Jan 8, 2019

The Rights War On The Left - A Walk Through Some Of The Intimidation/Bullying/Terror Tactics Fox News Uses

Context: The Rights War On The Left (Blaming The Left For Everything Is A Standard Tactic Of GOP & Fox News)

1. Trump's & Fox News's Terrorist Attack On The Press & Political Opponents With Late Night Comedians
2. An Outline Of Modern Right Wing Terrorism (Denied By Fox News & The GOP) By David Neiwert
3. "Eliminationism" Or The Demonization And Racism Inherent In Right Wing American Politics (Basically, Southern Politics) With David Neiwert

When the terrorist says 'you made me kill these innocent people'... or when a bully tells his victim (such as his wife), 'you made me do this"... you should think of Fox News, as that's their new political strategy, i.e. right wing domestic terrorism is openly blamed on the victims! (Does this only work because the right has become a cult?) Here are examples of the sort of intimidation/terror and bullying tactics Fox News is using;

Sean Hannity criticizes targets of bombs and the "deranged far-left" for dangerous rhetoric Hannity: "We've been warning you, Rand Paul's been warning you, something horrible is going to happen"

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Maybe they should be lecturing Maxine Waters and company. You know create a crowd, follow them in to grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, they're not wanted anywhere anymore. And what you just saw is nothing new, because the left's hatred of all things Trump has been boiling over since the day he and Melania came down the escalator. Here's just a small sampling of the insanity.
So you know what yeah with rhetoric like that it's kinda odd that they're now blaming Donald Trump and his allies for the actions of a lunatic. Especially since multiple deranged far-left individuals have been what, we've been watching now for weeks. Harassing, attacking, threatening Republicans all over the country. Just in recent weeks we've been warning you, Rand Paul's been warning you, something horrible is going to happen. Doesn't matter if it's left or right. But the left's silence, when it's their side, has been deafening and worse. 

"You got attacked, its your fault", tactic...

Sean Hannity uses the assassination attempts on Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters to attack them for hypocrisy


"Its not us its you", tactic ...

Fox's Newt Gingrich: "This election is a life and death struggle with a left-wing movement which wants to radicalize America"
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I think we're better off but what do you think?
NEWT GINGRICH: I think we're better off but I don't think that's what this election is about. This election is a life and death struggle with a left-wing movement which wants to radicalize America. 

"Ignore history and facts (including the latest Las Vegas massacre) and only listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth", tactic (Hypnosis?)...

Fox's Sebastian Gorka: "Violence against those you politically disagree with is OK for one party in America and one party alone and it's the Democrats" Gorka: "There is no equivalent of antifa on the right"

SEBASTIAN GORKA: It tells you one thing Sean -- violence against those you politically disagree with is OK for one party in America and one party alone and it's the Democrats. There is no equivalent of antifa on the right. And I'd just like to see a fraction of the coverage devoted to what the commissioner called "the duds" that this dud shipped out via the mail. I'd like to see a fraction of that coverage for the president's former daughter-in-law who was sent to hospital because of that white powder device. 

If you report the truth of what I say I will flip out and yell at you (same strategy Hannity, coincidentally, used to debunk liberal 9/11 scientists/professors as well! Is that why corporate media listens to them and follows their lies as truths? Or is it just cowardice?);

After NBC reporter points out his incendiary remarks, Sean Hannity has a meltdown, threatens to sue

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): But the media today and their reaction to this is so over the top, so outrageous, so disgustingly partisan. It just -- they're so quick to blame President Trump, Fox News, talk radio. You got this NBC reporter saying that these packages shouldn't be written off as the work of an extremist fringe, but rather mainstream Republican media outlets like Fox News and talk radio. You know, this jackass maybe needs to go back and hear my history because, I've got the tapes when Obama was president -- you know, whenever there was any threat to the president when the guy walked into the White House -- I said that we got to protect our president, doesn't matter what their politics are. We've got to protect all our politicians, retired politicians. And they purposely do this for cheap political points.
My answer is, I want everybody safe. Everybody needs to stop. And the silence, if there's been silence, it has been from the left. As we've watched women repeatedly run out of restaurants, and people, you know, confronted in public, marching orders given by the leaders of the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party. This is -- it's so outrageous.
Who is this Ben Collins? He's the -- you know, I feel like suing somebody like him and ramming the tapes I have of defending people and telling people never to act like this up his you-know-what in a court of law. Because he's a liar.
Following bomb scares targeting multiple Democratic figures, Collins had pointed to remarks previously made by Hannity and others in right-wing media:

There will be a rush to pin these mailbombs on extremist talking points from fringe websites like 4chan and Qanon-adjacent communities on Reddit and Facebook, but Soros, Obama and the Clintons have been viewed as the root of all evil on talk radio and Fox News for over a decade.
Extremist talking points may get workshopped on fringe sites, but they're platformed on and reach the most dupes on Fox News.

