Dec 21, 2017

Trump's America: The GOP Sentences At Least 15,000 To 17,000 Americans To Death EVERY YEAR! (i.e. The Effects Of 13 Million Uninsured)

1. The Last GOP Bill Condemned 28,600 Americans To Death (Approx), Media Ignores Story
 Implementing "Medicare for All" Is The Fastest, Easiest AND Cheapest Way To Insure The Least Number Of Citizens Die From Preventable Causes 
3. Trump Lied About Being President Of The People, Not Cutting Medicare, Not Cutting Social Security, Increasing Funding For Veterans With PTSD And Even Reducing The Debt! Trump Can't Be Trusted As A Man Of His Word. He's Not Even An American, Except In Name.

First,, its common knowledge 13 million people will lose health coverage under the GOP's "kill the poor for a rich tax cut" plan;

GOP Tax Plan Would Still Leave 13 Million Without Health Insurance, CBO Says
Just how big of an effect would a mandate repeal have? According to CBO, 13 million fewer people would be insured in 2027 compared with current law while premiums would spike 10%. That’s because, without the policy “stick” of a mandate, healthier and wealthier people would likely drop out of Obamacare’s marketplaces, in turn making individual insurance risk pools more costly by disproportionately leaving them with sicker Americans.

Second, the effects of this bill (left out of the general media narrative) is that people are going to die. We can have conservative and liberal estimates of deaths but people will die. I'm going to estimate (based on the researched scientific math below) that at least 15,000 Americans will die every year under this bill that before this bill didn't have to die;
This video, from Democracy Now,  is from when the number of people to be uninsured was between 22 and 33 Million. The math it refers to is very useful in making estimates of the number of people that will die as a result of no healthcare of any type.

AMY GOODMAN: Tell us what you found.
DR. STEFFIE WOOLHANDLER: We reviewed the world’s scientific literature on the relationship between health insurance and mortality. And there is really now a scientific consensus that being uninsured raises the death rates. It raises your death rates by between 3 and 29 percent. And the math on that is that if you take health insurance away from 22 million people, about 29,000 of them will die every year, annually, as a result. That’s what we found by reviewing the literature. There was a similar review in New England Journal of Medicine. We punished our own study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which is the official organ of the American College of Physicians, the nation’s largest medical specialty society. So, being uninsured raises your death rate. That is established scientific consensus. And many of the Republicans have been trying to say, "Oh, you can take away health insurance from 22 million people, and nothing will happen." That’s simply contradicted by the scientific consensus.
Based on this math and the fact that 13 million are expected to be put off healthcare, an estimated 17,000 people are expected to die, annually. We can do the math generously or conservatively but the fact that people WILL die as a result of not having healthcare/medicare is a simple fact.
Did ISIS even manage to kill 100 Americans? I don't think so. (Note: The easiest solution to minimizing unnecessary citizen deaths while not playing hunger games with them for $$$ would be to implement medicare for all)
This image was original made to show that it was GOP controlled States refusing Medicare that was sentencing people to death by not providing healthcare for preventable deaths resulting from lack of healthcare. Now, to me, it simply represents the GOP ending healthcare insurance for 13 million people, which means, if you do the math, approximately 17,000 people will die every year by 2027 (math below).

The GOP hunted for personal horror stories about Obamacare... now that they are literally throwing everyone off healthcare the left isn't even bothering to get people who could die on the news! The difference, the GOP pushes lies and truths that don't apply to them since they don't seek to get ANY American healthcare (or just want most to be without it and some to die) while the "lefts" media talks about how the GOP, people talking seriously about passing bills to kill people, are simply doing their "job". 

Activist with ALS protests tax bill's health care cuts The tax bill process was a "sham" and undermined democracy, says Ady Barkan, an activist fighting ALS who protested on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

More information:

Related study of how media helped: 

When Republicans’ Senate health care bill looked like it was hurtling toward a vote two weeks ago, prime-time cable news largely neglected to cover several negative consequences of the bill and instead spent a disproportionate amount of time on the political process surrounding the legislation.
Media Matters reviewed the two nights of cable news coverage -- from 5 to 11 p.m. -- between the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) score of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2016 (BCRA) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) announcement that the bill would be temporarily tabled until after congressional recess. We analyzed Nexis transcripts for individual statements -- defined as a single sentence -- about a wide range of reported negative impacts of the bill (including cuts to Medicaid funding, potential cuts to essential health benefits (EHBs), and a one-year freeze in federal funding for Planned Parenthood) and compared those to statements about the process surrounding the potential vote on the bill. We also reviewed coverage to see whether it included personal stories about people who would be impacted by the bill.
During those two nights of coverage -- when media outlets were under the impression the bill was imminently coming up for a vote and potentially taking a major step toward becoming law -- process overwhelmed policy:
  • CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News made more than four times as many statements about process as they did about the negative impacts of the bill.
  • There were over 33 times more statements about process than personal stories of those who would be most affected by the law.
  • None of the three networks featured statements about potential cuts to mental health benefits, special education programs, or the negative impact of the proposed legislation on people with HIV.

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

While the process surrounding the bill is a crucial part of the discussion (McConnell intentionally kept the drafting process secret and has been trying to rush the bill through the Senate), the extent to which process discussion eclipsed coverage of the impacts of the bill was staggering. On Fox News, the ratio between statements about process and statements about the negative impact of the bill was roughly 10-to-1, while on MSNBC and CNN, that ratio was nearly 5-to-1.

