Nov 14, 2018

An Outline Of Modern Right Wing Terrorism (Denied By Fox News & The GOP) By David Neiwert (Correspondent for the Southern Poverty Law Center)

1. The Right Wing Are Basically Terrorists Or "Terrorist Creators" (Alt Right Terrorists Is The Politically Correct Term) 
2. Republicans Demonstrate How To Kill People With Rhetoric (Something We Know Can Be Done Since The 1900s!)... Can Regular Citizens Get Secret Service Protection Too?
3. Fox News Takes Treason To The Next Level By Blaming Right Wing Violence On The Left (And, Of Course, Ignoring Right Wing Violence All Together!)
4. A List of Right Wing Christian (White Male) Killings/Mass-Murders & A Comprehensive List Of Mass Murders In The United States
5. The Full Flowering Of Trump Era Right Wing Terrorism Is A Product Of The "Lefts" Media Enabling Right Wing Lies For Years

Fox News likes to deny domestic terrorism by its many followers (so does media in general, by weird coincidence) and pretend nothing happened or that they were lefties or crazy or it was a false flag (and media often plays along by accepting and spreading their talking points until there is some sort of backlash, then it adjusts its talking points). Here, an expert right wing terrorism, outlines a bunch of right wing domestic terror attacks:

Terrorism By The Right Wing

The White Supremacist Gang Of Domestic Terrorists

Fox News

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