Never forget that Sean Hannity was literally tying Hillary Clinton to actual Satanism three days before the 2016 election.https://www.thedailybeast.com/hannity-and-drudge-cite-wikileaks-to-claim-clinton-campaign-worships-satan 


An example of a demonizing monologue;


They actually host incendiary shock jocks and work with them (such as Alex Jones of infowars);

Sean Hannity claimed he had "never heard of" the Proud Boys. He hosted a member on his show in 2017. Jovi Val is a "prominent Proud Boy" who recently spoke at the second edition of the white supremacist rally, Unite the Right 2. He was also a guest on Hannity's radio show in 2017.
In reaction to the violent incident in which pro-Trump group the Proud Boys assaulted protesters after attending an event at a Manhattan Republican club by group founder Gavin McInnes, Sean Hannity falsely claimed on the October 15 edition of his radio show that he "had never heard of" the Proud Boys. In addition to hosting McInnes 24 times on his Fox News show, Hannity also hosted "prominent Proud Boy" Jovi Val on his radio show in 2017, giving him and far-right conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer a platform to talk about "political violence."

"It wasn't us, it was you", tactic again (facts simply don't matter to their cult... that watches Fox "News" on network associated channels, i.e. these lies are literally endorsed by Fox because they don't take them off air);

Hannity and his guests lie about violent rioting by pro-Trump supporters, claim it was "the left" Hannity: "This is coming from the left, the radical left"
SEAN SPICER: The concern to me is it all seems coming in one direction. And instead of denouncing it you know the media would be out there asking the right to do that if it was going in that direction, instead you see the left doubling down. Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, as you mentioned, Eric Holder. These people are doubling down, inciting it, if this was the right doing it to the left Sean, if these were Donald Trump supporters there would be outrage on every one of those left-wing cable news time and time again.
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Not only Portland last weekend and this weekend but New York this weekend and a bunch of anarchists go to the New York GOP club, Republican club, whatever it happens to be and they’re committing vandalism, anarchist signs that they’re putting up etcetera and then there’s a confrontation on the street there. That’s not what the media says, they don’t tell the whole story. They get it wrong in the beginning, kind of pissed off that I even for a second believed half of what they wrote and this is coming from the left, the radical left.

Even domestic terrorist groups are protected by Fox (which makes sense as their talking points are often drawn from white-supremacist/domestic-terrorism associated groups);

Sean Hannity blames Democrats for violence committed by pro-Trump group, the Proud Boys Hannity blames Kyrsten Sinema, Alec Baldwin, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): 'I don't care if you go fight for the Taliban,' that was KyrstenSinema's running for the Senate against Martha McSally out in Arizona which is an important race, and we've had all these revealing tapes prior to that. Alec Baldwin 'we need to throw or overthrow the government.' That's added to a lot of violence that happened over the weekend. Bernie Sanders, he would not condemn the protesters and the bear spray, the bloody brawls, it was at what's called a Patriot Prayer rally, law and order march in Portland, and it got ugly and it got ugly fast, as you had that group battling and facing off what became a riot pretty much with the group Antifa using bear spray, bear batons, thrashing each other outside what is known as Kelly's Olympian, a popular bar on Southwest Washington Street.
There was an incident in New York between different groups, some group that identifies themselves, I had never heard of them before, Proud Boys versus some other leftwing protesters. You think any of this might be connected to the rhetoric that we've been hearing? Maxine Waters and Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, you can't be civil and kick em and follow them in to department stores and gas stations. And maybe on the heels of nobody in the Democratic Party condemning what happened to Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen the Secretary of Homeland Security, or Sarah Sanders, or Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant, or Mitch McConnell at an airport.

The only guy to be thrown out of Congress has joined this charade;

Fox's Newt Gingrich: The Democrats are "a brown shirt party" Gingrich: "What you're seeing is the emergence in a very real way of a brown shirt party"

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Will this work in 27 days? Is that their strategy?
NEWT GINGRICH: Well what you're seeing is the emergence in a very real way of a brown shirt party, to use the term for the people who in Weimar Germany went out and literally dominated the streets by brute force.

