Apr 29, 2021

An Exploration Of Tucker Carlson's Tactics, History & Links To The Increase Of White Nationalism & Terrorism With John Oliver & NBC News

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These two videos are ridiculously eye opening.

Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents. 

Moment Of Zen

NBC NEWS: 'You Can't Spot The White Nationalist Anymore': Inside The Rise Of Right-Wing Extremists - Extremism experts at the Anti-Defamation League say white supremacist propaganda nearly doubled in the past year -- reaching the highest level the organization has ever recorded.

Note: The Fox News link to the spread of white supremacism is carefully left out of the NBCNews outline, which is understandable given they like to pretend all of this comes out of the ground as if by magic. This lack of confrontation of the source of the problem has even been pointed out by Media Matters.


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