May 29, 2019

Economics: Trump's & The GOPs "Socialism" Con With Robert Reich

[Updated June 4, 2019] - Robert Reich: Socialism: The Same Old Scare Tactic - Robert Reich explains why Donald Trump and Republicans use socialism to scare the American people.

Economics & Political Outline: 

Anything that fulfills the General Welfare clause of the Constitution is called "Socialism" by the right;

While the General Welfare clause is not being followed there is also a sort of "welfare for the rich" program going on that boggles the mind. What social purpose does helping the rich 'get on thier feet' accomplish, when they already have money to live a good life?

An established company already makes money. All people at the top do (most of the time) is follow tradition and procedure to make money.

Except for the rich, the economy is not doing as well as people like to think (minimum wage hasn't even kept pace with inflation for decades or minimum wage would be approximately 21-23 dollars an hour, that would support a person with a family in today's economy... not to mention that increasing minimum wage boosts the economy);

While taxes for the poor has been broadened, taxes for the rich go down. And the safety net is attacked.

Trump and the GOP have taken wasteful federal government expenditure to new hypocritical levels;

Finally, the Republicans have shown they are no better than thier historical right wing counterparts, the Nazis;

What we have become, is an Oligarchy;

More indepth video explanations;

In pushing a large deficit in defiance of the GOPs years long standing position on not having debt, while pushing the same economic con started by Dick Cheney in the 80s, the GOP have proven themselves to be hypocrites on fiscal responsibility (and pretty much everything else) and are currently making the poor pay the rich interest like loan sharks...

Robert Reich: The Big Economic Switcheroo - Robert Reich explains why the growing federal debt enriches Wall St. bankers and wealthy Americans.

How income inequality can create monarchical societal structures which is exactly what the Constitution was written to protect us from;

Robert Reich: Why We Need a Wealth Tax
Robert Reich explains why we must tax wealthy estates in order to reduce inequality.

Fox News and Republican strategists lie all the time (such as with the marginal tax rate), selling their traditional brand of fake economics. Their biggest myths, including the one around marginal tax rate, are outlined in this video;

Robert Reich: 12 Myths About Taxing the Rich
Robert Reich debunks 12 misconceptions about tax policy in America.

Most people in America are in favor of increasing the marginal tax rate;

The economy grows with a high marginal tax-rate;

Great ideas to save our country;

Robert Reich: 10 Steps to Save American Democracy
Robert Reich offers 10 ways to strengthen the American political system.

Corporations have gone from contributors to society to "weird people" who want to maximize profits at all costs, no matter the social cost. Thus Federal Laws are needed to minimize, or eliminate, negative externalities as States, left to their own devices, begin a race to the bottom;

Robert Reich: How to Hold Corporations Accountable
Robert Reich explains how to make big businesses more accountable to workers and society.

What we have is a system of socialism for the rich and a sort of Hunger Games for the rest of us;

Robert Reich: Socialism of the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest
Robert Reich explain how the wealthy and corporations receive billions in corporate welfare.

More Background/Context:
Trump, GOP's, Fox News's And Fox Business's Economic Lies Outlined

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