Jul 29, 2019

Trump Can Be Charged As A Traitor AFTER He Leaves Office

A Republican, who is probably so uninformed because he watches Fox News, got Mueller to say something valuable on video, i.e. that while Mueller was legally bound from indicting a President while still in office (essentially placing the President above the law which should be illegal in and of itself as its unAmerican... what if the President murders someone or many people... he can't be indicted till he leaves office?), once Trump leaves the office of the President (which is inevitable) he CAN be charged with obstruction for justice in the Russia investigation. In other words, Trump can be charged with interfering in an investigation that affects our national security, i.e. Trump is a traitor.

Mueller Says Trump Wasn’t Exonerated, Could Be Charged After Leaving Office: A Closer Look

At approximately 14 minutes into the audio you see some clueless Republican confirm - twice - that Trump can be indicted once he leave office which means, at maximum, Trump is indicted by 2024;

The double check;

President Trump

Note: Technically I believe any Republican that knows what their party did, and is still doing, and supports their party IS a traitor. Fortunately we live in an age of lie detection machines so its possible to clean up our nation of our enemies/terrorists/traitors. Remember, GOP is the real Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda/GOP attacked us on 9/11 and then made us kill millions of innocent people. They should pay for what they have done at least as much as the innocent colored people in Afghanistan and Iraq that we murdered to take revenge on the 19 brown Saudis who allegedly did 9/11.

A list of Republicans activities/actions that constitute 'waging war on the people' and thus traitors as per Article 3 Section 3 of the US Constitution;

GOP Economic Treason 

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