May 2, 2019

Fox News Are Just White Supremacists Using "The Nazi Mirror Tactic" Being Given A Free Pass By The Media

To fully explain the ridiculousness of this situation I've divided this post into two parts with part 1 showing how Fox News/GOP (who follow Fox) are white nationalists (and have been so before Trump in easily provable ways) and are continuing to openly use a Nazi era tactic to demonize their opponents (as should be expected from a terrorist group, which they clearly are).

Part 1: Fox News/GOP Are White Nationalists Pretending They Are Not

1. The Ultimate Proofs That Fox News Is Basically Just A Group Of White Supremacists/Nationalists/Nazis
2. Media Uselessness Example: Corporate Media Gives Steve King A Pass On White Supremacism

Simply more proof that Fox News is spreading violent hate which is still being ignored by media (as they do with all GOP/Fox terrorism).

YouTube - mediamatters4america; How Fox News tries to mainstream a white supremacist conspiracy theory
Adding to its pattern of mainstreaming toxic extremism, Fox News constantly echoes and sanitizes the dangerous white supremacist conspiracy theory that non-white immigrants represent the threat of “replacement” to white populations. This racist talking point has already inspired massacres and hate crimes around the world.

Read full piece here: 

How Fox News tries to mainstream a white supremacist conspiracy theory

Part 2: Examples Of The "Its Not Us Its You" Nazi Tactic (What I Also Call "The Mirror Tactic")

1. Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism" Part 4 - More Examples Of Eugenics (War On Various Segments Of American Society... Because They Disagree With Thier Nazi Policies
2. Clear Signs That Trump, The GOP And The Right Wing Media (Such As Fox News & Info-wars) Caters To White Supremacists (& Neo-Nazis) And Seeks To Promote Their Hate {WITH Pre-Trump Presidency Proofs/Examples Ignored By Media}
3. The Charlottesville Terror Incident: Conclusive Proof That The GOP & Its Media Networks Are Really Just Nazis Re-Labeled As Something Else (Such As "Nationalists", "Conservatives" etc.) {Charlottsville Incident Happened AFTER The Above Post}
4. Using Lies & Out Of Context Quotes Fox News Tries To Paint The Left As A Mob {Examples Of Fox Using This "Mirror Tactic" Before}

"The Nazi Mirror Tactic" Fox News and the GOP (who take their talking points from Fox) are using is as follows:

We have all seen Trump ask Russia for Hillary's emails on video in one of his speeches. Here Hannity pretends its Bernie Democrats without any proof whatsoever (he literally just pulled this out of his ass);

Sean Hannity suggests with no evidence that “Bernie supporters” were behind DNC and Clinton campaign email hacks Sean Hannity: "If they think all this came from Russia, why didn't they ever go to the Ecuadorean Embassy and talk to Assange"

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Okay, so, the charges against Julian Assange have to do with his work with Chelsea Manning, who has already been pardoned by Barack Obama.
I think Greenwald is onto something here as well, as like -- the press doesn't care because that hurt Democrats, it's political. Okay, but, looks like there's a precedence here. The question is, why didn't they ever look into -- if they think all this came from Russia, why didn't they ever go to the Ecuadorian Embassy and talk to Assange?
From what we know, they never did that. Maybe they didn't want the forensics. You know, maybe there were other sources.
Now, most people tell me, my sources say yeah, probably it was connected to Russia in some way. Maybe a third party, some outlet, whatever. I have other people -- smart, smart people telling me "nope." I had it come from a couple of sources. Some of them might have even been Bernie supporters. Who knows? I don't know the answer to that. I only know the answer he gave me.
But I wonder -- I would assume, based on the past actions of WikiLeaks and Assange, that there's probably -- I don't think everything he owned is in the Ecuadorian Embassy at that point. A lot of people would come and go, like Pam Anderson, for example.
My guess would be -- I'd be interested to find out what they know, what the forensics show, where did it come from?

