Dec 27, 2018

GOP & Fox News Can't Stop Kissing Their Leaders Asses! (With The Daily Show & The Colbert Report)

1. Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism" Part 3 - The Pattern Of Unquestioned Obedience To Ones Leader Is The Same For The GOP & Trump's Followers As It Was For The Nazis & Hitler!
2. GOP's Height Of Hypocrisy Series Part7: The Executive Order & Dictator/Tyrant Hypocrisy
3. GOP's "Loyalty Oaths" & Treasonous Tendencies Are Preventing Them From Impeaching Trump
4. Case Study: The Fox News Echo Chamber Model Of "News" Is Designed To Encourage Dictatorships & Destroy Democracy

Anyone close to the Dear Leader is cool (if videos don't work click on video link to watch video - right click on video link and choose 'open in a new window/tab' to watch video while keeping this post open);

BUSH IMPERSONATOR IMPERSONATOR OCTOBER 16, 2006 - Fox News gave poor marks to a Bush impersonator who appeared with Barbra Streisand, despite praising him when he appeared with Bush. (2:37)

They play love songs for Dear Leader;

MOMENT OF ZEN - "ONE MORE NIGHT" 12/11/2014 An interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney on Fox News's "Special Report with Bret Baier" draws to a close with a Phil Collins love song.

Fox News was already a respected member of the GOP's coverup and propaganda apparatus. What you see here is a preview to Trump's complete submission to Fox News con artists;

BACK FROM BREAK JULY 16, 2007 Jon returns from vacation to find that Scooter Libby's sentence was commuted and President Bush has succumbed to using Fox News's slogan. (1:17)

Similar events create different talking points depending on if their Dear Leader is involved or not;

BULLET POINTS OVER BENGHAZI - THE OUTRAGE SPOT 5/5/2014 Fox News pundits appear to find controversies of the Bush era less upsetting than those of the Obama administration.

As per their tradition, Fox News always praises their dear Leader, no matter how much he contradicts himself (remind you of anyone? Trump?)

MITT'S SOCIALIST RHETORIC & BODY LANGUAGE 10/4/2012 Though Mitt Romney contradicted everything he said on the campaign trail, Fox News applauds his confident facial expressions during the debate.

Everyone is bad compared to their dear leader... here you see one of the people who helped the liars of the Iraq War by burying leads and pushing her own unsought and invalid opinion, Judith Miller, make the case that 'Obama is bad and the Iraq War Liars are good';

A LEAK OF THEIR OWN 8/6/2012 Fox News' Judith Miller explains why the Obama administration's leaks are jeopardizingly injurious to national security in a way Dick Cheney's WMD leaks were not.

They talk about Constitutional abuses such as torture like it actually worked and wasn't simply torturing innocent people to get fake confessions (also left out torture techniques like rectal feeding and god knows what else the CIA burned rather than let the people know what they really stand for, a secret organization to wage "War on the People" of the United States);

DROWN SYNDROME NOVEMBER 15, 2006 - Fox News' Steve Harrigan discusses the interrogation technique of waterboarding with the same enthusiasm Ron Popeil uses for his oven roaster (3:26)

Here is Rumsfeld talking about important issues as per GOP "news";

MOMENT OF ZEN - PEDOMETER MAY 9, 2006 Donald Rumsfeld tells a Fox News interviewer how many steps he's walked for the day. (0:16)

Rumsfled, to this day, continues to rewrite history as is his right in the Fox News model of news (i.e. dictator ass kissing if their party in in power, anti american tactics and politics as per their tradition of southern treason);

THE RUMMY RETURNS - LEARNING CURVES ARE FOR PUSSIES 6/11/2015More than a decade after the start of the Iraq War, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld continues to rewrite the history of his involvement in the conflict.

Moment Of Zen: The terrorist framed for 9/11, who 'Bush could never catch', was shot (and buried with no genetic evidence for proof, at sea!!!) by Obama... but Fox gave credit to the guy who WASN'T in charge (the exact same tactic they use to explain economics and the economy);

MOMENT OF ZEN - OBAMA'S BIN LADEN VICTORY LAP 5/1/2012 Suggesting President Obama's oversight, Fox News' Eric Bolling thanks the Navy SEALs, the CIA, and the Bush administration for the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

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