Jul 27, 2017

Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism" Part 3 - The Pattern Of Unquestioned Obedience To Ones Leader Is The Same For The GOP & Trump's Followers As It Was For The Nazis & Hitler!

1. BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged As "Conservatism" Part 1 - GOP And Fox News Lie The Way Hitler Explained
2. Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism" Part 2 - Eugenics (The Control Of Population To Weed Out Undesirables)

His supporters don't care what Trump says because they were trained to be "conservatives" which is the same pattern of behaviour as Nazis and thus facts and consistency are not required, only a dear leader is required like the North Korean leader is to his people, Trump is to his supporters.

WHATEVER TRUMP IS SELLING, HIS SUPPORTERS ARE BUYING 6/22/2017 President Trump is met with applause after saying the U.S.-Mexico border wall will be made of solar panels and bragging that his cabinet is filled with Wall Street bankers.

It's been pretty clear for a while that what we really have here in the "conservative" movement is actually a Nazi movement renamed "Conservatism" to make it easier for thier followers (Americans who don't like Nazis though unaware of what Nazis are can be fooled by changing the words). Lets start with some dictionary definitions and then proceed from there.

Nazism Definition 1: An aggressive political and militaristic form of government including the use of international deceit and expansionism, the arbitrary suspension of the rule of law, and arbitrary eugenics or genocide.
Fascism & Nazism go together;

Fascism definition: A form of government which is authoritarian, oppressively conservative, who believe in the supremacy of the stated national group, and which, at least initially, purports to vest law-making and administrative authority in the hands of workers or their organizations.

According to Hawkesworth and Krogan, the name originated and derived from Italy, under Benito Mussolini. fascio in Italian means "union" and became the nickname of radical union groups then forming in Milan, circa 1919, and elsewhere in Italy.

However, Bogdanor’s theory is that the name came from ancient Rome. A fasces was an ornament used during official hearing ands it symbolized unity and authority.x

TIMOTHY SNYDER - A GUIDE TO MAINTAINING DEMOCRACY IN "ON TYRANNY" Yale history professor and "On Tyranny" author Timothy Snyder weighs in on what the rise of European fascism can teach Americans about preserving democracy.


When it comes to discrimination and authoritarian positions that hurt innocent people using lies and other fear mongering tactics is simply history repeating itself...

Everything Trump does indicates fascism (clearly, Trump is a fascist and the GOP are like the American version of the Nazis);

Timothy Snyder explains fascism and its sounds EXACTLY like the Trump Administration...

Exactly like Trump! Clearly we have a fascist in power followed by a whole party of traitors!

All Trump is doing is following standard GOP & Fox News talking points. Talking points filled with lies and bias that has been pushed like Nazism but under the guise of "conservatism" for well over a decade now. This has been kinda noted previously but in a polite way that leaves out what it shares in common with Nazism and Fascism though it calls itself "conservatism" (a big mistake in analysis, in my opinion);

The GOP , AND the Republicans in general, have ALWAYS followed thier leader like Nazis (its what they have been trained/brainwashed to do)...

CNN/GPS: Despite the tea party’s extraordinary energy over the past year, it looks like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will win his party’s nomination. At the end of the day, Republicans are following a familiar pattern: Nominating the mainstream candidate who has waited his turn. This is the party that’s had a Bush or a Dole on its ticket for 20 years. It’s a party that also had Richard Nixon on its presidential ticket for 20 years.

MITT HAPPENS 4/12/2011 Mitt Romney competes with Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and a long list of dark horses for the Republican nomination.

On top of all this, "conservatives" have made an actual move towards non-fact based ideas and beliefs FOR THE COUNTRY! In other words, "ideology" is what anchors call it when they refuse to simply call it like it is, i.e. that we have a home grown Nazi movement here complete with its lies packaged as facts with complete obedience to their dear leader...

Zakaria: Conservatism has lost touch with reality

"It used to be that conservatism was a hard-headed set of ideas rooted in reality.
Unlike the abstract theories of Marxism and socialism, it started not from an imagined society, but from the world as it actually exists.

