Jul 25, 2018

Trump Said He Would "Drain The Swamp" And Now He Has Become The Swampiest Of Them All! And The GOP Support This.

1. #CorkerKickback: A Perfect Example Of The GOP Openly Using Bribes To Get Votes On Their Sham Tax Bill
2. GOP Lose Elections DESPITE Rigging The Elections In Thier Districts To Win Like Dictators
3. Height Of Hypocrisy 4: Republican Hypocrisy On The Deficit Is Epic!

In the following video you get to see post-election Trump tell the truth about his campaign lies and cons. the most interesting thing is that he claims to have grown to like Paul Ryan "like a fine wine" and then says 'but he won't like him anymore if he goes against him' but in the next video we see that Trump actually backed down from all his promises on the campaign trail of lies that accidentally won him the electoral college. He ended up adopting all of the GOP's policies he said he would oppose including cutting medicare and raising taxes on the rich (and even the GOP went against years of talking about how important the deficit was to pass a deficit increasing bill suggesting, by their own logic that destroying the country - for some reason - appears to be on the GOP agenda, in action if not in word).

Trump Lets the Truth Come Out Post-Election: The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Published on 15 Dec 2016 While out on his "Thank You Tour," President-elect Trump smugly admits to lying about his campaign promises to lock up Hillary Clinton and "drain the swamp."

A point:

Trump lines that encouraged people to vote for him...

Trump tells the truth that everything he said was just to get votes and get the people to like him

"Draining the swamp" was an idea Trump got from the crowd, or from twitter, to win and nothing else (his actions of not stopping his ridiculously corrupt cabinet proves that);

Extract from This Week about the above videoThe Daily Show's Trevor Noah marvels at the audacity of Donald Trump's post-election honesty

"I thought the 'Thank You Tour' was a waste of time, honestly I did — until I watched it," Noah said on Wednesday night's show, "and I realized that the Thank You Tour is actually some of the most important speaking Donald Trump has done all year." He started with Trump straight-up saying he likes House Speaker Paul Ryan only as long as Ryan plays ball with him, explaining: "What we're seeing here is a character I like to call Truth Trump. You'll notice it if you watch him closely: The Donald voices some political opinion, and then Truth Trump slips out and tells you the real deal."

"It throws everyone off, because politicians aren't supposed to be honest about their lying," Noah said. "You don't even get mad, you just get confused." He played a clip of Trump telling a Thank You Tour crowd in Iowa that he didn't like or mean his "drain the swamp" line until it got cheers at rallies, then he embraced it. "Trump's campaign's central appeal was that he was an outsider, a man whose main mission was to 'drain the swamp' — he said it all the time," Noah marveled. Some of the people in his crowds appear unsure if they are in on the joke, but others don't care, Noah said. "You know what Trump is like? He's like a magician telling everyone how he did the trick — and still, some people are like 'Wow, magic! It's magic!'" 

The most important thing to remember about Trump and why this - often bankrupteddeadbeat employer, i.e. bad business man that was only successful because he was already rich and surrounded by immoral people who were also rich, lie a cabal like the Illuminati! - is that he stand for nothing (except making himself money). So, as long as there is an idea in front of him he goes with it. If Republican traitors are around him all the time - and they know to stay around him so he doesn't accidentally do something non-treasounous as per GOP policy since 9/11 - then he will listen to thier treasounous ideas (as long as they don't conflict with his determination to use the Presidential office for money and don't go after his collusion with Russia - yes, collusion. Damn traitor). If the people around Trump were honorable then the only mean, bad and treasounous activities of his would be personal stuff like defying the Constitution's emoluments clause (something the GOP are used to, being Republicans and ex Bush Administration traitors).

Lawrence: Trump backs down repeatedly Lawrence O'Donnell points out that no one should buy the rhetoric that President Trump is a tough guy in negotiations. From the campaign trail to his time in the Oval Office, President Trump's record is full of promises made, promises broken. Josh Barro and Jason Johnson join Lawrence to discuss Trump's record of flip-flopping fast and often.

Trump is a needy man who depends on people's praise and adoration to get himself through the day;

'Fox & Friends' Couldn't Get Trump Off The Phone
The three couch-hosts of 'Fox & Friends' couldn't get a word in during the President's half-hour filibuster on live television.

