Aug 13, 2018

The Ultimate Proofs That Fox News Is Basically Just A Group Of White Supremacists/Nationalists/Nazis

This is the ultimate documentation of Fox News as a white supremacist style group. 

Media Matters: VIDEO: How Fox News is mainstreaming white supremacists and neo-Nazis
Fox News has been trying to normalize white supremacy for years. But since Donald Trump’s election, hosts, guests, and contributors on Fox are now openly defending white supremacists and neo-Nazis.
Everyone is well aware that Trump has been continually signaling his support to white supremacists since the 2016 presidential campaign. He retweets them, refuses to immediately disavow them, and even defendsthem. And Fox News is right there to validate him at every turn.

Video: Fox News' Tucker Carlson echoes white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis (this video added on Oct 8, 2018)
Tucker Carlson's 8 p.m. show on Fox News is the third most popular cable news show in the country, and he's quickly made use of his rising popularity to turn white nationalist narratives into prime-time stories. Carlson's brand has drawn a following of notable white supremacists, anti-Semites, and misogynists, making him a media figurehead among the “alt-right.”
His show has also grabbed the attention of the president. In August, President Donald Trump responded to a fearmongering Carlson segment on “white oppression” in South Africa, stating that he had ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to investigate the issue.
Here is Carlson using language that echoes notable far-right figures:

Media Matters: Laura Ingraham's anti-immigrant rant is ripped from white supremacists
There has been a massive backlash following Laura Ingraham's anti-immigrant rant on her Fox News show. Ingraham's arguments are directly reminiscent of arguments made by white supremacists Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and David Duke.
(Fixed Jul 6 2020)

Media Matters: On CNN, Angelo Carusone highlights the rise of white nationalist rhetoric on Fox News Carusone: "It's well beyond a wink and a nod"

Media Matters: Fox & Friends is sympathetic to neo-Nazis marching but outraged over sports players kneeling
Fox & Friends has been outraged by the peaceful protests led by professional athletes like Colin Kaepernickand Megan Rapinoe during the national anthem. And yet, Trump's favorite television show has found plenty of sympathy for the white nationalists who marched in Charlottesville.

If only Fox and Friends showed the same level of disgust towards a white supremacist rally as they do for a peaceful national anthem protest.

Media Matters; Fox & Friends coverage of the March For Our Lives vs. neo-Nazis marching

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson is using his Fox News show to mainstream white nationalism

Ever since Tucker Carlson took over the reigns of the 8 p.m. slot in Fox News’ prime-time lineup with his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, he has been using the hour to mainstream white nationalism. Carlson, a belovedfigure of the white nationalist community, dedicates significant time to fearmonger about immigration,defend white nationalists, complain about racism against white people, or regularly provide a platform forbigots, all the while accusing "the left" of making everything about race. Watch:   

Media Matters:Tucker Carlson defends Nazi-sympathizer Milo Yiannopoulos after he was heckled out of a bar