It's now common knowledge that William Barr is misleading the public, Congress and Senate over Trump (A CNN report on this). Before Muellers letter became public Fox even said that if Barr lied why didn't Mueller say anything... so now we have confirmation from multiple sources that Barr is lying. MSNBC even mentioned it during his live lying spree. While Lindsey Graham, defending the lies, has become a hero on the right. Here are some great examples of the right using this Nazi tactic on this event;

Here you see Laura Ingraham saying "its not us its you" despite the overwhelming evidence against such a talking point;

Laura Ingraham accuses House Judiciary Committee of “committing a fraud” by voting to subpoena the Mueller report Ingraham: ​"Any judge considering this should sanction any lawyer who signs his name on this request for a subpoena"

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Today, the Democrats engaged in a bit of theater in a desperate effort to keep the Russian collusion drama going. Jerry Nadler's Judiciary Committee, along party lines, voted to subpoena the entire unredacted Mueller report, and all supporting evidence from the Department of Justice.
INGRAHAM: Now understand this, with this move, Nadler is -- well, the committee, again, party line vote -- is actually committing a fraud. It's a fraud if ultimately filed at the Justice Department, on the Justice Department. And just the discussion of it, it's a fraud on the American people.
Any judge considering this should sanction any lawyer who signs his name on this request for a subpoena, given that the law prohibits Attorney General Barr from releasing underlying materials without a careful review for any grand jury information that would be prohibited by law to release.

Here is Rush Limbaugh, a psychotic shock jock who is respected by the right, saying you did not hear what you heard, its all a lie (i.e. its not us its you);

Rush Limbaugh on Mueller's letter to Barr: "This is classic misdirection and classic fake news."

Here is Laura Ingraham, again, saying "its not us its you" (its a primary white nationalist/supremicist/Nazi strategy);

Laura Ingraham calls into Fox "straight news" show to defend Trump's attorney general: "Preposterous" to say that Barr misled the public Ingraham also attacks Fox News anchor Chris Wallace for noting that Mueller's letter is bad for Barr

SANDRA SMITH (ANCHOR): Laura Ingraham joins us now over the phone. Laura, we see images of William Barr leaving his home this morning en route to Capitol Hill. This is all set to begin shortly. I'm sure you have a lot to say on this. But it is really setting up to be quite a morning. What do you expect?
LAURA INGRAHAM (FOX NEWS HOST) Sandra, the meltdown on the other cable channels last night as we were broadcasting The Ingraham Angle was something really for the ages. We have in special counsel Mueller someone who has worked in law enforcement at the highest levels for decades. We have someone in Bill Barr who has worked at the highest levels of the legal profession both as a CEO and former attorney general and so forth for decades, OK?
Both men have enormous experience in dealing with really complex matters. But the idea that Bill Barr set about to fundamentally distort and misrepresent a 448 page report that he knew would be almost in its entirety released except for redactions that were agreed upon -- the idea he would set about to do that to what, ruin his entire career and be roundly ridiculed, is preposterous.
And so for this frothy frenzy on the other cables last night and in the pages of the Amazon Post, I say this. Focus on the two lines that make this such relatively a non-story. When Barr pressed him whether he thought Barr's letter was inaccurate, Mueller said he did not. But felt that the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation according to officials.
Now, I know Chris Wallace at the top of your hour was indicating that I guess that he kind of agrees with these other cable networks that this was an attempt by the DOJ to spin what the conversation was between Barr and Mueller. So I don't know if Chris Wallace has information that I don't have. But that he is saying that Barr is perpetuating a lie about this conversation between him and Mueller?
I mean, I think if Mueller thought that this investigation was being distorted in its synopsis by Barr, Bob Mueller is a big boy. He could have come out and issued a very terse public statement. He did not do that, Sandra.
SMITH: Well, certainly what we're hearing from you, what we heard from --
INGRAHAM: Instead, one of the other members of the merry band of investigators decided to leak this letter right before Barr comes up to testify. Now, isn't that curious?
SMITH: Obviously, and we'll hear -- by the way, we'll --
INGRAHAM: So as somebody who happens to have known Bill Barr for decades and myself worked at pretty high levels in the legal profession, I find the reporting on this and much of the commentary on this to be harmful and frankly very disturbing. And I'm watching this in real time and this is not spin by the way, this is analysis of the current situation as it stands.
SMITH: By the way, we'll hear more from Bret Baier and Chris Wallace themselves in a bit, before William Barr begins a short time from now. We've got everybody on deck. But meanwhile Laura, also what is being decided now, there's gonna be a vote in the House, a committee vote, on whether or not the House Judiciary will be allowed to have staff ask questions of William Barr at their hearing tomorrow. Should that be allowed?
INGRAHAM: I mean, I don't think it really matters. If there was some conversation about that -- I mean I frankly think a lot of the congressmen themselves don't do a very good job of questioning. I mean we've seen this over the years where there is this big build-up in these hearings and then you have people who are not really used to cross-examining people or getting information flailing about for the cameras trying to get relevant information and questions asked and instead they just end up grandstanding.
What the American people have to understand that this really isn't about the quest for the truth, OK? This is about the 2020 election, scoring political points, and trying somehow to tar the reputation of a man who has served with dignity and the utmost ethical understanding of the American legal system for decades. This is what Washington, D.C. -- I lived here way too long Sandra. This is what Washington, D.C., has become: a smear machine of good people. If you're connected to Donald Trump in any way, they not only want to smear you, they want to make sure you never work again. That's how bad it is.
So people out there claiming that Barr is spinning or misrepresenting, we got to take a breath here and look at this situation in its entirety where a president was targeted early on erroneously by a fake dossier and a phony dossier funded by Hillary to begin this entire investigation. People lose sight of how disturbing that initial fact is and we end up today with all the histrionics surrounding this hearing.
SMITH: I know everybody's got a lot to say on this. And Laura, we appreciate your time this morning. You set up what is going to be quite a heated moment on Capitol Hill, just a few moments from now. Laura Ingraham, thank you.