As a result Fox News runs the government (which is a good thing because they are stupid);

Extract from research: Fox News runs the government
Update (7/5): Shine has been officially named as Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications.
Donald Trump is reportedly close to bringing aboard Bill Shine, Sean Hannity’s former producer and the former president of Fox News, as the next White House communications director.
This makes perfect sense.
Shine has been repeatedly implicated in the rampant sexual misconduct at Fox News. He played a similar role inside of Roger Ailes’ Fox News that Michael Cohen played for Donald Trump. As the senior executive vice president at the network, Shine reportedly retaliated against women who reported sexual harassment by then-CEO Roger Ailes and helped participate in covering up the reports that eventually led to Ailes’ ouster.
Former Fox News reporter Rudi Bakhtiar was reportedly fired from the network following her complaint that Brian Wilson, a former Fox News Washington bureau chief, had “made unwanted sexual advances toward her.” Bakhtiar reported the harassment, which Wilson denied, to Shine through her agent in 2007. Even though Shine reportedly promised to investigate, Bakhtiar was fired and eventually settled with the network for $670,000 through mediation after signing a nondisclosure agreement.
Also, Shine is close friends with Sean Hannity, whose now-defunct show Hannity & Colmes he used to produce. When Shine left Fox News, rumors swirled about whether Hannity would invoke a clause in his contract to leave as well.
This should all sound familiar.
Over 20 women have spoken out about Trump engaging in sexual misconduct, including 12 nonconsensual physical encounters. The media has for the most part repeatedly forgotten about them, even though there is audio of Trump bragging about sexual assault. And oh yeah, Sean Hannity and Fox News led the charge to discredit the women in the first place.
Trump’s racism is obvious, and yet it frequently gets papered over. Right-wing media defend it, mainstream outlets dance around it, and everyone just forgets it ever happened as soon as the next news tsunami hits.
So yeah, Bill Shine is a perfect fit for the Trump White House.
Trump bringing in Fox News people is now just a regular thing. It’s commonplace to see Fox host Jeanine Pirro in the Oval Office one day, and hear about host Lou Dobbs phoning in White House meetings the next. Fox & Friends weekend host Pete Hegseth is rumored to be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs one week and is being considered for a communications job a few weeks later. Former Fox & Friends anchor Heather Nauert was installed at a top position in the Department of State. Former Fox contributor John Bolton became the national security adviser. Former Fox commentator Mercedes Schlapp is the director of strategic communications at the White House. Former Fox commentator Tony Sayegh is a Treasury Department’s spokesperson. Former Fox commentator Richard Grenell is now ambassador to Germany.
There are also those who didn’t make it: former contributor K.T. McFarland resigned as deputy national security adviser and later withdrew her nomination to become ambassador to Singapore due to controversy over work for disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn; and contributor Monica Crowley was never hired after it was reported that she plagiarized parts of her Ph.D. dissertation. And there’ve been rumors at various times that Trump is considering hiring Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.
Fox News has spent its entire existence as the mouthpiece of a revanchist, faux-populist oligarchy. Thanks to Donald Trump, that infrastructure is now in the White House.

Here you see some past golden age motivates trump supporters (exactly the sort of behaviour you expect from a religious cult such as described in "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer), further fortifying the notion that the GOP is just a cult.;

When Was America Great?: The Daily Show
The Best F#@king News Team searches the Republican National Convention to better understand Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again."

Given this outright hypocrisy of the GOP and obvious historical problems with GOP world views that often contradict science itself when not just contradicting facts, but this gives people hope that things can get better and more constitutional;

Collection of facts about corruption under the Trump administration that seems to dwarf previous corrupt GOP administrations given current facts in mainstream media;

The following videos, satire and news, are selected to show how swampy the GOP has become under Trump showing, once again, what ridiculous hypocrites the Republican politicians are.

This video uses sarcasm to show how hypocritical trump's words are and how they get translated, through GOP & Fox News, to the only audience Trump cares about (i.e. where the applause is coming from!);

TRUMP TRANSFORMS INTO A POLISHED SWAMP SPEAKER As Jordan celebrates President Trump's successful State of the Union address, Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz puts a more relatable spin on the speech for the common man.

Right from the beginning Trump backed down from his pledges to make Mexico pay for a wall and drain the swamp. So that didn't last long even in appearances;

Donald Trump's Post-Election Compromises: The Daily Show
In a "60 Minutes" interview, President-elect Trump backs down on his pledges to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., prosecute Hillary Clinton and "drain the swamp."

Trump even embraced long established swap things in Washington (a dead giveaway that corruption is his main interest while in office)

TRUMPFORMATION - INSIDE VIRGINIA'S GOVERNOR FIGHT Virginia's Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie has gone from establishment, D.C. swamp-dweller to Trump proxy.

All of Scott Pruitt's scandals, from the beginning Chris Hayes takes a walk down memory lane of all of the EPA Administrator's many swampy scandals.

Disgraced EPA chief Scott Pruitt quits despite Trump favor Eric Lipton, New York Times investigative reporter, discusses why scandal-burdened EPA chief Scott Pruitt decided to resign now when Donald Trump has made clear that corruption and disgrace are not disqualifying in his cabinet.

