Jan 19, 2019

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 50 (CNN VS Fox News)

MOMENT OF ZEN - CASEY ANTHONY SPEAKS 6/13/2012 The component parts of The Daily Show are revealed, and Fox News reports on CNN's Casey Anthony scoop.

HARD-HITTING NEWS ON "HARD CHOICES" 6/18/2014 CNN and Fox News manage to land exclusive interviews with Hillary Clinton on the same day, an accomplishment apparently warranting its own extensive coverage.

MIDTERMS '014 - DETOUR TO GRIDLOCK - MOUNTAINS OF MIDTERM MADNESS 11/4/2014Cable news networks vie for attention with high-tech gadgets, from Fox News's "Bill Board" to CNN's "Magic Wall."

WHAT A RIOT - QUESTIONABLE COVERAGE FROM CNN AND FOX NEWS Don Lemon's interview with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ends on an awkward note, and Fox News uses ugly stereotypes in their coverage of the riots.

EXCLUSIVE - FAREED ZAKARIA EXTENDED INTERVIEW PT. 1 7/24/2014 Fareed Zakaria envisions how CNN's ratings would soar in comparison to Fox News's if Jon were to run its programing.

MELANIA TRUMP ADDRESSES PUSSYGATE 10/18/2016 In interviews with CNN and Fox News, Melania Trump responds to the "Access Hollywood" tape that reveals her husband Donald Trump boasting about sexual assault.

The Daily Show Does CNN

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