Jan 18, 2019

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 49 (CNN VS Fox News)

WHEN REPORTERS ATTACK - CNN & FOX NEWS FEUD IN LIBYA 3/23/2011 Jason Jones understands why his old warhorse correspondent brethren from Fox News and CNN are butting heads in Libya.

THE SCHLONG GOODBYE 6/20/2011 CNN, Fox News and MSNBC cut away from Nancy Pelosi's news conference after she announces that there will be no Weiner talk.

THE SUPREME COURT'S OBAMACARE RULING - CNN & FOX NEWS REPORT 6/28/2012 The Supreme Court rules on the Affordable Care Act, and CNN races with Fox News to see which news organization will be the first to report the great decision.

IOWA CAUCUS - CABLE NEWS COVERAGE 1/4/2012 The Fox News team soldiers on in its Iowa caucus coverage despite the loss of basic mental functions, and CNN debuts its tricky flick technology.

CABLE NEWS GAFFE ON OBAMACARE SUPREME COURT RULING 6/28/2012 The Supreme Court rules Obamacare constitutional, despite CNN and Fox's opposite breaking news.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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