Media matters: Hannity turns to white supremacists to help him spite Keurig for pulling ads from his show
On November 11, Keurig, a coffee-maker brand, announced it was dropping Fox’s Hannity in response to Hannity’s irresponsible defense of Roy Moore and attacks on victims who come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. After Hannity ginned up outrage that evening, his supporters responded with a #BoycottKeurig campaign, which apparently entails angry fans destroying their Keurig coffee makers, filming the process, and uploading the result to the internet. Hannity gleefully egged on and encouraged the boycott against his former advertiser (which remains a Fox News advertiser) by promising giveaways to the best #BoycottKeurig videos and by retweeting and amplifying his Keurig-smashing supporters, including one that promoted actual white supremacist Angelo John Gage.
As documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Gage is a white nationalist known for “making YouTube videos warning of ‘white genocide’ [and] leading his youthful band of white nationalists on college campuses to protest the Marxist takeover of American higher education.” In 2015, Gage served as the chairman of the “youth wing of the radical-right … American Freedom Party." Gage has also appeared on Radio 3Fourteen, a production of Red Ice TV, a white supremacist and anti-Semitic online media outlet that promotes Holocaust denial. On his own YouTube channel, Gage has passionately defended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, saying, “I don’t care if Hitler was at the rally.”
In his feverish promotion of the Keurig boycott, Hannity also amplified a piece of content from the far-right website The Red Elephants, characterizing it as “so so funny!” The piece was written by Vincent James (also known as Vincent James Foxx), who appeared in a video that features threats of killing left-wing protesters.
The Red Elephants’ Twitter account habitually traffics in white supremacist memes (like the promotion of the message board-originated “it’s OK to be white” campaign that supposedly seeks to expose anti-white racism) and racist tropes like claiming “race and IQ correlate.” @TheRedElephants also engages with known white nationalists like Timothy Gionet -- known online as Baked Alaska -- and dabbles in conspiracy theories, like promoting the false claims that Democratic operatives ran a pedophilia ring under a family restaurant in D.C

Media Matters; How Sean Hannity's Charlottesville propaganda works

It’s been a bad few days for President Donald Trump. His approval ratings hit new lows yesterday in the wake of his widely criticized failure over the weekend to specifically denounce a violent rally of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, VA. Perhaps because many of his supporters are white racists, the president instead blamed bigotry “on many sides”; while those supporters appreciated it, journalists and pundits from all stripes pointed out this was wildly insufficient, forcing the White House to send Trump out again yesterday afternoon to issue a subdued, paltry, but specific declaration that such groups are bad. Grasping for a familiar foe to blame for his own failures, the president tweeted Monday evening that he had learned a valuable lesson from the fracas: the “Fake News Media will never be satisfied” because journalists are “truly bad people!”
For Trump, the “fake news media” constitutes any journalist who isn’t willing to say nice things about the president regardless of the circumstances. And so the president likely enjoyed last night’s performance from leading lickspittle Sean Hannity, whose Fox News program was largely devoted to explaining that the “destroy Trump establishment media” had unfairly attacked the blameless president. This combination of staunch defense of Trump, no matter what, with a willingness to lash out at the president’s foes characterizes the propagandistic tenor of Hannity’s broadcasts. Like any good propaganda, Hannity’s show has its heroes (Trump and the Republicans who support him) and its villains (Democrats and the media who smear them).
Here’s his 16-minute opening monologue from last night’s show:

Note: At 2:25 is the key to Hannity's strategy. He avoids the fact that GOP has been using a racist strategy since Nixon and states blatantly - while pointing to the ENTIRE left (since, at least, 9/11 and then it became an identifying feature of the right) - that its a lie. i.e. "not true that Republicans are bigots" while he knows that the people they use the racist strategy don't think they are racist because their views of race are being manipulated to create conflict for bad policies (as a red herring/decoy) but in a sense they are (unconscious racism) but Hannity ignores these subtleties in favor of cult like statements and general categorizations. while labeling it "destroy Trump" "establishment media" i.e. us against them. Its a basic con strategy that shows Hannity is not a journalist but a con artist, and not that good of one. Then he continues painting a picture of us vs them and how bad they are against us. (clearly only civil war can save him). [Of course, most Republicans tend to be generational Republicans and vote Republican cause their daddy did and will pretty much believe anything the leadership tells them anyways, its their thing. But their core is probably where "President" Trump's approval rating is when he is playing to his base at the cost of everything else, which seems to be pretty standard procedure nowadays]

Closing of the article above:

