Jan 22, 2021

Mainstream Media's War On The People: Media Silence On Fox News & The GOP's Continued Incendiary Rhetoric, Given The Insurrection, Indicates Complicity


1. Media Uselessness Example: Ignoring Historical Context To Explain The Trump VS Lincoln Poll Of Republicans

2. The Rights War On The Left - A Walk Through Some Of The Intimidation/Bullying/Terror Tactics Fox News Uses

3.Why Do News Outlets Bring On Non-Scientists To Argue Against Science?

4. As Fox News Launches Fox Nation, I Would Like To Note That Mainstream Media Lets Fox Lie Unchallenged And Don't Fight Fox To Dominate The Ratings By Suppressing Their Lies... Thus Fox Has Been #1 For Decades. "Fact" Based Media Has Enabled Right Wing Hate & Are Thus A Threat To National Security!

5. Politics Update: The GOP & Fox News Take Domestic Terrorism To New Levels

People like to think that media covers the news and relevant facts. But when an organization is attacking everyone surrounded by a zone of silence even after a riot in the capital and media still treats them like a news channel and not a terrorist outlet that has to be challenged on everything until the terror tactics ends, then that is not the case. Silence is the same as permission. For a group that calls itself "the fourth estate" to not be constantly going after a top news channel for misleading the people is clear violation of their job expectations from people who think they are real journalists covering important stories could will decide the fate of millions, such as the domestic terror group that the GOP and Fox News have become and have been for quite a while, which they are clearly not covering. An occasional voice pointing out the daily activities by Fox is not a stand against terrorism by corporate media but proof that corporate media is anti democracy and pro Republican domestic terror.

Currently these themes are playing everyday on Fox, unchallenged by a comparable media channel;

The current theme is that Dems are after everyone (something Trump actually did while enabled by Fox & the GOP) with the clear suggestion that: 'Republicans may need to get violet to defend themselves'. I.e clear domestic terror incitement tactics as they have been doing on liberals (half of America) for a while now, unchallenged by mainstream media.

Media Matters: Fox News rejects President Biden’s call for unity 

President Joe Biden called for “uniting our nation” and ending “this uncivil war that pits red against blue” during Wednesday’s inauguration, while warning about the destructive potential of “lies told for power and for profit.” As if to demonstrate his point, Fox News’ propagandists responded with a wave of grievance-mongering designed to keep their audiences angry, afraid, and tuned in to the network for the next four years.

Notably, the network’s hosts have stressed to their audiences that when Biden and others call for defeating white supremacy and domestic terrorism in light of the deadly January 6 insurrection at the Capitol, they are talking about viewers like them.

Read more.

This example is of taking an outright lie to frame Democrats (and protesters against the outright crimes of the Trump administration), i.e. clear signs of them using terror incitement tactics as not only are protests against lies opposed but them these lies are used as incendiary rhetoric to further inflame the fearful into violent action;

Media Matters: Tech-ignorant “antifa.com” attacks jump from a “proud Islamophobe” to Newsmax and Fox News For the second time in several months, conservative voices dumbly and wrongly claim that “antifa.com” redirecting to Joe Biden proves that Democrats are terrorists

The misleading smear completed the jump to Fox News on the first morning of the Biden presidency. Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy alleged that one of his children told him that “up on the World Wide Web, type in antifa.com, and you know where it takes you this morning? Takes you to the White House.” Co-host Ainsley Earhardt replied with a fascinated “Really? Interesting.” 

Read full piece.

Note: Most of my theories on this subject center around the thought that media either fears Fox or is more controlled by people such as big business interests and Republican board members (that you can easily find on thier corporate websites) or republican news editors or simply people heavily influenced or even bought by Republicans. Yet there is another possibility. I call it the egotistical explanation (its probably a mix of all of the theories with ego playing a big role in blinding, an otherwise intelligence person, from realizing that they are NOT real news people). 

In the following video, from another occasional voice on the Fox lies in recent times, notice the ridiculous assertion that talking about the incendiary rhetoric that will lead to the next domestic terrorism incident, by a top - and very famous, globally - American news channel and its party, is 'giving them attention'. Its like "mainstream media" are acting like Fox and the GOP are some nobody that media exposure would lead to riches or fame. Fox has literally been leading news ratings for decades WHILE lying! If the following is the reason media wont confront the top terrorists of our nation then the problem is that they have egos so big that even reports on news channels that get more viewers than them is seen as below them in status which is baffling (Media's current high rating over Fox is only because Trump forced the media to talk about Fox and the GOP more than they would like... but they are working on that). At some point I think I'm going to be able to prove that we are a planet of psychotic apes

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough sends message to “Fox News’ sponsors” about the network’s continued insurrectionist rhetoric Scarborough: For Fox News sponsors, to let you know what's happening now,” that network now claims ”Joe Biden and Democrats want to, quote, ‘exterminate’ all Republicans.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): You know, Willie, I talked briefly before, and I don't want to get into it — because I don't want to give people the attention that they probably want. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): Very much, yes.

SCARBOROUGH: But I will say Fox News had someone I know, a former leader of the Republican Party, saying that Democrats wanted — and I'm using his words here — Democrats wanted to, quote, “exterminate,” exterminate all Republicans. Let me say that again, for Fox News’ sponsors, to let you know.

BRZEZINSKI: And he knows what he's doing.

SCARBOROUGH: For Fox News’ sponsors, to let you know what's happening now on Fox News. That they're getting people who are Fox News contributors, who are saying that Democrats — Joe Biden and Democrats want to, quote, “exterminate” all Republicans.

You also have Fox News hosts that are talking about how Democrats are using troops to make American people submissive. That they are not American troops — they are Democratic troops that are just there to show that they are in complete power.

This is sick, Willie. It's especially sick and damagin, here we are, what, a couple weeks after an insurrection against the United States of America. I understand that Fox News is having trouble because Newsmax is taking some of its viewers, and some of the people think that Fox News hasn't been harsh enough since the election.

But we had mobs surging up to the United States Capitol a couple of weeks ago. And you have a former Republican leader saying that all Democrats want to, quote, “exterminate” Republicans. That is patently — that is patently, patently un-American for him to say that. He is trying to gin up the base so he can make money on his mailing lists, so they can drive ratings up, and so he can inspire an insurrection against the United States as well.

Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich, a former Republican Speaker of the House, alleged Thursday night on Hannity that members of the Biden administration wanted to “exterminate the Republicans.” The day before the January 6 insurrection, Gingrich had also claimed on Sean Hannity's radio show that President Joe Biden's election was the worst assault on America, “maybe since the previous Civil War.”

Other hosts on Fox News, including Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, have suggested that the presence of the National Guard in Washington — in the wake of the attack upon the Capitol — is really a “message about power” and an “obscene move by Democrats to militarize Washington, D.C.”

I think its clear the domestic terrorism through incendiary rhetoric and outright lies of the Republican party and Fox News hasn't ended or even slowed down. 

Media's War On The People


Fox News

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