Jan 29, 2020

Fox News First Promotes & Endorses John Bolton And Now They Act Like They Don't Like Him

FOX NEWS TURNS ON JOHN BOLTON 1/28/2020John Bolton's bombshell about President Trump's Ukraine scandal prompts Fox News to switch from hailing him as a great American to denouncing him as a tool for the deep state.

Notice the pattern of behavior...

First Fox News sold John Bolton like the hottest item in the world:

Now they are trying to make it appear that because he wrote a book his views don't matter cause its just a money thing (is that what they think of Trump's books? He just wrote them for money and they are not valuable or even truthful?);

Lau Dobbs has an interesting pattern. Notice he was one of John Bolton's biggest supporters and endorsers:

Now he calls John Bolton a "tool for the radical dems and the deep state":

Fox News

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