"This is the way things work," conservatives would patiently explain to wooly headed liberal professors. "Whatever you may want it to look like, this is what it really looks like."
But consider the debates over the economy these days. The Republican prescription is cut taxes - slash government spending, then things will always bounce back.

Now, I would like to see lower tax rates in the context of simplification and reform, but what is the actual evidence that massive tax cuts are the single best path to revive the U.S. economy? Taxes as a percentage of GDP are at their lowest levels since 1950. The U.S. is among the lowest taxed of the big industrial economies.

So the case that America is grinding to a halt because of high taxation is not based on facts, either past or present. It is simply a theoretical assertion.

The rich countries after all are in the best shape right now with strong growth and low unemployment are ones like Germany, Denmark and Canada - none characterized by low taxes.


The following articles and research paints a picture which backs my assertion that we have a bonfide homegrown Nazi movement (it's like studying Nazism and cultural factors that lead to it in real time! Amazing!). Note: All articles are either in extract form are presented as a link. To read the whole article click the link.

To Trump Supporters, He Is a Fantasy Love Object Who Does No Wrong: How to Fight This? Trump's most loyal supporters are cult-like; reason cannot defeat them.

Trump is boorish, ignorant, bigoted, sexist and violent. He has encouraged such values among the American people. He and the Republican Party want to destroy the country’s already meager social safety net as a means of punishing the "useless eaters." For example, their health care plan will potentially kill tens of thousands of Americans each year and leave millions more sick, in pain, homeless, financially ruined and otherwise miserable.
Meanwhile Trump, his family and closest associates are using the presidency to personally enrich themselves. They view it as a personal ATM, not as a means of serving the public good and the general welfare. Except for what he can force by fiat, Trump has accomplished none of his major campaign promises — and in the case of building his “amazing” wall and “draining the swamp” he has all but admitted such promises were snake oil and outright lies to con the rubes.
Nevertheless, Trump’s voters still enthusiastically support him. According to new polling data from the Economist and YouGov, Trump has an 88 percent approval rating among those people who voted for him last November — a higher proportion than supported him a few weeks earlier.
How is this possible?
American politics is highly polarized because of the Republican Party and right-wing media’s disregard — if not utter contempt — for consensus and compromise. Conservatives are also extremely tribal and authoritarian. Trump is their leader. He is not to be betrayed or abandoned.

The average American is not politically sophisticated. Moreover, Americans in general do not have high levels of engagement with or interest in politics and public policy. The average American also reasons backwards from conclusions he or she has already made about political matters, in essence selectively finding and processing information to justify decisions. Many Americans are also “siloed”: they self-select into groups and communities of like-minded people. This echo-chamber effect is especially pronounced among American conservatives and right-leaning independents.
Donald Trump and the Republican Party have mastered the use of white racism, white victimology and white grievance-mongering to win elections and shape public policy. Trump simply amplified the Republican Party’s dog whistles into an air-raid siren. Republican voters are trained to follow its beckoning. 

A proper Nazi movement needs to be militarized...

Trump's Budget Shows How He Is Building a Police State Trump is aiming to turn the federal government into a much more militaristic and paramilitary policing organization.