Ingraham is actually bullying people - on her own traitorous network - for telling the truth! (When the truth is so obvious lying doesn't work to your advantage unless your completely committed to Nazi strategies which the Trump team and its followers/promoters, apparently, is/are)

Laura Ingraham attacks her Fox colleague Chris Wallace for saying AG Barr spun Mueller report

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): They're bitter. They're bitter. Raymond, they couldn't find collusion, that they had invested two years into convincing the public, defaming Trump -- as someone who's defamed on a regular basis, by lowlifes, okay -- as someone who's defamed on a regular basis, it's not fun, but, like, tell me something, you know, that I don't already know about you, for doing it.
So, this is what they did. Two years of defaming Trump, Russia collusion, that blows up, nothing there, so now, they've moved on to Barr-Trump collusion, that Barr is colluding with Trump. To what, distort a report's meaning that he was about to release anyway?
Someone on my own network, on our own network, Raymond, Fox, said this -- I'm watching this, going, I guess it was Chris Wallace, made a statement to that effect, that Barr was spinning the report -- okay? I don't understand that. How would a former attorney general, new attorney general, someone with all of his experience say, "Okay, I'm going to sabotage my own credibility by distorting the meaning of a report that we're going to release in the next 10 days, or two weeks" -- I mean, it's just ridiculous, but this is all the Democrats have. Raymond is 100 percent right, they are addicted to Mueller-Trump-Russia.

This is one of my favorite examples because of the sheer audacity of this lie. Notice how White Nationalists everywhere see Tucker as a leader for their talking-points/arguments;

White supremacists rally behind Tucker Carlson: "Heil Tucker"
Multiple white supremacist media figures, extremist outlets, men’s rights activists, and users of far-right anonymous message board 4chan rallied behind Fox News host Tucker Carlson after Media Matters unearthed audio of him making multiple sexist and racist remarks on a shock jock radio show between 2006 and 2011. According to his extremist fan base, Carlson was just saying “true things about women,” for which they declared, “Heil Tucker.”

White supremacists revere Carlson. White supremacists openly admire Carlson’s ability to mainstream extremist talking points. Not only do they consider his show a platform to push their messaging, but they also view Carlson as an influential leader laying the way forward for their movement through his ideas. They have made it explicit on their shows and in their private chat messages.