Here’s how Hannity closed out his monologue, which began with a condemnation of white supremacists who support President Trump:
Every two to four years, Democrats divide the country. They play identity politics. It's been a part of this playbook the Democrats used for generations.
So it's time for the destroy Trump establishment media to start recognizing how they have a massive double standard, that they have an agenda and ideology because just like, sadly, white supremacists in Charlottesville, hatred of any kind should not be tolerated or ever given a free pass, period, whoever is involved in the hatred, like the heat we saw this weekend.
Hannity talking to himself is not significantly different from talking to his guests. The remainder of the show featured a host of conservative pundits agreeing that Trump did nothing wrong and the real problems are caused by Democrats and the “destroy Trump establishment media.” By my count of the transcript, the show featured 15 mentions of white supremacists (many of which were declarations that Trump is not one and in fact condemns them). There were 41 mentions of the media or the press over the course of the 44-minute broadcast.
This is what Sean Hannity’s Fox News show is like on a daily basis. It’s pure propaganda, an effort to support the president at every turn, while castigating his enemies -- particularly the press. His viewers are living in an alternate reality -- one that he’s carefully crafted to benefit Trump.

The bias of supporting the hate of white supremacists/nationalists/Nazis over regular Americans continues in Fox News;

Media Matters: Fox & Friends coverage of Unite The Right protests ignores white supremacists, instead fearmongers about antifa While happy to complain about antifa, Fox & Friends completely ignores that white supremacists are planning on gathering again

Fox & Friends Sunday failed to inform their viewers about the assemblage of neo-Nazis in D.C., however. While the show did note that August 12 is the “one year anniversary of a deadly white supremacist rally,” during four nearly identical short reports, the program only explained that “tense protests are expected today.” Ignoring that those protests were again in response to the presence of white supremacists, the show fearmongered about an “anti-police bash led by an antifa mob.”

The only other mention of the Charlottesville rally during the show came when Fox host Martha Maccallum previewed what Fox News Sunday would cover -- she also failed to mention that white supremacists were rallying in D.C. this weekend.  
Fox’s decision to castigate anti-racist protesters without mentioning that white supremacists are once again rallying on our streets comes as little surprise to anyone familiar with the network’s coverage of the violence in Charlottesville. Following last year’s rally, Fox & Friends Sunday defended white supremacist protesters, with host Pete Hegseth arguing,  “there’s a reason those people were out there.” A Fox contributor, Charles Hurt, contended that, “there are those instigators on both sides of this fight that was going on in Charlottesville.” President Donald Trump's remarks defending neo-Nazis after Charlottesville were even full of right-wing media talking points.
In fact, Fox’s coverage of neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville was infinitely more sympathetic than their coverage of protesters rallying for gun control or sports players kneeling in protest of racial inequality.

Supporting thier base;

Media matters: Fox News reporter: Unite the Right white nationalists "peacefully exercised" free speech while counter-protesters were "chaotic" Griff Jenkins: The counter-protest "wasn't just directed at [white nationalist Jason] Kessler, there was a large anti-Trump version, or sentiment in that crowd"

Result of this sort of propaganda is to make Nazis/White-supremicists (or historical America that was rejected by the educated civilzed world of the west) mainstream again;

Nazi, white nationalist running as Republicans An avowed Nazi, a Holocaust denier, a white supremacist, and a pro-confederacy fetishist are running for office this year, all as Republicans.

Clearly its the right that are the Nazis (if facts are used to measure the situation);

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

- Update Aug 20, 2018 -
Note: There is one person who consistently acts like a facts based newsman on Fox News suggesting that the lies are pushed by Fox personalities/script-writers independently of the contract (the perfect alibi for Fox to claim "its the anchors fault"!). One non-white supremacist/traitor amougst a whole group isn't enough to change the definition of a channel but it is an interesting tid bit;

Fox News' Shep Smith shuts down Sean Hannity's lies and propaganda
If you watch Shep Smith's Fox News show at 3 p.m. ET then watch Sean Hannity's Fox News show at 9 p.m. ET, you're often witnessing two different realities. Smith regularly debunks Hannity's pro-Trump propaganda and lies. Here are six minutes of examples.



Laura Ingraham


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