Dec 24, 2018

Daily Show & Colbert Report Prove That Fox News Is Fake News

1. The Daily Show Proves That Fox News Is Fake News 

2. Daily Show & Colbert Report Explain How Fox Spreads Fake News Through The Population

Basically, Fox News loves going with unverified information (often from internet or/and white supremacist sources) and pushing it on Fox News till their base believes it and then pretends not to support the disinformation they just spread (all they have to say is 'Democrats have a problem with this' and their base understands Fox News is not saying the truth because of the "Evil Socialist Democrats").

Fox News made lying its profession (and media made silence on the number 1 news channel lying, their profession);

FOX NEWS' FALSE STATEMENTS 6/21/2011 Fox News turns into a lying dynasty when PolitiFact checks the news network for false statements.

Because of media silence, we live in a country when unsubstantiated rumors become mainstream beliefs like some medieval age country;

REPUBLICAN VOTERS DOUBT OBAMA'S AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP FEBRUARY 16, 2011 - Stephen is so proud to have been born in a country where unsubstantiated rumors about political opponents become majority beliefs. (1:23)

This is fake news which is still believed in many Republican circles (such as white supremacists and other bigots);

OBAMANIA JANUARY 29, 2007 - FOX News reports Barack Obama was raised a Muslim. This is huge! (3:53)

Fox likes to defend itself by saying its fake news!

FOR FOX SAKE! 10/29/09 Fox News defends itself against an attack by the Obama administration by explaining that most of their shows aren't real news.

Fox feels good when people are hurt by bad events... especially if they can spin it as their enemies fault;

JOURNALISTIC GRINTEGRITY 5/3/2011 Fox News makes a breakthrough in the field of reporting grim news while being delighted it will hurt President Obama's approval rating.

Yet another example of Fox News pushing outright unverified information to defend a Republican candidate (with Fox its ALWAYS party over country, a great example of this is Hannity)

INDECISION 2012 - HE SAID, SHE SAID, SHE SAID, SHE SAID, SHE SAID - ANONYMOUS SOURCES 11/7/2011 Fox News uses anonymous sources to discredit anonymous reports on Herman Cain's sexual harassment scandal.

The Fox News goal seems to be to give voice to the ignorant that they have educated through their Nazi style propaganda channel;

WORDS WITH FRINGE 12/19/2013 Fox News defends a "Duck Dynasty" star's right to say ignorant s**t on television.

Since Fox does fake news its "experts" can pretty much do anything since its not real news anyways;

MOMENT OF ZEN - DAVE RAMSEY'S ADVICE 6/27/2012 Financial expert Dave Ramsey goes on Fox News to offer advice on health care.

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