Mar 30, 2020

Fox News Misled Its Viewers On Coronavirus And Haven't Even Been Sued For Their Deceptions! Right Wingers Really Are Like Sheep!

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A complete documentation of the misinformation Fox News have spread about corona-virus to its views putting their, and their families, lives at risk.

Media Matters: Fox News' coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic: medically inaccurate, malevolently racist, motivated by politics

As the coronavirus pandemic became a global health crisis, Fox News spent weeks endangering the health and well-being of millions of its viewers and -- thanks to the symbiotic relationship between Fox and the White House -- putting the country as a whole increasingly at risk.
The network's coverage has had devastating consequences for the public, with polls showing that Fox viewers are far less likely than others to believe the situation is serious. President Donald Trump also appears to be taking cues from Fox -- whether dragging his feet in addressing the outbreak, downplaying its impacts, promoting harmful or unproven “cures,” or even pivoting to deploy racist and xenophobic attacks.
Fox News’ coronavirus coverage has been reckless, dangerous, and ultimately destructive. Here’s how:

Fox News


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