Dec 24, 2018

Samantha Bee's 2018 Christmas Special

The Least Terrible Season of the Year | Christmas on I.C.E. Part 1 | TBS
2018 was relentlessly terrible at every turn, but it's the one time of year that we can sort of almost tolerate!

The New Ellis Island | Christmas on I.C.E. Part 3 | TBS
When immigrants cross the border in McAllen, Texas they ultimately end up at a bus station being called the New Ellis Island, that is when they're not ambushed by Fox News reporters hiding in the brush. Field piece produced by Mike Rubens with Ana Breton and Adam Howard. Edited by Anthony Mascorro and Andrew Mendelson.

The Best Christmas Tree Ever | Christmas on I.C.E. Part 5 | TBS
As Christmas cheer succumbs to 2018 doom, Amy Hoggart investigates why people who hate the War on Christmas are the ones waging it against the farmers who grow our Christmas trees. Field piece produced by Halcyon Person with Julie Levitsky. Edited by Jesse Coane.

I.C.E. on Ice with Adam Rippon and Jason Jones | Christmas on I.C.E. Part 6 | TBS
Sam and Adam Rippon give you the play by play on how to resist I.C.E., played with nuance by Jason Jones, three times in the air and still land on your feet.

Give the Gift of Egg Nog | Christmas on I.C.E. Part 7 | TBS
In 1986, a bunch of celebrities got together to change the world one nog at a time. Featuring: Jon Stewart, Jon Cryer, Bellamy Young, Eric Andre, Nico Santos, Molly Ringwald, Olivia Munn, Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Van Ness, Patton Oswalt, Ana VillafaƱe, Allana Harkin, and Ashley Nicole Black.

Lumpkin or Leave It | Christmas on I.C.E. Part 8 | TBS
I.C.E. detention centers are intentionally in the middle of nowhere making it difficult for lawyers and family members to visit. Fortunately, there is El Refugio and TBS's huge credit card.

She, Samantha | Christmas on I.C.E. Part 9 | TBS
It's a Christmas miracle: Sam can finally skate! Mother and daughter are the same age! You're donating money to KIND!


Full Frontal presents Christmas on Ice: The Pre-Show
Our Christmas special airs at 10:30 on TBS and Sam is counting down until broadcast with her correspondents and producers! Join us for some cocktails, some sneak peeks and some good old fashioned Christmas do-gooding.


PeeBee's Christmas Nightmare | Christmas On I.C.E. | Full Frontal on TBS
When you hear the secret word, you have to find a way out of here! It's cursed! CURSED!!!

The Making of: The Binch | Christmas On I.C.E. | Full Frontal on TBS
Get an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the making of Steven Spielberg's holiday classic The Binch, starring Brooke Shields.

The Samantha Bee Christmas Show | Christmas On I.C.E. | Full Frontal on TBS
Mrs. Samantha Tony Kurtis Cary Grant Bette Davis Bee wishes you a lush Christmas.

Time-lapse: Building an Ice Rink | Full Frontal on TBS
This is how you build an ice skating rink in a theater in two days. No bigs. Thanks Ice Rink Events!

Full Frontal's Jingle Bells | Full Frontal on TBS
The singers of Range Acappella bring you a very 2018 updating of Jingle Bells. Carol lyrics written by Caroline Schaper and Rachel Ciferno.


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