Donald Trump plans to turn the federal government into a much more militaristic and paramilitary policing organization while making drastic cuts in the civilian workforce, including non-uniformed law enforcement, a July 7 budget memo shows.
The memo says that the budget for our government’s 2019 fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1, 2018, “will build on the ambitious plans laid out in the president’s first budget” especially through “reducing the federal civilian workforce.”
No major news organization has reported on the three-page directive from Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s director of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Mulvaney is a Tea Party Republican from South Carolina who opposes any restrictions on guns and opposes any federal spending on Planned Parenthood. In 2015, the former Congressman was willing to shut down our federal government to block all funding for Planned Parenthood.
The memo refers to increasing spending only on militarism and enforcing immigration laws as part of “broader efforts to streamline government by ensuring that the federal government spends precious taxpayer dollars only on worthwhile policies, and in the most efficient, effective manner.”
Mulvaney instructed civilian agencies to not even ask for more money. His memo requires agencies to identify programs for reduction or elimination. He suggests significant savings can be found by focusing on “waste, fraud and abuse.”
Interestingly, OMB has yet to produce any reports identifying significant waste, fraud and abuse in civilian agencies.
On the other hand, going back decades reports by Inspectors General and by the investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office, have identified massive waste, fraud and abuse in Pentagon spending, much of it because of lax financial controls and abetting rampant tax cheating by defense contractors.
Agencies that find ways to streamline spending in one area cannot use those savings to offset costs elsewhere, Mulvaney wrote. This would seem to run counter to the memo’s assertion that Trump policy is to increase the efficiency of government operations.
The Trump budget for fiscal 2018, which begins in less than three months, proposed a $54 billion increase in what is already the world’s largest military budget. Our government spends more on our military than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Britain, Japan and Germany combined.
All facts different from the "dear leaders" facts have to be opposed (usually with lies which Fox & the GOP have been doing for years with the help of media silence)...

6 months later: Trump’s war on the press, by the numbers
President Donald Trump and his administration have waged an unprecedented war on the media since he took office. Here’s a look at some numbers that exemplify the conflicts, six months after his inauguration:
  • Over 200: number of times Trump or his administration have attacked the press, per Media Matters’ running tally. [Media Matters, accessed 7/20/17]
  • 69: number of times Trump has used the phrase “fake news” or “fakenews” on Twitter. [Trump Twitter Archive, accessed 7/20/17]
  • 16: number of national TV interviews the president has done between his inauguration and the six-month anniversary of his inauguration, according to a Media Matters count.
  • 10 out of 16: number of Trump’s national televised interviews that aired on Fox News or Fox Business in his first six months in office, according to a Media Matters count.
  • 21: number of days since the last on-camera White House press briefing, according to The Associated Press. [The Associated Press, 7/17/17]
  • 46: number of times Trump has either tweeted at the program Fox & Friends or retweeted the show’s tweets in his first six months in office. [Trump Twitter Archive, accessed 7/20/17]
  • One: number of solo press conferences Trump has held since inauguration. [The American Presidency Project, accessed 7/20/17]
  • 43: percentage of people who trust Trump more than CNN, according to a SurveyMonkey poll. [Axios, 7/4/17]
  • 50: percentage of people who trust CNN more than Trump, according to a SurveyMonkey poll. [Axios, 7/4/17]
  • 22: percent of the accounts Trump follows on Twitter that are or have been affiliated with Fox News. [Twitter, accessed 7/20/17]

Basically, Republicans (GOP leaders of the people who are being conned) are pushing hate against anyone who disagrees with them;

Shelter from the storm: Republicans have all intentions of protecting their president from problems The president can complain that Republicans don't have his back. But the GOP's inactivity shows they actually do - The first was the stunning interview with the New York Times which demonstrated that the president is psychologically unbalanced and dangerously ignorant. We knew that before. But he’s getting worse not better.

Don’t be fooled: Sinclair is trying to bring the Fox News model to your local news station (i.e. a new Nazi outfit pushing Nazi-like ideas to an unprepared population... where are consumer rights advocates and laws?)

An illegitimate president We are living in the hole at the center of the Constitution

The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan to Hijack American Democracy A Q&A with author Nancy MacLean about the elusive James McGill Buchanan.

Hannity helps Vice President Pence downplay bombshells about Trump admin ties to Russia by attacking Hillary Clinton

Angelo Carusone tells NPR’s On Point how Fox's botched NY Times report shows its "symbiotic relationship" with Trump

Conservatives were angry when they thought Obama was going after political opponents Under Obama, conservatives were irate thinking that the government would be used to go after "enemies"

Right-wing media and hate groups applaud Trump for banning transgender people from serving in the US armed forces

Fox News is a great example of bowing to an authoritarian leader with no questions asked, ready to provide any cover or spread any lie their leader asks for... just like the Nazis worshiped Hitler!

