Mar 11, 2020

How MSNBC/NBC Used Deception To Help Joe Biden Against Bernie Sanders, Carefully Outlined By Krystal Ball

1. Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look
2. CNN's "Civility" Argument Shows CNN Anchors/Hosts Can't Put Facts In Context Of What's Going On!
3. BREAKING/FLASHBACK: Corporate Media Is Helping The GOP With Their Lies On Iran The Way They Did With Iraq
4. CNN Hires A Well Known And Proven Liar To EDIT The News In Secret (i.e. No Disclaimer On Anything Edited By Her!) {Indicates pattern of behavior}
5. Mainstream Media Is Markedly Pro-Right Wing Lies - Part 2
6. NY Times Has Proven Its Biased Against Bernie Sanders

The Hill: Krystal Ball: Why MSNBC is to blame for Joe Biden
Krystal Ball discusses how MSNBC played a role in Joe Biden's recent success.


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