May 13, 2021

Russia's GOP: Trump Was OK With Intelligence Reports Of Russia Paying Bounties To Kill American Soldiers In Afghanistan Because He Hoped Putin Could Help Him Win The 2020 Election!


1. The Russian Takeover Of The Republican Party: Trump and The GOP Have Become Willing And Able Russian Assets

2. Collusion Proven: More Links Showing Trump And His Allies Are Willing And Able Russian Assets

There were credible reports of Russia paying bounties to kill soldiers and Trump, as per his previous pattern of sucking up to Putin, did nothing. The Republican Party's President was OK with Russia paying to kill our soldiers and was constantly fighting US intelligence about Russia. Does that make him a patriot? If the Republican Party supports this person because they can't help but support their leaders without question and even argue for such powers for a US President... are they Americans? Add to this that Republicans are running against Democracy in their rhetoric and policies... are we dealing with hidden Russian agents who may or may not know that they are Russian agents?

Rachel Maddow reviews past reporting about intelligence suggesting that Russia was paying bounties to Afghans for the deaths of U.S. troops, and shares new reporting from the New York Times on newly declassified information that explains the nature of that intelligence and why it was given a "low to moderate" confidence rating. 

Trump did nothing:

For the first time in four years, Russia faces consequences for playing with American Democracy:

Biden warns Russia based on the level of threat as assessed by the intelligence community:

New reporting on the subject:


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