Jan 27, 2020

Trump Confesses Amid Senate Impeachment Trial

Related article by the NY Times: Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says - Drafts of the book outline the potential testimony of the former national security adviser if he were called as a witness in the president’s impeachment trial.

Trump Confesses Amid Senate Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look - Seth takes a closer look at House managers in the Senate impeachment trial seeking to prove that the president is a criminal who’s unfit for office.


Trump Brags About Obstructing Congress By Withholding Ukraine Evidence - Speaking to reporters in Davos, President Trump projected confidence that he won't be convicted in his impeachment trial because the White House has been successful in keeping "all the material" out of Congress's hands. #Colbert #Monologue #Impeachment

President Trump

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