Jan 15, 2019

Media Uselessness Example: Corporate Media Gives Steve King A Pass On White Supremacism

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2. Examples Of How The "Fact Based" News Media Distorts Public Perception Of Truth Because Of Unusually Bad And/Or Incompetent Journalism
3. As Fox News Launches Fox Nation, I Would Like To Note That Mainstream Media Lets Fox Lie Unchallenged And Don't Fight Fox To Dominate The Ratings By Suppressing Their Lies... Thus Fox Has Been #1 For Decades. "Fact" Based Media Has Enabled Right Wing Hate & Are Thus A Threat To National Security!

The only people who have decided to take Steve Kings white supremacy seriously (as per their public image - in the fake news media - and not as per vote seeking for which they even adopted their whole platform from the white nationalist right), are the GOP. Right now Mitt Romney, a guy who spent the 2012 campaign lying and demonizing everyone, is the guy looked at - with respect! (like a Bush!) - as a counter to Trump! As usual, media leaves it up to the GOP to take care of their own, if they choose to. The media itself is totally useless at dealing with lies from the right. It seems to prefer helping them under almost all circumstances. This is just another example...

Rep. Steve King: What's So Offensive About White Supremacy?
Rep. Steve King wants to know what's so offensive about white supremacy. Short answer: the 'white supremacy' part.

Professional criticism;

Steve King is the Racist-est | October 31, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS
While many Republicans attempt to be sly with their white supremacy, Steve King has been loud and proud for 16 years, though apparently his coworkers only just noticed.

Network news channels have given Rep. Steve King a pass on his open white nationalism
The most prominent broadcast news programs have mentioned openly white nationalist Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) racism only a handful of times over the past two years. ...
According to a Nexis search of NBC’s Nightly NewsMeet the Press, and Today, CBS’s CBS Evening NewsFace The Nation, and CBS This Morning, and ABC’s World News TonightThis Week, and Good Morning America, there have been just six references to King and race dating back to January 1, 2017, in some cases in segments that fell short by obfuscating or devoting scant time to the clear and open nature of the Iowa congressman’s bigotry.  ...
During the December 10, 2017, broadcast of NBC’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) whether King’s position that “diversity is not our strength” could be a problem for the Republican Party.{Blog Editor: i.e. Chuck Todd helping the right with its image}. King was mentioned in passing on the July 1, 2018, broadcast of CBS’s Face the Nation, when guest and former John McCain speechwriter Mark Salter said, “Steve King, for instance, who keeps writing, you know, about -- as if it's, you know, American citizenship is some kind of racial purity test.” On October 30, 2018, NBC’s Lester Holt described King as “controversial” on NBC Nightly News, noting that “the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee [is] condemning Steve King for comments about race and associations with white nationalism.” And on the November 11, 2018, edition of Face The NationPolitico’s Rachael Bade noted that King’s “rhetoric” had “sort of divided the Republican leadership about whether or not to back him or just not say anything.”
None of these mentions seriously reckoned with King’s apparently consequence-free promotion of white nationalism, although Stephanopoulos’ brief mention of King did succinctly summarize the issue.
Following the publication of the Times’ latest article about King, soon-to-be Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie noted on Twitter:
Indeed, Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) comments calling Trump a “motherfucker” on January 3 produced half as many mentions on broadcast news programs over several days as King’s white nationalism has over the last two years. During the January 6 broadcast of NBC’s Meet the Press, Tlaib’s comment was included in the show’s introduction and host Chuck Todd later referenced her comment again, saying, “Democrats have to worry about their own grassroots. This week, freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan revived the debate over impeachment after these comments were caught on tape.” Tlaib’s use of profanity was also covered on the January 4 editions of CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News, with NBC correspondent Kristen Welker saying Tlaib “is sparking a firestorm, caught on camera telling a crowd last night what she told her son about the president” and “prompting a barrage of Republican backlash.”
Read full piece.

Republican Rep. Steve King embraced white supremacy, and the media had no idea how to cover it
In an interview with The New York Times published Thursday morning, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” TV news coverage of his remark that day was incredibly muted and often shied away from explicitly calling the comment racist; one show’s tweet merely called it “controversial.”
  • Fox News devoted a total of 42 seconds to the story the day King’s comments were published. The sole segment, which was on Special Report with Bret Baier, was framed as “Republican Congressman Steve King is fighting back against a New York Times article,” referring to a statement King released after the piece came out.
  • NBC News interviewed King about his comments and devoted a full segment to him during NBC Nightly News. But one of the show’s tweets about the interview simply labeled the comment “controversial,” adding that “some people are calling [it] racist.”
  • CNN ultimately covered King’s comment the most out of all the cable news networks on January 10 (nearly 11 ½ minutes). But the network didn’t mention King until after 9:30 p.m.
  • MSNBC, which was the first cable network to report on King’s comment, discussed the congressman for just over seven and a half minutes on January 10. During MTP Daily, which was the first cable news show to mention King, the conversation was largely framed around horse race politics and what this would mean for King’s re-election chances rather than the substance of what he said. The show didn’t even mention what King had said until nearly the end of the segment.
Read full piece.

Beto O’Rourke’s Dentist Visit, Steve King’s Racism & France’s Nude Restaurant Fail | The Daily Show - Beto O’Rourke posts a video from his dentist appointment, Steve King defends white nationalism, and France’s first nude restaurant plans to close.

Steve King finally let his true colors show, and they are very, very white.

Update 1/16/2019 - Note: Fox News continues to support GOP people as that's its purpose (also, Fox does have intimate ties to white supremacism)...

Fox News' Brit Hume defends Rep. Steve King from "bogus" claims of racism Hume: "I mean, those comments, look I don't agree with them and I'm no fan of Steve King, but, I am sorry, they did not amount to racism"


Debunking (BTW, party of Lincoln was never based in the South);

Is Rep. Steve King Racist? Enter Trevor Noah: Racism Detective | The Daily Show
Congressman Steve King goes from supporting white supremacy to calling it an evil ideology, putting into question his standing as a certified racist. Sounds like a case for Trevor Noah: Racism Detective.


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