Fox & Friends Sunday praises Trump’s tweet showing him “body-slamming” CNN Pete Hegseth says the “gloves are off”

Fox News lies about context of Rob Reiner tweet to claim he called for “all out war” against Trump

Co-hosts of Fox News’ The Five took a tweet by Rob Reiner out of context, claiming Reiner called “for ‘all out war’ to resist Trump,” ignoring Reiner’s quote was a reference to repeated instances where Fox News attempted to justify possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
When Fox says that DT colluding with the enemy is not a crime, the fight to save Democracy is now an all out war. US-Stay strong. 

Reiner’s tweet was a reference to prominent Fox News hosts repeatedly attempting to justify any collusion that may or may not have occurred between the Trump campaign and Russia during the presidential election. Fox News hosts Gregg JarrettBrit Hume and Sean Hannity have all attempted to justify potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia’s government, as has Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera.

The right-wing attacks on CNN's Russia story are not actually about ethics in media journalism The president and his trolls are not fighting CNN. They're fighting the practice of journalism itself.

Over the weekend, CNN published, investigated, and retracted a story which reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into a Russian investment fund whose head met with a close aide to President Donald Trump earlier this year. On Monday, the network announced that the story’s reporter, editor, and the executive editor of CNN’s investigations division had all resigned. A network source told The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple that while the network had not disproved the story, swift action had to be taken because there had been a “breakdown in process.”
Viewed in a vacuum, this would be an admirable, if harsh, example of a major media outlet working to uphold its standards. But the incident -- and the response from the right, with President Donald Trump and his media allies attacking CNN -- comes amid a months-long effort to brand the network and the rest of the mainstream press as “fake news.” The attacks on CNN that have poured in over the last few days have not been credible arguments made in good faith by people who want a better media. They’ve been the vapid bleatings of the press’s enemies, who want to grind down journalists and narrow the scope of acceptable behavior for mainstream outlets using standards to which they don’t themselves adhere. There is no point in trying to appease the right-wing critics, and responsible journalists should not act as if there’s a way to win them over.
“Wow, CNN had to retract big story on ‘Russia,’ with 3 employees forced to resign,” Trump tweeted this morning. “What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!”
“CNN's descent from news organization to political campaign is nearly complete,” Tucker Carlson claimed on Fox last night. For Fox’s Sean Hannity, the incident proved there is a “major credibility crisis at CNN.” Asked about the president’s tweets on Fox & Friends the next morning, Newt Gingrich, a close ally of the president’s, chimed in to say the network needs to get rid of president Jeff Zucker and bring in “an outside analyst” to “review everything at CNN and basically reset it.”

Fox host wonders if the press are the ones responsible for the draconian restrictions of Trump's White House Dallas Morning News' Todd Gillman explains Trump administration's restrictions are “severely curtailing the opportunity and ability" of journalists to hold officials accountable

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Meanwhile, the White House experimenting with some new rules for the press corps, like you can only ask one question if you point your camera at the wall. The president of the White House Correspondents Association wants that changed to more on-camera briefings. He claims it's the best thing for your country.
KILMEADE: Todd, are you upset by the new rules?
TODD GILLMAN: Well, absolutely. And it's not really rules so much as practice. They have just day by day scaled back on the number of on-camera briefings, and broadcastable briefings. This is severely curtailing the opportunity and ability of TV networks, radio networks, and even other types of media, which like to use the audio to question senior officials and hold them to account. Viewers and voters need to be able to judge the credibility of the people running the government, and the only way they can do that is to see them and hear them.
KILMEADE: Now, we also see what CNN did. Now they have actually sketch artists out there, kind of like one of those closed-down courtroom situations. But do you feel as though the press brought this on themselves? Even though Todd doesn’t see it that way, I've watched a ton of these briefings, and I've never seen it -- I've never seen it so contentious.