After supporting known pedophile Roy Moore it has become important for the right wing to claim that its not them but the left that are the pedophiles (even one of their House Speakers was a pedophile! Is that why right wing keeps saying there are pedophiles on the left... because they have noticed this trend of pedophilia on the Christian right?);

Laura Ingraham: The left "probably like[s] child pornography better than they like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" Ingraham: In a few years, "you're going to have to hide your Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer DVD"
LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): When you think of the left today, are those the kind of people you want to hang around with? Just, just, just -- talking like now beyond politics. They are the biggest killjoys out there, killjoys! They don't want you to enjoy your life. They want you to listen to them, shut up, and sit down. Lecturing you, and haranguing you into what you should feel about the country, about race, about gender, about all of that. They want to intimidate you. So you're going to turn around in a few years and you're not going to be able to -- you're going to have to hide your Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer DVD. You'll have to hide it! You can't keep that around the house, oh no. That might as well be child pornography. They actually probably like child pornography better than they like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at this point.
They don't really have a problem with pornography at all. But they have a problem with anything that in their mind is traditional or even slightly hearkens back to a more traditional time. Because the traditions themselves of family and so forth were enslaving to women, were enslaving to people. I mean, there's real slavery but then there's the slavery that they have developed in their way of thinking -- that we were all slaves to the patriarchy. So all vestiges of the patriarchy must be destroyed, must be called out. So, you know, the Confederate soldier Silent Sam at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, all the protests about that, as if putting that in a dumpster is going to change anyone's life.

Ingraham also draws her rhetoric from the Nazis (is that where Trump got his rhetoric from?);

When confronted with Trump's defense of Charlottesville Nazis, Laura Ingraham claims it's "not what he said"

SCOTT BOLDEN: By the way, your titular head of the GOP, the president of the United States is not only the most divisive but his unhinged statements, his statements about Nazis being decent people, him taking and ordering babies taken from immigrants --
LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): No that's not, that's not what he said.
BOLDEN: That's exactly what he said. He said there are good people on both sides.
INGRAHAM: No. I think what he was trying to say and at the time I said --
BOLDEN: Oh, I can't tell you what he was trying to say, I'll tell you what he said.
INGRAHAM: Scott, this is, I understand what you're trying to do. I'm actually trying to do an intervention for the Democrats.

Another example of the "its not us, its them" tactic;

Laura Ingraham guest: The "violent" Democrats are "at war" with America Monica Crowley: "The left is at war ... against all the things for which Justice Kavanaugh is going to fight on the Supreme Court"

MONICA CROWLEY: The left is at war, Laura, and that is why they are constantly and immediately reaching for the most extreme, the most radical, the most violent in some cases. Because that's the only way that they can win this war. It's a war against the Constitution, against free market economics, against individual liberty, against all the things for which Justice Kavanaugh is going to fight on the Supreme Court. Therefore they have to destroy him. 

Advertisers sponsor Fox News hate and lies and occasionally one of the liars gets in trouble;

What happens when the No. 1 cable news channel is steeped in white nationalist rhetoric? Tucker Carlson's advertisers are sponsoring fascism
Tucker Carlson is attempting to stay the course amid an advertiser exodus from his Fox News program because of his racist commentary. Carlson had been a mouthpiece for white supremacy, and since being promoted to a prime-time slot on Fox, he has elevated fringe “alt-right” grievances into mainstream media.
But what are the consequences of airing unfettered, explicit white supremacy five nights a week on the top rated cable news channel in the U.S.? They’re that Fox News viewers, including the president, are exposed to extremist ideology that, thanks to the veneer of respectability a top-rated show carries, has become part of the acceptable spectrum of political discourse -- but that actually puts marginalized communities under direct threat of material harm.

Unchecked white nationalism on Fox News facilitates radicalization

In the absence of any identifiable editorial standards at Fox News, naked white nationalist rhetoric has metastasized. Carlson has interpreted this state of affairs as a blanket mandate to host a program centered around the idea that there is a crisis of discrimination against white men in America. Since his show launchedon Fox News in November 2016, it has filtered story after story through the lens of white grievance,including claiming that reports of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh exposed “race hatred”, warning about the imaginary threat of white “genocide,” and spending a bewildering amount of time attacking the value ofdiversity. These segments track with both the rhetoric and smear campaigns cooked up online by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, men’s rights activists. Every night, he speaks on behalf of a fringe online community that endorses white nationalism and amplifies this message to an audience that would likely not have been exposed to it elsewhere. This sets off the invisible process of radicalization: avowed racists and neo-Nazis spew hatred online, Carlson picks it up, sanitizes it, and uses it to bolster the Trump agenda. This process projects explicit white supremacy (as opposed to Fox’s long-term peddling of implicit white supremacy) into the homes of Fox’s audience, blending seamlessly into the network’s long-established brand of conservative media.
Read more.

