Jan 1, 2019

How Fox News Helps The GOP With Their Lies, Cons & Propaganda (With The Daily Show & Colbert Report)

1. GOP & Fox News Can't Stop Kissing Their Leaders Asses! (With The Daily Show & The Colbert Report)
2. Daily Show & Colbert Report Prove That Fox News Is Fake News
3. Examples Of How The "Fact Based" News Media Distorts Public Perception Of Truth Because Of Unusually Bad And/Or Incompetent Journalism

Fox News always JUMPS to help a Republican leader in trouble (pushing whatever bullshit narrative they have to)... that's LITERALLY their job (if videos don't work click on video link to watch video - right click on video link and choose 'open in a new window/tab' to watch video while keeping this post open);

CHAOS ON BULLS**T MOUNTAIN 9/19/2012 In the 48 hours since the Romney video first gained wide exposure, turd containment crews at Fox News have been working overtime on Bulls**t Mountain.

If something doesn't fit their narrative they will often avoid the issue all together;

Q & O 2/1/2010 Fox News cuts away from President Obama's lunch with the GOP because it's against the narrative that they present. 

Roger Ailes, from the days of Nixon, was one of its main leaders;

MOMENT OF ZEN - ROGER AILES DEFENDS FOX NEWS 2/1/10 Roger Ailes defends Fox's decision to stop coverage of President Obama's meeting with Republicans.

While previously supporting some of the worst of the Old Testament (
in defiance of the Constitutions separation of Church and State), they will adjust their demonizing rhetoric to protect their party image, if they have to, as per their job of being a lying party propaganda outlet;

LORD OF THE RINGS - THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY 5/10/2012 Fox News pundits' Republican talking points on gay marriage lack their previous turtle sex and polygamy alarmism.

Fox Business also helps with the GOP's political propaganda by misinforming people on thier "business" channel;

COLBERT NEWS ALERT - OBAMACARE SUPREME COURT RULING 6/25/2012 Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney reports zero information on the Obamacare legal battle.

Fox News always puts a partisan spin on things and calls it the final word like dictators. As a result media often obliges with silence as they lie (a sort of conservative bully network);

TRUTH SQUAD APRIL 7, 2004 - In an attempt to make sense of the 2004 election Fox News creates a not-so-non partisan "truth squad." (2:37)

Fox News gets to rebrand news in any way it wants and it seems to get regular help from "left wing" media;

GOVERNMENT "SLIMDOWN" & POTUS MEETING 10/2/2013 Fox News rebrands the shutdown, President Obama meets with congressional leaders, and Michelle Bachmann refuses to blink.

This is a classic example of Fox News and GOP hypocrisy, and re-branding of a crisis they caused, in action. Here they side with veterans protesting a shutdown THEY (GOP/Fox) caused and make it appear that t was the left that caused this and got the veterans to think the GOP are on their side (whom they don't even support in policy)!;

SHUTSTORM 2013: AMERICA SITS ON ITS BALLS - BIAS ON BULLS**T MOUNTAIN 10/3/2013 Could there be a higher octane fuel for the Fox News false outrage exploitation engine than wheelchair-bound World War II veterans?

This is an example from the old days: When problems arise Fox News helps by mixing sympathy (to appear nice) with fear-mongering to push the GOP agenda (nowadays their racist/white-supremacist talking points are pretty clear cut);

QUESTIONABLE COMPASSION FOR CHILD IMMIGRANTS 7/17/2014 As the child immigrant crisis continues, Fox News pundits respond with a combination of sympathy and xenophobia.

Here Fox News fights over the ethnicity of an imaginary character (before they came out openly as a white supremacist station, this was how they pushed thier racist agenda);

WAR ON CHRISTMAS - S#@T'S GETTING WEIRD EDITION - BLACK SANTA 12/13/2013 Fox News debates Santa Claus's ethnic background, and Jessica Williams concludes that Santa Claus could not possibly be black.

Nowadays they have become adept at fear-mongering and demonizing to the point where even terrorist attacks by people listening to their rhetoric has become common (i.e. right wing domestic terrorism). The party of 9/11 now has a full scale domestic terrorist propaganda station. Inevitable I guess.

FOX NEWS STOKES FEAR OF DEMOCRATIC MOBS 10/11/2018 Despite Republicans holding all the power in Washington, Fox News still makes white conservatives feel like victims by ginning up fears of liberal protesters.

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