Dec 27, 2018

John Oliver Talks About Televangelists (The Biggest Con Artists In The Western World)

Televangelists are some of the biggest con artists in the world. Its not like they have to worry about facts in their sermons. Religious people don't require facts, only belief. Genesis 1 is different from Genesis 2. Jesus has different birth narratives (which Christians say its because they were speaking to different audiences!). So the religious Christians are not only bigots (as per Leviticus) but also extremely gullible when it comes to facts (as facts are not important to their narratives) and thus are the best subjects for con artists... which the western/christian world is full of. Certainly explains the Trump phenomenon doesn't it?

Televangelists: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.


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