The conservatives defending and applauding Trump's sexist statement about Mika Brzezinski

President Donald Trump’s sexist tweets targeting MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski’s appearance were defended and applauded by a variety of conservatives including a Fox host, the White House deputy press secretary, fringe right-wing media figures, and other Republicans.

Trump: Mika Brzezinski “was bleeding badly from a face-lift” at party

Trump made sexist remarks on Twitter about MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski.

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..

...to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!

[Twitter, 6/29/176/29/17]

CNN guest and former Bush official defends Trump's sexist tweet attacking Mika Brzezinski CNN's Keith Boykin to Pete Seat: "I'm sick of having to go on television every week and talk about the stupidity because people like you continue to defend this. ... Stand up and have some courage for a change"

SEAT: You're choosing what to focus on again. I don't hear Hoosiers focusing on this. I don't hear Americans focusing on this.
BOYKIN: The president is tweeting about it. The president is tweeting about it. We're not supposed to focus on what the president is talking about? The president is tweeting about it. How can you say the media is focusing on it when the president of the United States is talking about this this morning? He's not talking about health care, he's not talking about sanctuary cities, he's not talking about immigration, he's talking about Mika Brzezinski and saying she's bleeding from a face-lift. That's unacceptable behavior from the president of the United States and I'm quite frankly sick of it. I'm sick of having to go on television every week and talk about the stupidity because people like you continue to defend this. It's unacceptable, it's un-American. Stand up and have some courage for a change.

Morning Joe hosts: Trump team blackmailed us with a National Enquirer story Trump has a close relationship with the Enquirer, which has smeared his opponents and killed negative stories about him

MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough described President Donald Trump’s “unmoored behavior” in a Washington Post column where they alleged that “this year, top White House staff members warned that the National Enquirer was planning to publish a negative article about us unless we begged the president to have the story spiked.” Brzezinski and Scarborough wrote they ignored the “desperate pleas” from the White House.
The Enquirer, which endorsed Trump during the presidential election, frequently smeared his opponents during the presidential campaign with anonymously sourced stories and disreputable claims from Trump confidant Roger Stone.  
The Washington Post column came in response to personal attacks made against the duo by Trump, who wrote yesterday on Twitter: “I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..” “...to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!”
Scarborough discussed the Enquirer incident on the June 30 broadcast of Morning Joe, describing a bizarre blackmail scheme orchestrated by Trump and senior White House officials: “They said if you call the president up and you apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically spike this story. I had, I will just say, three people at the very top of the administration calling me, and the response was like, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’” Brzezinski said the calls occurred during the same time period when the Enquirerwas harassing her teenage children.
Trump reacted to the Enquirer allegation on Twitter, calling it “FAKE NEWS” and claiming Scarborough called him in an attempt to stop a story from running. Scarborough responded by writing, “Yet another lie. I have texts from your top aides and phone records. Also, those records show I haven't spoken with you in many months.”
In March 2016, the Post reported that Trump has a “very cozy relationship” with the Enquirer and quoted the New York Daily News’ comment that he is “very close” to the tabloid’s chief executive, David Pecker. A business associate of Pecker’s told The New Yorker that Pecker told him “very bluntly that he had killed all sorts of stories for Trump,” and Pecker himself acknowledged that he views potential stories "bashing Trump" as "bashing American Media" -- the Enquirer's parent company -- because Trump is "a personal friend." The profile also reported that Trump has personally provided Pecker with stories.   
Scarborough referenced the friendship between Trump and Pecker on Morning Joe, saying, “What makes it even worse for them is Donald Trump called me during the campaign and bragged about his friend who ran the National Enquirer. He would always say, ‘Have you seen the Ben Carson story? Have you seen the Ben Carson story? Have you seen that story in the Enquirer?’ And then he would talk about it.”
Scarborough added, “There were all these stories that were planted in the National Enquirer for people that Donald Trump wanted to attack and then he would talk about on the campaign trail.”
In one infamous case, the Enquirer published a baseless cover story alleging that the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Trump subsequently promoted the bogus story about his then-primary opponent during a Fox News appearance where he said, “I mean, what was he doing -- what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?” He also complained that not enough people were reporting on the conspiracy theory.
Under fire for advancing the baseless claim, Trump responded by defending the Enquirer’s reputation, saying, “This was a magazine that frankly, in many respects, should be very respected.”
Pecker is reportedly considering a bid to take over Time Inc., which owns Time magazine, Fortune, and other media properties. The move would surely please Trump, who in 2013 repeatedly used social media to boost the idea that Pecker should run the company.
New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman reports that according to "three sources familiar with the private conversations," Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was in contact with Scarborough about a then-upcoming Enquirer story about Scarborough's not-yet-public relationship with Brzezinski. Kushner reportedly "told Scarborough that he would need to personally apologize to Trump in exchange for getting Enquirer owner David Pecker to stop the story":
According to three sources familiar with the private conversations, what happened was this: After the inauguration, Morning Joe’s coverage of Trump turned sharply negative. “This presidency is fake and failed,” Brzezinski said on March 6, for example. Around this time, Scarborough and Brzezinski found out the Enquirer was preparing a story about their affair. While Scarborough and Brzezinski’s relationship had been gossiped about in media circles for some time, it was not yet public, and the tabloid was going to report that they had left their spouses to be together.
In mid-April, Scarborough texted with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner about the pending Enquirer story. Kushner told Scarborough that he would need to personally apologize to Trump in exchange for getting Enquirer owner David Pecker to stop the story. (A spokesperson for Kushner declined to comment). Scarborough says he refused, and the Enquirer published the story in print on June 5, headlined “Morning Joe Sleazy Cheating Scandal!”