Even conservatives from media outlets that have supported and covered up GOP lies in the past (such as with the Iraq war amougst many other examples) can't defend the corruption Trump cabinet members are openly proud of;

The Weekly Standard's Charlie Sykes: "I mean, who is swampier than Scott Pruitt?" Sykes is just one of the conservative media figures who has turned against EPA chief Scott Pruitt

Charlie Sykes, a contributing editor at the conservative Weekly Standard, was harshly critical of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt during a June 15 appearance on MSNBC Live with Craig MelvinThe Weekly Standard was one of the first right-wing publications to call for Pruitt's ouster; in an editorialpublished on May 14, the magazine's editors argued that "the time has come for him to go." And Sykes published his own caustic critique of Pruitt on the Weekly Standard website on June 7, calling the EPA chief "the quintessential swamp creature of the Trump era."

The hypocrisy of right wing media is obvious to everyone but its cult (which is allowed to function openly as if it were a responsible party and not a mob of traitors following people so corrupt they will commit high treason or help those who will commit high treason);

From “Trumpism without Trump” to just another “Republican swamp thing”: Breitbart loved Gillespie until he lost

In the days leading up to the November 7 gubernatorial election in Virginia, Breitbart.com and Breitbart radio were increasingly touting Republican candidate Ed Gillespie’s turn toward “the nationalist-populist base.” Breitbart staffers and Executive Chairman Stephen Bannon argued that Gillespie’s embrace of “the Trump agenda” -- through issues such as linking undocumented immigrants to the violent gang MS-13 and keeping Confederate monuments -- were the reason for his “momentum.” However, as soon as the race was called for Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, Breitbart quickly changed tack, labeling Gillespie an “establishment” “Republican swamp thing,” and declaring that he was “scarcely a MAGA candidate.” Here’s how Breitbart covered Gillespie's embrace of Trumpism … until he lost.

Taking away environmental protections (that will obviously lead to citizen deaths) is just another example of treason as per article 3 section 3 of the constitution and is definitely an ongoing policy of the traitourus Trump Administration;

Despite Pruitt resignation, direction of EPA has not changed NBC’s Hans Nichols says that, even with new leadership, the EPA under Trump will continue to be one that is "dismantling environmental protections.  ”

New EPA chief Andrew Wheeler has a fondness for right-wing media and climate-denier blogs But will he be as combative toward the mainstream press as Scott Pruitt was?

Scott Pruitt, ousted administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), had cozy relationships with right-wing media outlets and combative relationships with the mainstream press. Andrew Wheeler, who's stepped in as acting administrator, has also shown a fondness for right-wing media and signs of disdain toward some mainstream media. But Wheeler has not interacted with the press in the same hostile and tribal ways that Pruitt did. Will Wheeler's approach to the media shift now that he's at the helm at EPA?
On the topic of climate change, it’s easier to predict whether Wheeler will change course: probably not. LikePruitt, Wheeler has long been skeptical of climate science and climate action, as evidenced not just by Wheeler’s public statements but also by his Twitter account. He has tweeted out links to climate-denying blog posts, including one post that declared, “There is no such thing as ‘carbon pollution.’”

Same pattern of corruption continues...

Trump Takes a Stand Against… Endangered Species? | The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Published on 24 Jul 2018 The Trump Administration stars in "Parks and Desecration” featuring their new plan to roll back the Endangered Species Act and shrink national monuments for more oil drilling.

They even try and portray the Trump Adminstration's obvious corruption as some sort of tactic by "the swamp" (i.e. all the GOP establishment people Trump is helping);

Hannity: DC swamp is waging an all-out war against Trump Aug. 01, 2017 - 10:25 - The five forces working to destroy the president are kicking their efforts into overdrive to delegitimize the commander-in-chief


Note 1: "Deep State" was started by Alex Jones as some sort of decoy for his followers to think Trump isn't exposing 9/11 because "they" i.e. the deep state, won't let him, has also become mainstream Fox News propaganda.

Note 2: Alot of our corruption stems from a broken political system that takes bribes and follows basic patterns of corruption but has changed its names and the people who were losers in high school get to go and act cool in Washington, so the whole swamp" that really is DC and American elite politics has been accepted wholeheartedley. America already has one of the lowest rankings for a first world country on corruption, now its is just much lower but isn't reflected int he ratings yet.

CORRUPTION, AMERICAN-STYLE Clip11/15/2016 As the U.S. prepares for a potential African-style dictatorship under President-elect Trump, the developing world learns how to market government corruption like America.

More of the swampiness by Napolitano? Strange.

Fox judicial analyst says Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a swamp pick Napolitano: "The Washington establishment, sometimes known as the swamp, wanted Judge Kavanaugh," who is "at the heart and soul of the DC establishment"


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