May 14, 2021

{Mainstream Documentary - Lost Civilizations} History: Lost Worlds: Atlantis

In this documentary a 3000 year old civilization is discovered, now called the Minoan Civilization, which is investigated as the possible origin site for the myth/legend of Atlantis. Of course, the city investigated is still thousands of years younger than the date given by Plato which was 9000 years before his time, i.e. 11,300 years before our time. 

Lost Worlds: Atlantis - Full Episode (S1, E3) | History

Field investigators take us to ancient Greece, to an island that exploded with devastating force. Remains of a palace were discovered on the island of Crete beneath volcanic ash. Find out if it is an ancient civilization in Season 1, Episode 3, "Atlantis." 

While this documentary is interesting and provides a window into a lost civilization which spawned the classical Greek civilization, it can't be Plato's Atlantis because of the dating. The palace discovered had a drainage system but so did Mohenjodaro, another city from around that time. Basically, this documentary has the mainstream tendency of describing any underwater or ancient city found as "Atlantis" by taking general descriptions of Plato's Atlantis and applying it to anything found. For example; "sophisticated engineering" described by Plato can mean anything depending on a person's expectations. Then even the 9,500 year old city found off the coast of India could be Atlantis, but that is still 1,800 years younger than Plato's date for Atlantis and thus can't be Atlantis. That said, while the uncovered cities explored are not Plato's Atlantis, they are pieces of a lost civilization, so its interesting.

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