially a close one) so not trusting claims during an election period makes sense. For example here is Roy Moore's wife lying (problem with the right is thier lack of reliance on scientifically verifiable accurate facts)...

Turns out Roy Moore’s Jewish lawyer is Christian Kayla Moore, the wife of losing senate candidate Roy Moore, clarifies which Jewish lawyer she was referring to when she boasted - in an attempt to show they were not bigoted - that they had a Jewish lawyer. But there's one small problem. Duration: 2:56

Pro-Trump CNN commentator Bryan Lanza: Discussing sexual assault allegations against Trump "seems like a waste of time"

From the December 20 edition of CNN Newsroom with John Berman and Poppy Harlow:

DO REPUBLICANS EVEN CARE ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT? 12/11/2017After Donald Trump urges Alabamians to vote for alleged sexual assaulter Roy Moore at a rally, the president's own accusers call on Congress to investigate their claims.

CNN's "both sides" problem continues to muddy the waters...

CNN has done great reporting on Roy Moore’s extremism, but two network contributors are trying to get him elected CNN's right-wing commentators keep undermining the network's journalists

CNN employees have done solid reporting in recent months on the background of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has claimed that “homosexual conduct” should be illegal and that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress and in the military. During the same time, two CNN commentators have endorsed Moore’s campaign and told followers the country needs him in the U.S. Senate.
Moore is a twice-removed Alabama Supreme Court judge and conservative pundit who is running against Democrat Doug Jones in the state’s December special election. Moore has a problematic history on LGBTQ rightsreligion, and environmentalism, among other issues.  CNN journalists, especially the network’s KFile investigation team, have doggedly reported on Moore’s extremism. CNN has reported, among other things, that:
  • Moore said “in a 2005 interview that he believes ‘homosexual conduct’ should be illegal.”
  • His Facebook “page shared inflammatory memes” and an “article praising Russia's anti-gay laws.”
  • Moore suggested this year while speaking at a church “that the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks might have happened because the US had distanced itself from God. ... Later in the same speech, Moore suggested God was upset at the United States because ‘we legitimize sodomy’ and ‘legitimize abortion.’”
  • Moore “repeatedly” appeared on the radio with a “pastor who preaches [that the] penalty for homosexuality is death.”
  • Moore said of Islam in 2009: “Only thing I know that the Islamic faith has done in this country is 9/11.” He additionally claimed, as CNN wrote, that “Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, shouldn't be allowed to take office. He has also warned that Muslims shouldn't serve in the military.”
  • In 2009 and 2010, pro-Confederate activists held a “Secession Day” event at Moore’s foundation.
    Media Matters has documented President Donald Trump and his Republican allies’ constant attempts to undermine the legitimacy of CNN by, among other things, calling it “fake news.” (Ed Martin himself has calledCNN “fake news.”) At the same time, CNN employs at least a dozen pro-Trump commentators.
    Media observers, including Media Matters, have noted that CNN’s use of these explicitly partisan commentators has undercut the work of its journalists and turned the network into a sideshow. As Vox correspondent and former Media Matters research fellow Carlos Maza noted, “CNN’s Trump supporters derail segments critical of the president, misrepresent Trump’s positions to avoid tough questions, and peddle false and misleading information on national TV while being paid by the network. In many cases, CNN’s Trump supporters repeat the same lies and talking points that CNN’s serious journalists spend all day trying to debunk.” That sideshow is now in Alabama with the contributors' endorsements of one of the most extreme and anti-gay politicians in the country.

    Read more.

    How cable news covered Trump's robocall in support of reported child molester Roy Moore CNN and MSNBC repeatedly aired Trump’s pro-Roy Moore robocall
    On the eve of Alabama's special election, CNN and MSNBC repeatedly aired President Donald Trump's robocall in support of reported child molester and Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.
    In early November, The Washington Post reported the stories of several women who said that Moore pursued sexual encounters with them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. Since then, other women have come forward with their own stories of sexual misconduct by Moore. Trump, who himself has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by numerous women, has thrown his full support behind Moore, including recording a robocall in which he urges Alabama voters to “go vote for Roy Moore,” because “if Alabama elects liberal Democrat Doug Jones, all of our progress will be stopped cold.” Trump adds, “We need Roy to help us with the Republican Senate.”
    On December 11, the day before the special election, CNN and MSNBC repeatedly aired audio of Trump’s robocall throughout the day, occasionally also airing portions of Trump’s pro-Moore rally as well.

    Read more.

    GOP's "Height Of Hypocrisy" Series

    BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

    Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

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