Dec 5, 2017

Don't Forget: Donald Trump Wants To Bang His Daughter

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There is some historical context which people are forgetting which is even more applicable now than ever before. Its time we started talking about Trump's incestuous obsession (relationship?) with his daughter Ivanka.

DON'T FORGET: DONALD TRUMP WANTS TO BANG HIS DAUGHTER 12/8/2015 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has an extensive and unsettling history of hitting on his own daughter Ivanka Trump.

CNN: Donald Trump's comments about daughter raise eyebrows

Trump Comments About Kissing Daughter Ivanka Omitted from Interview | The View

"He's just a proud father lusting after his daughter" - Joy Behar

Donald Trump On Tape: I Grab Women "By The Pu**y”

Trump's Daughter Dodges Kiss (VIDEO)

AGAIN, DON'T FORGET: DONALD TRUMP WANTS TO BANG HIS DAUGHTER 12/9/2015After Trevor discussed Donald Trump's lust for his daughter Ivanka, the presidential hopeful addressed the Daily Show segment on "Live with Kelly and Michael."

GOP Are Perverts

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