Oct 23, 2019

Evil But Stupid: Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: Evil Tyrant Or Dementia Or Just Plain Stupid?

Context: Trump Is Still The Savior Of ISIS! - Updated! [Plus Moment Of Zen: Fox News Was Designed to Protect A Republican President From The Constitution - Added Oct 28 2019]

Trump, at a first glance, may seem to lave lost his mind yet he talks in a logical way that utilizes deception to cover up what he doesn't want people to notice, while focusing on - often provable - lies as the "truth" which is standard operating procedure  for ANY tyrant anywhere in the world. So Trump clearly has bad intentions but seems to cover up his actions like a 5 year old trying to deceive a parent. That said, he also often seems not to put his words together in a way that can be even remotely considered to be grammatically correct English. Thus the questions arises; Is Trump evil and/or stupid (no understanding of civilized life in American society) with a possible oncoming case of dementia? The following videos outline this possibility without meaning to.

Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

Note: Trump insists he has the power to do what he wants... does he not understand that we are supposed to be a Nation under a Constitution and not a King with absolute rights?

Trump says the 'phony' Constitution 'doesn't matter' because he's 'rich' - In a stunning reversal, Trump has decided not to host the global summit at his Florida property, after pushback from Democrats and Republicans who found the decision to be in violation of the emoluments clause. Richard Painter, former chief White House ethics lawyer, believes Trump’s behavior is ‘unconstitutional,’ and argues his ‘understanding of the emoluments clause is wrong.’

Note: Does anyone find it weird that the GOP are opposing something they have supported for a while, i.e. ignoring the Constitution's emoluments clause for Trump's properties and vacation taxpayer expenses for his non-stop vacations? Is it because Trump is so stupid he took it too far even for a Republican?

Impeachment: Trump Has Officially Gone Off the Deep End | Full Frontal on TBS

As Trump installs enablers, he leaves behind witnesses - Rachel Maddow looks at how career staffers sounded the alarm as Donald Trump tried to implement his Ukraine scheme, forcing Trump to work through appointed acolytes and leaving a growing collection of witnesses ready to testify about what he was doing.

Donsplaining | The Daily Show
The Daily Show puzzles over some of Donald Trump’s most baffling attempts to explain how the world works, including his takes on 5G, windmills, trade deals and more.

Trump's Incompetence and Corruption on Display as Hurricane Nears: A Closer Look

Trump Keeps Lying About Hurricane Dorian and Alabama: A Closer Look

Nepotism In and Around the White House | The Daily Show
Trump’s sons attack Hunter Biden for nepotism and his role in the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, all while benefiting financially from their own father’s ventures.

Looking For A Place To Hold The G-7?

Note: Even his people don't think he gets what being President is all about and still thinks he's in "the hospitality business'. Dementia?

President Trump

Fox News

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