Jun 25, 2019

Trump & The GOP Add 1400 More American Deaths Per Year To Their Murder Tally

I have already mentioned the GOP's murder rate on the health care issue - which was already pretty bad after political cowardice of the Democrats led them them to sacrificing a piece of the population to try and save a small few to please the GOP, while helping corporations with a right wing (GOP Ideology) based plan ; Notice: everytime the Democrats listen to Republicans the county gets worse in some way or another! - now GOP have increased their level of killing citizens to astronomical numbers. 

Donald Trump Has Chosen Lobbyists To Run EPA, HHS, DOD, And Interior | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - Rachel Maddow reports on the industry lobbyists running federal agencies in the Donald Trump administration and notes the irony of Trump boasting at a Florida rally of staring down lobbyists just hours after tapping former Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper to run the Department of Defense (replacing former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan).

These rich Republican tycoons don't see any negative externalities to society by thier efforts to give a few individuals an extra buck.

We know from rigorous scientific study ( a discipline the GOP has denied for decades, at this point) that the new levels of pollutants in the air WILL lead to an average of 1400 more American Citizen deaths per year (as per the NY Times). It could be more and it could be less in any individual year, but this is the human cost of a Republican administration.

Trump promises to defeat the lobbyists in his rhetoric while he does the opposite in reality i.e. he gives them absolute power.  

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Unacknowledged GOP Murder/Terrorism Issues (Trends);

Right Wing Terrorism

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