May 15, 2021

{Mainstream Documentary - Lost Civilizations} Finding Atlantis

This is the most interesting Atlantis documentary yet because they stuck to Plato's description of Atlantis and searched many likely sites. The only thing they seem to ignore is the time specification of 9000 years before Plato's time. 

Finding Atlantis - Full Science Documentary

Atlantis. The name echoes through the ages like a magic spell. Did it really exist? Where is it? Are there any remaining artifacts that can tell us what it was really like? Who were the Atlanteans? Is it all myth, or is it historical fact?

An interesting theory appears around 28 minutes into the video linking "Tarsheesh" in the bible to "Atlantis" by Plato, saying it took 3 years to make the round trip by sea. Yet it takes 3-6 weeks to sail around the Mediterranean in modern times WITH stops. If this measure of travel time is accurate, seems maybe they are looking too close! Also, time doesn't add up. Plato's Atlantis would be 11,600-11,300 years old not the 1600 BC the best researchers seemed to settle on.

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