Jan 22, 2021

Politics Update: The GOP & Fox News Take Domestic Terrorism To New Levels

1. The Right Wing Are Basically Terrorists Or "Terrorist Creators" (Alt Right Terrorists Is The Politically Correct Term) 
2. Fox News And The GOP Are Basically Terrorist Organizations (Based On Their Rhetoric & The Effects Of That Rhetoric)
3. The Charlottesville Terror Incident: Conclusive Proof That The GOP & Its Media Networks Are Really Just Nazis Re-Labeled As Something Else (Such As "Nationalists", "Conservatives" etc.)
4. GOP, Fox News & Right Wing Media Are Waging War On Rule Of Law

If Republicans are afraid of thier base its only because they helped create this baseits not an excuse to continue lying and betraying the country and the constitution. Always lying. Always demonizing. Always choosing President and the rich over country. The GOP have created this cult, actively, over decades. Especially since the Bush years. Just the links above of the past years are enough to convict them if we believe that leaders can influence thier followers. Now those followers have turned on them, kinda. Why is that a surprise? They are still after liberals as 'evil people that must be destroyed' and they use lies to do it. Even if those lies lead to death threats. Clearly they are a terror incitement group and nothing else. The following prove GOP complicity.

Media Matters: In 2 weeks after it called the election, Fox News cast doubt on the results nearly 800 times Fox News built the lie that fueled Trump’s insurrectionist mob

On January 6, a mob incited by President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol and attempted to stop the constitutional counting of electoral votes which would formally declare former Vice President Joe Biden the president-elect. The mob’s self-stated mission was to “stop the steal,”  a slogan premised on the idea that the 2020 presidential election was rigged or stolen. Fox News played a large part in fueling that lie.

In the two weeks after Fox News called the election for Biden, Fox News cast doubt on the results of the election at least 774 times. The network’s most prominent figures relentlessly attempted to subvert democracy by fueling conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation, rhetoric for which the network has refused to hold them accountable.

Fox News repeatedly aided Trump’s efforts to undermine election results, laying the groundwork to cry foul if Trump lost, echoing debunked theories of fraud, pushing the idea that Democrats are trying to “steal” this from him, and arguing that Trump is justified in pursuing his claims of a rigged election. This pattern of coverage continued in the lead-up to the day of the riots.

Fox News shouldn’t escape culpability for its role in the “stolen election” lie that inflamed the violent mob. 

Riot reckoning: See how GOP leaders were complicit in Trump’s scheme In a special report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber traces the GOP's hypocrisy regarding the Capitol Hill riot and what it reveals about our nation's leaders. Melber slams some Republican leaders for being “knowingly complicit” in Trump’s scheme. (This is an excerpt from a longer report.)

WaPo: Dozens on terror watch list came to D.C. on day of Capitol Hill insurrection - According to the Washington Post, “Dozens of people on a terrorist watch list were in Washington for pro-Trump events Jan. 6, a day that ended in a chaotic crime rampage when a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol.”

Report: Some Democrats in Congress are worried their colleagues might kill them “Members right now are not talking about, ‘I’m worried my colleagues will get me killed in some indirect sense,’” says NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin. “They’re worried that members quite specifically either participated in the attack itself or future ones.”

The GOP was sowing seeds of fascism and violence long before Trump If you think that these violent elements of Trump’s base will leave with him, you haven’t been paying attention.

"Fascism" is a word we tend to throw around often, and often with little regard to its true definition. But in the case of President Donald Trump and for parts of the GOP, it applies not hyperbolically, but accurately.


In an interview about her book "Fascism: A Warning," former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright explained that fascism is "not an ideology" like, say, socialism. Rather, "it's a process for taking and holding power." She emphasized that "fascism involves the endorsement and use of violence to achieve political goals and stay in power." At the time in 2019, Albright rejected the notion that Trump was a fascist, saying, "I don't call him a fascist, because he isn't violent."


First, experts have documented that the Republican Party in recent years has increasingly rejected democratic norms and embraced autocratic tactics to wield power. An October study by V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden warned that the GOP had already been moving in that direction pre-Trump, but it said that under Trump, with "the disrespect of political opponents" and "the encouragement of violence," the GOP now more closely resembles authoritarian ruling parties like Hungary's Fidesz and Turkey's AKP.

Second, and this is ever more dangerous, is the sheer number of Republicans who supported the attack on the Capitol. A Reuters poll released Friday found that 22 percent of Republicans approved of what sickened the rest of us. A Marist poll found that 18 percent of Republicans "support the actions of the Trump supporters who broke into the U.S. Capitol."

In fact, a GOP member of Congress told Politico that days after the siege, the message he heard from his constituents was not shock about the attack but more along the lines of "Do you think that Congress got the message?" And some Republicans noted that constituents such as "preachers, school superintendents, churchgoing men and women," as Politico reported, were actually cheering on the attack rather than condemning it.

If these polls are accurate, that means 1 in 5 Republicans approve of embracing violence to keep political power. That is the textbook definition of fascism. If this extremist wing of the GOP goes unchecked, it is likely to spread as Republicans become angrier with election losses and resort to attempting to acquire power by using force.

The GOP is at a crossroads. Its leaders must very publicly root out the extremists in its base, or it will truly become a full-blown fascist movement.

FBI: The MAGA Maniacs Who Tried To Overthrow The Government Are Going To Pay

While the president tries to shift blame for last week's insurrection, the FBI and Justice Department are making it clear that the terrorists involved will face very serious federal charges. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Washington and around the country are bracing for a second wave of right-wing violence.

During his Late Show monologue Tuesday night, the host zeroed in on a new report that President Trump laid blame for the riot on “antifa people” in a call with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Colbert exclaimed. “You invited those rioters to your rally in Washington. They were wearing your shirts, your hats, waving your flag! And they cheered when you told them to go march on the Capitol. From now on, neurologists are going to hold up pictures like this to stroke victims and say, ‘Can you tell me whose supporters these are?’ And if they don’t say, ‘They’re MAGA people’ you know it’s time to take away their car keys.”

The “antifa excuse” was “so ridiculous,” the host said, that “even the normally spine-free zone of Kevin McCarthy” pushed back against the president. “Finding out this late in the game that Kevin McCarthy has the ability to name reality in the face of the president’s lies is like finding out that Tom Hanks in Castaway had a boat the whole time!”

As for what comes next, Colbert did not hold out much hope that enough Republicans would be willing to vote for Trump’s removal from office in his final week. “Republican lawmakers desperately need the president’s supporters to like them,” he said. “I mean, their hands are tied—almost literally.”

And in response to the Republicans who are now calling for “unity” after supporting the effort to overturn the election results, he did not hold back. “OK, let’s unify in punishing all the insurrectionists and their political leaders who legitimized their homicidal fantasies,” he said. “There can be no healing until the sickness is identified and removed and you can do it now! The tumor lost his Twitter feed!”

Now that Democrats are taking action to “stop this from happening again by getting rid of the guy who caused it,” Colbert asked Republicans, “What are you willing to do to help? Because, so far, you have done nothing!”

“They were simply certifying a free and fair election—an election that you knew was free and fair—but you lied about it anyway,” he continued. “Because you wanted the campaign cash and the eyeballs and you were afraid to make your boss and his MAGA monster mad!”

“Your lies legitimized the fantasies of a violent, anti-democratic mob that nearly got you and your colleagues killed, and did get a policeman murdered!” Colbert declared. “Now you want to use your hollow calls for unity to sweep it all under the rug? Well, good luck with that, brother, because the rioters also pooped on your rugs.”

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