Jan 5, 2020

As Anti-American As A Party Can Get: Trump Sees Himself As A King And The GOP Are More Than Willing To Comply And Treat Him Like A King (Fighting A King Is What Created The USA In The First Place!)

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Jon Meacham: GOP arguing that Trump is a monarch - On the Republican defense for Trump during the impeachment inquiry, Jon Meacham asks, “How did they become monarchists? Cause basically what they’re arguing that the president is acting in a kingly fashion and that’s okay.”

Shamelessly Partisan Senators McConnell And Graham Pledge Not To Remove President Trump From Office - Far from promising a fair impeachment trial in the Senate, leading Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have already signaled their plans to ignore the evidence and coordinate strategy with the White House. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert

Avlon: GOP senators admitting they intend to violate oath - US senators must take a special oath during impeachment proceedings, promising to be impartial during the Senate trial. CNN's John Avlon says some leading Republican senators are already admitting they intend to violate it. Source: CNN

Joe: Everything we fought for, this GOP has betrayed - Joe Scarborough considers the current state of the Republican Party and laments how 'big spending' the party has become. Dec. 19, 2019

Note: This connects to the fact that there is no right anymore as explained in this post.

McConnell spurns Constitution with fealty to Trump on impeachment - Cass Sunstein, professor of Constitutional law at Harvard, talks with Rachel Maddow about the rules for conducting a presidential impeachment and how the Constitution views Mitch McConnell's stated intention to coordinate with the White House.

Chris Coons: GOP doesn’t defend Trump, they attack the process - Less than 24 hours after President Trump was impeached by the US House of Representatives, Congress is hammering out a path forward.

Tapper pokes holes in GOP lawmaker's repeated Trump lines - CNN's Jake Tapper presses Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) to clarify his defense of President Trump's activities in regards to Ukraine.

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House Judiciary Holds Impeachment Hearing as GOP Lies About Ukraine: A Closer Look
Seth takes a closer look at the House’s latest impeachment hearing and President Trump’s allies doubling down on a ludicrous conspiracy theory about Ukraine.

Most GOP lawmakers silent on Trump’s abuses of power - Since his election, President Trump has tested his power. He's stonewalled Congress's lawful subpoena powers in response to multiple investigations. He directed his Treasury Department to deny a lawful request by the House Ways and Means Committee for the President's tax returns. He's called for his political enemies to be prosecuted for unspecified "crimes.” Republicans on Capitol Hill came to the president's defense.

Tapper examines how history will judge today's GOP - CNN's Jake Tapper takes a look at how lawmakers' legacies live on based on their responses to Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and how history will see Republicans in the era of President Donald Trump.

Moment Of Zen: Major evangelical magazine calls for Trump's removal - The editor-in-chief of prominent evangelical magazine Christianity Today says the president must be removed from office.

GOP's Height Of Hypocrisy Series

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