Feb 26, 2021

With Democrats in Control of the White House, House and the Senate They Must Get Rid Of The Filibuster Or Choose Undemocratic Minority Rule

Republicans, financed by big money, have been rigging elections to control the majority with a minority for a long time. With all three branches of government in Democrat hands, there is no reason to overrule the will of the majority for a party that is openly misinforming its base, especially given the damage they have wrought with just one of their misinformation campaigns.

Rachel Maddow reports on the limited options available to Democrats to pass the extremely popular minimum wage increase even though Democrats control Congress and the White House, as long as the filibuster allows the Republican minority to obstruct the will of the American people.

At 39secs: "We haven't had a minimum wage hike in 12 years are we really not going to have one now? Either? With huge public support for it, with a desperate need for economic stimulus particularly for low wage Americanswith Democrats in control of the White House, House and the Senate, are we really not going to get a rise in the minimum wage because the minority in the Senate doesn't want it? Apparently 0 Republicans support the $15/hr minimum wage that President Biden and the Democrats are seeking that is wildly popular in the United States.... unless Democrats get rid of the filibuster, by which the minority party gets to flex its muscle in the Senate, unless they get rid of the filibuster the minority party will - Republicans in the Senate - will stop 27 million low wage Americans from getting a raise, by raising the minimum wage to 15$ an hour. That would be a hugely unpopular outcome. It would be literally and truly, undemocratic minority rule as an outcome." - Rachel Maddow

Archaic Senate rule keeper was dismissed by the GOP;

Republicans in the way of minimum wage hike most Americans want - Rachel Maddow shows how even in places where voters elect Republican politicians, raising the minimum wages enjoys an even greater margin of support from American voters. 

2 separate independent polls confirm the majority opinion;

Even Republicans want a minimum wage increase, they just seem to think the GOP/Trump will give it to them!

The Filibuster isn't constitutional;

GOP should not be allowed to silence the voices of the majority:

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich breaks down the GOP's plan to entrench themselves in minority rule — and how we can stop it.

Republicans have lost the popular vote in seven of the last 8 elections,... in the above video is their playbook and what the rest of us can do to stop them:

No Compromising with the GOP Cult | Robert Reich
Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why it would be a grave mistake for Joe Biden to try and compromise with today’s conspiracy-fueled, hate-filled Republican Party.

The GOP Is Actively Working to Restrict Voting in Key States | The Daily Social Distancing Show Republicans are using false voter fraud claims as fuel to limit voting. In Georgia, Republicans are trying to end Souls To The Polls and make it illegal to hand out water and food in line 


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