Fox's Jesse Watters: "A lot of people wish President Trump was a dictator" Watters: Maybe then "we could repeal Obamacare"

Moment of Zen:

This Hannity video clip perfectly illustrates the sort of hypocrisy we are dealing with concerning facts when they concern anone but GOP (i.e. outright treason!)...

Sean Hannity says a president under FBI investigation would present "a major Constitutional crisis" as long as its not a GOP President (is the implication since now Trump is under investigation and Fox and Hannity are going out of their way to defend Trump no matter how crazy or obvious his lies get)...

A sampling of Trumps lies to top off this post on our GOP-Fox Nazi movement...

All the President's Lies The New York Times Sunday published an extraordinary definitive list of the more than 100 lies Donald Trump has told as president. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Stuart Thompson, who worked on the piece. Duration: 5:10

Trump and the 'honest' question Kurt Andersen and Lawrence O'Donnell discuss Donald Trump's many lies in office and a new poll that shows only 36% now view the American president as "honest" – which comes as the Trump White House has decided to pick a fight with the press corps. Duration: 5:54

THE GOP FAILS TO REPEAL OBAMACARE (AGAIN) & TRUMP TARGETS TRANS SOLDIERS 7/26/2017 Senate Republicans once again push to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and President Trump takes to Twitter to ban transgender people from serving in the military.

Alternet:  Trump Cites 'Tremendous Costs' for Transgender Servicemembers, When Military Spends Five Times More on Erectile Dysfunction Pills Trump announced a ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military Wednesday morning.

Comparison: In his 1950 book, Cornelia Le Boutellier wrote of the comparison between communism and facism:

"It would seem, that in order to endure, both communism and fascism, wherever they have appeared, have had to be bolstered from within by intensive and reckless propaganda. ·This links them more closely. All citizens have been intensively indoctrinated, but especially youth, in the precepts and practices of that particular government. Furthermore, besides positive propaganda employed intramurally, both have waged fierce, negative propaganda in the attempt to undermine opposed types of state and statecraft. These similarities, however, do not alter the fact that the two political forms are, in their basic theories of association, diametrically opposed. One comes into being as an expression of man's faith in man; the other as an expression of man's distrust in man."

Other posts in this series;

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

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