Jan 17, 2019

GOP Hypocrisy...The Republicans Basic Argument Is: We Are Going To Hurt & Betray The Country But You Should Be Nice To Us... While We Lie & Incite Terror!

1. GOP Prove That They Don't Care About Crimes Committed By The President Showing They Don't Stand For The Constitution Or Responsibility
2. "Fact" Based Media Has Enabled Right Wing Hate & Are Thus A Threat To National Security!
Let begin with how the GOP has never held Trump accountable on anything. Such as breaking the emoluments clauses of the Constitution, being swampy, terrorismetc. But would call Obama on normal stuff like a jobs bill or bills to help veterans (and a bill that sought to prevent veteran suicide!) and even science (while pretending its the Democrats that are the Obstructionists when its really them!). A Republican is the opposite of what a person would consider to be normal, moral or even human (i.e. they're more like Yuuzhan Vong). At this point, calling Republicans pure evil is not an understatement... and it is something they call the left everyday.

The GOP Doesn’t Care if Their “Law and Order” President Breaks the Law | The Daily Show
Following Michael Cohen’s sentencing, Republicans scramble to downplay the criminal implications for President Trump.

And of course a Republican politician would be OK with Trump's job performance as President. Republicans have taken things so far into lies and demonization with their fearmongering that they even go after comments that have historically considered to be American values and spin them as crazy! (Not to mention outright economic lies that no one in their right minds would believe.. except, obviously, their poor base fed by the GOP's propaganda network)

Culture Wars: Episode 69 | October 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS
It's brother against brother here in the culture war, but what do voters care about more: shouting and pussy hats or health care?

GOP's Tax Cut lies example; From 1:57 - All tax cuts went to corporate share buybacks and none of the promised middle class benefits happened (as this economics has shown historical for decades) but the rhetoric goes on, calling nothing something the way Trump pretended his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama's despite visual evidence to the contrary;

(Watch further in the video to see demonization examples that are astounding in thier lies! And also call the left "crazytown"... to their uneducated base that has been programmed by Fox News and their offshoots)

What right wingers are doing is using the "civility" argument to try and bully media into silence with lies (successfully);

Media Matters: CNN's Marc Short says "the news media" needs to "tone down the rhetoric" Short: "The media wants to keep doing is turn this back and say it's only the president's fault."
ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Why isn't the president stopping the hateful talk? 
MARC SHORT (CNN COMMENTATOR): Alisyn, I think, well first, thanks for that interview with the rabbi. I think his advice is right, I think we all need to tone down the rhetoric, not just our elected leaders, but frankly those of us on your shows and those of us in the news media. 
CAMEROTA: Good, I'll start now. So I won't use any of those terms against anybody, I won't call anybody the enemy of the people, I won't call anybody a thief or a crazed lunatic, or a wacko. Can the president follow suit? 
SHORT: Alisyn, that's a question for the president. I can't answer that --
CAMEROTA: You know him.
SHORT: I also have also seen the president comfort families from Dover Air Force Base who have lost soldiers in battle, I have seen him comfort victims of sexual assault crimes -- 
CAMEROTA: And that's what's so confusing. That's what's so confusing. When he uses words of comfort and then reverts right back to the hateful talk. And so are you calling on the president to stop this kind of talk? 
SHORT: Alisyn, Alisyn, look, I've just said I think that all elected leaders need to tone down, all of them --
JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): Is he -- I just don't want to, he is included in there? Crystal clear, he is included?
SHORT: Yes, absolutely. Yes, he's an elected leader, he's the very top, he's the president of the United States -- 
BERMAN: So you'd like to see the president, and others, cut down on this rhetoric? 
SHORT: -- and what I've said on your show multiple times is that the media is not the enemy of the people, and I've said repeatedly though with that responsibility of free press also comes the responsibility to report things fairly and accurately.
CAMEROTA: We know that, but the president has a responsibility also right?
SHORT: And I do think there has has been enormous bias against this administration. Yes Alisyn, I've said that three times and I'll say it again. 
CAMEROTA: Thank you, but you always work your way around to blaming the media and that's the part that we have to just stop. 
SHORT: No Alisyn, what I'm saying is, no, what I'm saying is we all have a responsibility here. And I think what the media wants to keep doing is turn this back and say it's only the president's fault. 

Paul Ryan's and the GOP's infinite hypocrisy on fiscal responsibility... balancing the budget responsibly got thrown to the wayside in favor of the same old bullshit supply side economics that the Republicans always use to balloon the deficit in every one of their administrations. A simple yet treasonous lie they ALWAYS get away with! Why?

Paul Ryan and the GOP’s hypocrisy on the debt and deficit Paul Ryan is leaving Congress after 20 years - leaving behind a legislative record at odds with his rhetoric about fiscal responsibility.

Even previous nobody's in the Republican party are immoral and against the people of the United States in every act and effort they undertake, except for the odd good endeavor which shouldn't be taken seriously (even Al Qaeda gives charity, its a tradition in the religion)... though in this case I don't know if he did anything good. He even attacked the Constitution's first amendment!

The damage done by Jeff Sessions' last act as AG On his last day as attorney general, Jeff Sessions signed an order limiting the use of a tool for criminal justice reform called consent decrees. All In Correspondent Trymaine Lee went to Ferguson, MO - currently under a consent decree - to find out what's at stake for its residents now.

Note: Mainstream ("liberal") media looks at the problem in a way that leaves out alot of context (as if we're playing normal politics here). Anyways, its clear that Republicans can say they have to do what they do for their base (even lie and betray the country if thats what the base wants, as programmed by the GOP's propaganda channel), and its OK;

Why Republicans and the US mainstream keep going in opposite directions

In any democratic system, there’s usually quite a bit of overlap between what the public wants and the priorities politicians tend to pursue. There’s no great mystery here: unless elected officials intend to have short careers in politics, they have an incentive to satisfy the electorate’s demands.

