Nov 6, 2019

UFO Facts: UFO's Seem To Like The UK! They've Shown Up On Live BBC News Several Times!

1. UFO Facts: The Navy Confirmed That 3 Videos On The Web Are In Fact Real UFOs, Providing A Confirmed Starting Point For UFO Research 
2. UFO Facts: A Navy Pilot Did An Interview With Mainstream News Media Outlets And Revealed That UFOs Are Shaped Like White Tic Tacs & Can Move At Hyper Velocity, Vertically Or Horizontally, Showing Capabilities Beyond What An Air Force Pilot Or Physicist Can Imagine Modern Aircraft Doing

UFOs seem to have made a regular appearance on live camera on BBC news (and on live camera in general). No doubt the folks at the BBC probably believed in UFOs before the declassified UFO/UAP videos that the Navy confirmed.

A UFO/UAP Flew By A Live BBC Camera In The UK On August 5, 2009 
A UFO "caught" on a mainstream news channel, BBC on August 5th 2009 at 9:05 AM. In this video you can see a tiny UFO speed by at a ridiculous speed... on BBC's live news cam during a news show!   Located on BBC here: 'UFO' on BBC Look North webcam

Here we appear to encounter an actual UFO/UAP fleet outside a BBC office. (June 24, 2011) 


UFO Sighting On BBC Live At The Hong Kong Protests On September 30 2014 Once again on BBC live on September 30, 2014, a UFO was sighted over the Hong Kong protests. It hovered for a bit. Floated back. And then shot up into the sky! (a gravity defying feat not normal to modern aircraft but normal to rockets... that have no ability to hover and DO leave a trail behind them).


UFOs are chased by the armed forces of various countries. Examples here are from the UK and Oregon, USA. It should also be noted that all three UFO/UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) videos declassified are of jets chasing UFOs.

BBC: Two Fighter Jets Chase A UFO In England (UK)


Two UFOs Caught On A Live BBC Broadcast Oct 8, 2014 - Here you see a couple of UFOs flying around and up through the clouds at, what appears to be, incredible speeds and maneuvering ability compared to our own aircraft (almost in defiance of gravity and aerodynamics!).


Observation: The speed with which the UFO in the first video ( 'UFO' on BBC Look North webcamflew by makes me wonder about this random video about a UFO from a news station in Colorado;

Super Fast UFO Caught On Camera By Accident!Here you see a UFO (flying saucer?) flying up and down so fast that it was only caught on camera by accident by slowing down the frames. Incredible sighting!


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