Apr 10, 2020

Hannity Pretends He Didn't Spread False Information About Coronavirus To Fox News Viewers Probably Costing Lives (Before & After Video)

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4. Fox News & Trump Change Their Talking Points On Covid-19 From 'Its, OK. Nothing To Worry About' To 'Its A Problem And We Said So From The Beginning' (Before & After Video)

Media Matters: Sean Hannity’s astounding coronavirus hypocrisy

During his April 9 monologue, Fox News host Sean Hannity railed against how other media outlets covered the coronavirus pandemic, partly for downplaying the risk. There was just one problem: Hannity was guilty of what he accused other outlets of doing.

Left unmentioned in Hannity's soliloquy is that while his examples of other outlets treating COVID-19 lightly mostly came before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned February 25 of the coronavirus coming to the United States, his own dismissive approach lasted for weeks afterward.

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