Cable news made over 1,800 statements about process

Over the two-day period, prime-time cable news made 1,835 statements about the process of passing the bill through the Senate. CNN made 792, Fox News made 274, and MSNBC made 769.

There were no statements on any network about cuts to special education programs in public schools

CNBC reported that out of approximately 11.2 million children in the U.S. who have special needs, “nearly 5 million rely on coverage from Medicaid and its Children’s Health Insurance Program, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.” The BCRA’s cuts to Medicaid, made by phasing out the ACA’s Medicaid expansion program, threaten the funding for this program. The Washington Post noted trepidation among school districts that say that in order “to fill the hole they anticipate would be left by the Republican push to restructure Medicaid, they would either have to cut those services or downsize general education programs that serve all students.” There were no statements made about these cuts on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC.

There were no statements on any network about cuts to mental health treatment

Cuts to Medicaid and a rollback on essential health benefits (EHBs) means that people with mental illness would be receiving “less coverage for more money,” according to HuffPost. As the Center for American Progress (CAP) noted, “The CBO’s prediction matches the reality of the pre-ACA insurance market,” when “a significant number of people did not have coverage for … mental health services.” There were no statements about these cuts on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC.

MSNBC aired no statements about the one-year freeze on federal funds to Planned Parenthood

The GOP Senate bill called for freezing federal funds to Planned Parenthood for one year, blocking access to family planning and related women’s health services that the clinics offer to millions of Americans. Defunding Planned Parenthood on a state level has had detrimental effects on public health. When Indiana shuttered five Planned Parenthood facilities -- at least one of which did not offer abortion services -- in 2015, the state experienced “an unprecedented HIV epidemic caused by intravenous drug use” due to a lack of access to preventative and testing measures. In Texas, after cuts to Planned Parenthood funding, fewer women “received contraceptive services, fewer use highly effective methods, some have had unintended pregnancies, and some have had abortions they would not have had if not for these policies." There were nine statements about this freeze on CNN and two on Fox News. There were no statements about it on MSNBC.

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The easiest solution to minimize unnecessary deaths in the nation (i.e. deaths that can be prevented by having basic healthcare insurance coverage) can be covered by a medicare for all program which already has a history have working effectively as a safety net to keep the nation together.

Donald Trump's Death Panel Before Obamacare, thousands of uninsured Americans died every year because they didn't receive timely care.
Not long ago, Americans learned that the average life expectancy for white people in this country—those most likely to have voted for Donald Trump—actually declined for the first time in many years. The pathologies and frustrations believed to have driven that decline may have motivated the tiny handful of votes that gave Trump his Electoral College victory.
But not long after their euphoria over his inauguration fades, they are going to learn why his administration is so likely to drive those statistics in the wrong direction. Despite his promises to protect Social Security and Medicare—and his vow to replace the Affordable Care Act with "something much better"—Trump's cabinet appointees and his allies in Congress plan ruinous changes to those programs. And that will mean ruin, and in thousands of cases death, for the mostly white and working-class people who depend so heavily on them.
Unless the Republicans come up with a plausible bill to replace Obamacare—a challenge that has eluded them since 2009—millions of their constituents will lose the health insurance they have only recently gained, and yes, thousands of those people will die next year.
Back when President Obama's health reform plan first passed, Republicans and their media echoes warned loudly about mythical "death panels" embedded in his legislation. The voters who believed that nonsense are about to meet the real death panels, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Rep. Tom Price, the Georgia Republican slated to head the Department of Health and Human Services.
This is not hyperbole: Before the advent of Obamacare, tens of thousands of uninsured Americans died every year because they didn't receive timely care. Ten years ago, one reputable study estimated that as many as 137,000 Americans had perished prematurely due to lack of health coverage between 2005 and 2010, or more than twice as many as died in the Vietnam War. The Institute of Medicine has estimated that uninsured adults are 25 percent more likely to die prematurely than those with coverage, with uninsured adults between 55 and 64 years old faring even worse. For them, being uninsured is the third most significant cause of death, behind only heart disease and cancer.
Those estimates don't include the victims of insurance company profiteering who will die if the repeal of Obamacare undoes its protection of patients suffering from "previously existing conditions." Exposed to the tender mercies of corporate actuaries, thousands of them will lose their coverage, watch their families driven to destitution, and many of them will die, too.
That isn't supposed to be what happens under President Trump, who declared in many interviews and debates his determination to provide better and cheaper health insurance "for everybody, let it be for everybody." But by appointing a far-right ideologue like Price to run health policy, Trump effectively violated that promise before even taking his oath of office. Working with Ryan and the Republican majority in both houses of Congress, Price means to destroy Obamacare, slash Medicare and decimate Medicaid.
The truth about the current incarnation of the Republican Party, which voters ought to have learned long ago, is that its attitudes toward working Americans of all descriptions range from careless to merciless. If not every Republican shares the "let 'em die" position on health care screamed by a GOP debate audience in 2012, all too many believe that government has no role in ensuring that every American is insured—even though that would save money as well as lives. However ridiculous Trump's promises may seem, his pledge to protect Americans who depend on Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid is a matter of life or death. Unless he changes course now, we may see a lot of red caps at funerals for people who lost their insurance and died much too soon.

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