Dec 7, 2017

Height Of Hypocrisy 4: Republican Hypocrisy On The Deficit Is Epic!

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As the saying goes, Democrats don't care about deficits till a tax bill (because the GOP brings it up) and the Republicans don't care about a tax bill when they are in power (because they are hypocrites). this post proves the Republican Hypocrisy on deficits.

TRUMP'S CHRISTMAS GIFT TO THE POOR: TAX HIKES 11/27/2017 After President Trump announces that he wants to reform the tax code, Trevor breaks down how a proposed GOP plan will affect low-income Americans.

Screenshots from 3:36...

Senate Tax plan leads to a 1 trillion dollar deficit;

Mitch McConnell said that deficits are the most important issue of our time and until the deficit is fixed, "we can't fix America" (clearly he was lying/being-a-hypocrite);

Paul Ryan said that deficit will destroy the economy (clearly he was lying/being-a-hypocrite) as well;

Of course, its possible that they didn't become hypocrites till they passed this tax bill but that is extremely unlikely. Thier pattern is that everything they say is wring is something they end up doing i.e. GOP/Republicans are the ultimate hypocrites.

Some Republicans are arguing that there will be an economic boost that will cover the deficit. This is another lie that has been confirmed from multiple cost estimation offices. No matter what there is going to be a one trillion dollar deficit which is huge (especially when there is no benefit to the economy)

Analysis: Middle class gets average 1% tax cut with GOP bill The Republican tax cut plan in the Senate hit another snag because every analysis shows the bill adds a trillion dollars to the debt and only gives a small cut to the middle class. This move gives some hope to opponents of the bill. Lawrence O'Donnell examines. Duration: 8:53

Note: They are trying to find a way to vote for a bill that will massively increase the deficit by a trillion dollars (most of the GOP) or by half a trillion dollars (Corker & Flake), i.e. no one honestly ever stood for deficit reduction. Everything they say is probably a lie.

There is not Republican in the United States Senate who is standing by a vow many of them have made in the past to never vote to increase the deficit or national debt. (Note: John McCain is saying yes on a 15 AVERAGE tax cut for the middle class and calling it a "middle class tax cut". Average means some have tax increases so calling it a middle class tax cut in any capacity is just blatantly false.)


ARMADEBTDON 2011 - NONFICTION CAPTAIN AMERICA JULY 25, 2011 - When it comes to resolving the debt ceiling crisis, Congress is the equivalent of a skunk with its head in a jar of Skippy peanut butter. (4:56)

Not to mention that standard hypocrisy of opposing debt ceiling increases for the 2 wars that they funded with debt... 

ARMADEBTDON 2011 - RIGHTANS JULY 26, 2011 - John Boehner reveals the Republican plan to destroy government and create a super-race of right-wing Titans. (3:01)

[Note: Left out unfunded Bush wars + the huge reduction in taxes for the rich which is the single largest contributor towards the debt i.e. if you don't remove the causes of a problem the problem will persist.]

... and for which they INCREASED the debt ceiling for 7 times! (Do they think that debt disappears after their President leaves office?)...

DANCING ON THE CEILING JUNE 2, 2011 - Republicans show their Tea Party base that they're against raising the debt ceiling, while reassuring Wall Street that it's political theater. (3:45)

Above: George Bush increased the debt ceiling in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006. 2007 and twice in 2008 


Paul Ryan has promised to kill Americans to cut the deficit. So expect more GOP murder covered up by the GOP in the future, i.e. denying people access to proper healthcare leads to death (some tribal people in primitive era of civilization knew all too well). The last bill was estimated to kill 28,600 Americans per year (which they tried hard to pass)

Democracy Now: Senate GOP Healthcare Bill Estimated to Kill 28,600 More in U.S. Each Year & Drop 22M from Insurance

Transcript: Welcome to Democracy Now!
AMY GOODMAN: Tell us what you found.
DR. STEFFIE WOOLHANDLER: We reviewed the world’s scientific literature on the relationship between health insurance and mortality. And there is really now a scientific consensus that being uninsured raises the death rates. It raises your death rates by between 3 and 29 percent. And the math on that is that if you take health insurance away from 22 million people, about 29,000 of them will die every year, annually, as a result. That’s what we found by reviewing the literature. There was a similar review in New England Journal of Medicine. We punished our own study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which is the official organ of the American College of Physicians, the nation’s largest medical specialty society. So, being uninsured raises your death rate. That is established scientific consensus. And many of the Republicans have been trying to say, “Oh, you can take away health insurance from 22 million people, and nothing will happen.” That’s simply contradicted by the scientific consensus.
AMY GOODMAN: And explain how people die as a result.
DR. STEFFIE WOOLHANDLER: Well, people might have an acute illness, like major trauma. You get hit by a car, and you have to go to the hospital. If you’re uninsured and you have major trauma, your death rates are higher. You might have an illness like breast cancer. If you’re uninsured and you have breast cancer, your death rates are higher. But mostly this has to do with that routine medical care to treat high blood pressure, to treat diabetes, before they cause complications, and to prevent those serious complications and deaths. Seems like hypertension, high blood pressure, is probably the largest single contributor to deaths among uninsured people. You need to be taking medicines to control high blood pressure to prevent strokes and heart attacks and death.
AMY GOODMAN: So this number, 22 million people will lose their health insurance over the next 10 years, and then it only goes up from there.
DR. STEFFIE WOOLHANDLER: Well, according to the Congressional Budget Office, yes, it goes up from there, because the Medicaid cuts in the Senate bill are delayed, but then they’re very, very deep. They’re even deeper over the long run than what was in the House bill. So, Medicaid is going to be cut not just for poor people, but for people in nursing homes. You know, most people in a nursing home eventually have to rely on Medicaid to pay the bill, because nursing home care takes all your money, and you have to rely on Medicaid. If you have a disabled child, you have to rely on Medicaid. If you have a relative who has serious mental illness or substance abuse, they’re going to be relying on Medicaid. So it takes money from all of these people, not just the folks who are poor now, to give this giant tax cut to the top 1 percent of taxpayers.
AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to turn to a comment made by the Idaho Republican Congressman Raúl Labrador during a town hall meeting last month. He came under fire for his answer to this question from an audience member.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: You are mandating people on Medicaid accept dying. You are making a mandate that will kill people.
REP. RAÚL LABRADOR: No, no one wants anybody to die. You know, that line is so indefensible. Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.
AMY GOODMAN: “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.” Dr. Steffie Woolhandler?
DR. STEFFIE WOOLHANDLER: Well, Raúl Labrador said it. Senator Ted Cruz has said that. Marco Rubio has said that. Secretary Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services, has implied that, that you can be uninsured and nothing happens. That’s simply not true. The science is showing us that if you lack health insurance, you don’t get the care you need to stay healthy, and that people die earlier as a result. And I think it’s a—the Republicans recognize this is a very dangerous idea for them, that people are going to die because of their behavior. But that’s what the scientific consensus is saying.
Based on this math and the fact that 13 million are expected to be put off healthcare, an estimated 17,000 people are expected to die

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