And yet, in contemporary politics, there’s a disconnect. The public urged Republicans not to take away health care coverage from millions of Americans, and yet, GOP policymakers fought tooth and nail to do exactly that. The public then urged Republicans not to cut taxes for the wealthy and big corporations, only to have GOP policymakers again do the opposite.
The same is true when it comes to policies the American mainstream actually likes. The public wants new measures, such as expanded background checks, to prevent gun violence. The public also wants protections for Dreamers. Republicans who control the levers of power don’t want either of these things, and so these goals are likely to go unmet.
The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell makes the case today that it’s important to identify the nature of the problem with specificity.
Dysfunctional Washington refuses to work out its differences to solve problems that matter to Americans. So say pundits and policy activists, perhaps hoping that diffuse criticism, rather than finger-pointing, will yield a government willing to govern.
But the problem isn’t “Washington.” It isn’t “Congress,” either. The problem is elected officials from a single political party: the GOP.
That seems more than fair. The next question is why Republican politicians, who ostensibly have to worry about the will of the electorate, are going in one direction while the American mainstream goes in another.

As regular readers know, there are multiple schools of thought. Some have argued that this is all about money – GOP officials feel the need to listen to donors, not voters – but I’m skeptical. Many of the Republicans ignoring public attitudes are likely to win re-election easily and already have full campaign coffers. Much of the time, their political agenda is driven by a sincere far-right ideology, not the demands of contributors.

Others have made the case that Republicans no longer care what voters think because they believe they’ve successfully shielded themselves from public attitudes through gerrymandering and voter-suppression techniques. By this reasoning, GOP officials work from the assumption that they’ll win elections, en masse, whether voters approve of their records or not. They can do as they please because, in their minds, the consent of the governed is now little more than an annoying, irrelevant detail.

But The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein went a step further yesterday, explaining that Republicans’ beliefs may be at odds with most voters, but they’re very much in line with their voters.
Republicans represent what I’ve called a “coalition of restoration” centered on the older, blue-collar, evangelical, and non-urban whites most uneasy about the tectonic cultural and economic forces reshaping American life. That means that compared with the nation overall, most Republicans are representing areas with more guns and fewer immigrants. 
Forty-two of the 51 Republican senators, for instance, were elected from one of the 30 states where immigrants represent the smallest share of the population, according to Census data. Republicans hold just nine of the 40 Senate seats in the 20 states with the highest immigrant-population share. Likewise, 26 of the states Trump carried in 2016 were among the 30 lowest in immigration-population share; he won just four of the top 20. 
Continuing the pattern, over four-fifths of House Republicans represent districts where the immigrant share of the population lags the national average. But, conversely, gun ownership is much more common among Republican-leaning constituencies and communities than in the nation overall.
It’s effectively an awkward numbers game: the nation’s urban centers tend to have growing populations, and those Americans’ attitudes help reflect the nation’s political mainstream, but this doesn’t change the right’s structural advantage in Congress, tilting the playing field toward interests that are more rural, whiter, and older.

Note: I'd like to point out that the GOP is centered around ONE channel, that is number one in America, that lies to the population (the entire right) to create a hallucinated world where alternative facts reign - i.e. THEY ARE LYING TO THE POPULATION UNCHALLENGED BY CORPORATE MEDIA - before it was even coined in the Trump Administration... making every political move the GOP makes an act of treason against the people as per article 3 section 3, i.e. they lie to the people for a small number of people who don't have the countries or peoples best interests at heart and then implement those policies citing the views of the people they convinced with fox news and their network of right wing ass-kissers.

While committing 
atrocious acts against the Constitution... the GOP have the gall to try and silence critics by saying "be civil" (an intimidation tactic that politicians try when they are winning in the polls and don't want their opponents to take them down, i.e. "we need to band together for the good of the party") ... yet, historically, the one that hits the opponent the best wins (if saying "be civil" is the last hit then you weren't fighting hard enough, especially given Trump's and the GOP's recent, or even old, political history), so its a decoy/red-herring tactic at best and SHOULD be ignored... especially against the force of evil that the right wing has become;

Trevor Noah EVISCERATES the Civility Argument | The Daily Show
Conservatives demand “civility” in an attempt to silence critics of the Trump administration, and Trevor points out that calls for civility tend to come from people in positions of privilege.

First the right terrorizes the left - successfully - with its right wing terrorism (and then deny such a thing exists), and then the right talks about something minor, like a public official being jeered - or kicked out of a private restaurant - by a Citizen that doesn't like their policies (a constitutional right), and says THOSE are the lines that shouldn't be crossed NOT their fear-mongering and demonizations that leads to regular right wing domestic terrorism;

More examples of this hypocrisy:
Orrin Hatch (after saying he doesn't care about Trump's behavior, above)

Jeff Flake (who never backed his words with action)

ConclusionsYou can't be nice to a liar in politics because then you have to compromise with a lie and then the truth is compromised (you become an aider and abettor in a lie). No one on the right expects to win an election without being mean, why do people on the left think they can do so? Anyways, the GOP have betrayed this country to the point of incivility... and I'm not even including the terrorism they endorsed by helping Trump - an impeachable offence - or the terrorism they do normally. To be civil to the uncivil simply, because they ask you to, is the height of stupidity, is what I'm trying to say. To negotiate with a terrorist? Well, that's just yet another level of stupidity, isn't it?

Full outline of the GOP con/treason;

GOP's "Height Of Hypocrisy" Series

Fox News

Right Wing Terrorism

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

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