White supremacist figures and far-right users of anonymous message boards rallied behind Carlson after his misogynistic and racist remarks drew backlash

Former Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke suggested Jewish people were conspiring against Carlson by unearthing his audio. A teaser for David Duke’s radio show on the topic referred to the audio of Carlson as a “(((scandal))),” using the anti-Semitic dog whistle of the triple parentheses. During Duke’s March 11 show, his guest Augustus Invictus claimed that Carlson is being boycotted because he criticized Jewish members of the “mainstream media” who “sold us … wars” in his book Ship of Fools.

Read full piece/research

Other examples of Tucker leading & helping the White Nationalists/Supremacists in their hatred are:

White supremacist YouTube channel Red Ice TV loves Tucker Carlson Red Ice TV’s Henrik Palmgren: “Tucker Carlson does good work over at Fox News”

Tucker Carlson's worst white nationalist dog whistles

Here is Tucker pretending "its not us, its you";

Tucker Carlson claims The View inspires white nationalist terrorists

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): OK, last question, and now I'm being sincere. I was kind of yanking your chain a little bit. But isn't it time to stop with the racism and the white privilege stuff, attacking people on the base of their skin color? Could we just call a truce and just not talk like that anymore? 
QUENTIN JAMES (GUEST): Tucker, sincerely, I wish we could but what we've been seeing under this president is a rise in white domestic terrorism, a rise in white nationalism -- 
CARLSON: Do you have to attack white people? That's --
JAMES: No, I think it's the opposite actually. I think what we're seeing is that people like Dylan Roof are getting more radicalized right now under our president. [CROSSTALK] And what we want to see is a unifying in this country, and I look forward to that.
CARLSON: I wonder why when you have The View being like, "Even if you're really poor we hate you because of your skin color." You don't think that radicalizes people? Maybe a little bit? I mean honestly? 
JAMES: How we message these issues -- you know we need to get more specific and more direct. But --
CARLSON: And stop being so racist. That might help too, I think. 
JAMES: We're all looking for a more unified country -- [INAUDIBLE]  
CARLSON: Well I am. OK. Well on that point, I agree with you. 

One may wonder why the right wings media channel are lying so obviously? This is also an ancient Nazi tactic;

Note: Another aspect to what Tucker (and the others) are doing is threatening the left for pointing out what they are doing (i.e. a new terrorist tactic being adopted by the White Nationalists/Supremacists of bullying people to shut up);

Tucker Carlson says calling out white nationalism is a racist attack on white people and “exactly how you destroy a country” Carlson: "Attacking people for their race is exactly how you destroy a country. That’s what Democrats are doing”

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Nobody likes racists, nobody wants to be called a racist, the left knows that, so they use the word as a cudgel to beat their political opponents into submission and have their way.
They have done this so often and for so many years that over time with the word "racist" has lost a lot of power. It is dulled from overuse. The left needs a new attack line, a new way to make you shut up and obey. Now, they found one, Watch former Georgia politician Stacey Abrams deploy it against White House advisor Stephen Miller.
White nationalism -- let's be literal for a minute, what is that, exactly? Abrams did not say, she does not have to say. The phrase hits you in the gut, not the head. It evokes images from a nightmare -- detention camps, deportation trains, mass killing. It is terrifying. You would rather be called a cannibal then a white nationalist, and of course, that is exactly the point. That's why they say it.
You could live your entire life here without running into a white nationalist. No matter what they tell you, this is a remarkably kind and decent country.
Attacking people for their race is exactly how you destroy a country. That's what Democrats are doing. They know that they are doing it, it's obvious they just don't care.

Note: I think the right figured out long ago that they are basically Nazis and thus started to frame the left as Nazis for cover. This may have backfired to the point where the right isn't calling the left Nazis anymore and the left rarely covers the truth about right wing media's non-stop Nazi style lies anymore. In any case, calling Nazis Nazis is fine, though technically the right is a mix of Nazis, White Supremacists and KKK USING Nazi tactics and this distinction can also be made. (I have noticed the right use this tactic of "its not us its you" before... I would also like to point out that Nazis are right wingers and the fact that the right wing tries to pretend Nazis are lefties provides even more proof to the argument that the right is using the 'its not us, it you' Nazi tactic)

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