Tucker likes to pushe the idea that his white supremacist talking points are right and being ignored just proves they are right... the way a cult leader might say that a comet will take his group to heaven and other people are just disbelievers

As advertisers flee, Tucker Carlson doubles down on claim that immigration makes the United States "poorer and dirtier" Carlson: "Precisely because it is obviously true, saying it out loud is a threat"

This is a favorite white supremacist talking point. A talking point that somehow makes sense to these people in a white majority country (probably because they are generally poor and angry... though some are just old and paranoid, desperate to escape the thought of death even if they have to destroy the world/country to do it);

Tucker Carlson warns viewers about threats of white "genocide"

Given that the FBI's investigation here was openly limited... we have a person showing he doesn't care that the person was unscreened or lied under oath (definitely not a patriotic American);

Tucker Carlson: Brett Kavanaugh is a "folk hero" to the "unfairly maligned" Carlson: "They have been unfairly maligned because they are in the way of other people gaining power"

And then he made it about the dominate race being marginalized when that's physically impossible

Tucker Carlson: Kavanaugh hearing exposed "race hatred" toward whites that could lead to "some kind of conflict" Harmeet Dhillon: On Berkeley's campus "there are places where whites are not supposed to go"

More examples of this sort of demonization and lies as per a Nazi/Terrorist party channel;

Bongino, Gorka on unacceptable tactics of the left-wing mob Nov. 08, 2018 - 4:58 - Radical Antifa protesters surround and vandalize Tucker Carlson's Washington home.

Ingraham: The left's effort to remake America Aug. 08, 2018 - 11:00 - Every once in a while, leftists will slip up and tell us what they really think about America.

Laura Ingraham hosts leader of right-wing group responsible for violent Portland riots for softball interview

Many Republicans say Trump should have power to shut down media outlets
How much do you have to despise the media to believe that a president should have the dictatorial power to disband a company? Fifty-three percent disagreed, and here's the partisan breakdown: Some 43 percent of Republicans say yeah, let the president shut down media operations he doesn't like. And 12 percent of Democrats agree, along with 21 percent of independents. Now this is a theoretical exercise. The First Amendment protects even the worst media offender from government interference (though not from being banned by Facebook and Twitter). In fact, there are laws that would prevent a president from shutting down any private company by fiat. But I guess many of the respondents are voting based on disgust. I would ask the 43 percent of Republicans: How would you feel if Barack Obama was still president and wanted to shut down media outlets he didn't like? Wouldn't you be screaming bloody murder? So is this just your way of affirming that you love Trump, detest the media and just wish some of these outlets could be made to disappear? And, uh, whatever happened to conservative passion for the free market?

Ann Coulter speaks out about violent rhetoric from the left Jun. 22, 2017 - 3:31 - Conservative author reacts to the president's Iowa speech on 'Hannity,' talks violence from the left

Ingraham: The lawlessness of the Democratic Party

Walking out and away from the truth about Parkland

Ingraham: Our collegiate indoctrination factory

Gutfeld on how liberalism gives you the runs

Laura Ingraham: The Democrats are out for political blood Aug. 01, 2017 - 4:13 - On 'Hannity,' Fox News contributor calls out the double standard

Florida woman who threatened parent of Sandy Hook victim sentenced
A Florida woman who threatened a man whose son was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was sent to prison Wednesday. Lucy Richards, 57, pleaded guilty to interstate transmission of a threat to injure in communications with Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner, who died in the Newtown, Conn., school shooting.
Investigators say Richards, who believed the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, left four voicemail and email threats for Pozner in January 2016, after viewing websites that claimed the shooting was a hoax aimed at curtailing Americans’ Second Amendment gun ownership rights.
Senior U.S. District Judge James Cohn, who sentenced Richards to five months in prison, followed by five months of home detention, said Richards’ actions were “disturbing” and that no one should cite a conspiracy theory or belief in a hoax in the deaths of 20 children and six adults that occurred at the school.

Fox News

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