Nov 4, 2019

UFO Facts: Fighter Jets Have Been Scrambled To Meet UFOs In England (UK) & Oregon (USA)

1. UFO Facts: The Navy Confirmed That 3 Videos On The Web Are In Fact Real UFOs, Providing A Confirmed Starting Point For UFO Research 
2. UFO Facts: A Navy Pilot Did An Interview With Mainstream News Media Outlets And Revealed That UFOs Are Shaped Like White Tic Tacs & Can Move At Hyper Velocity, Vertically Or Horizontally, Showing Capabilities Beyond What An Air Force Pilot Or Physicist Can Imagine Modern Aircraft Doing

UFOs are chased by the armed forces of various countries. Examples here are from the UK and Oregon, USA. It should also be noted that all three UFO/UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) videos declassified are of jets chasing UFOs.

BBC: Two Fighter Jets Chase A UFO In England (UK)

Here are the fighter jets being scrambled over Oregon, USA;

You Need To Hear These FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling New evidence offers great detail of the bizarre event and provides unprecedented insight into how such a unique incident is dealt with in real time.

You can get more information about this event here.

Airliners And F-15s Involved In Bizarre Encounter With Mystery Aircraft Over Oregon The FAA, the USAF, and air traffic control recordings all confirm the bizarre event did indeed occur last October.

Something quite out of the ordinary occurred in the skies over Oregon on October 25th, 2017. A mystery aircraft was flying in daylight hours among the steady stream of airliners that traverse from south to north, between locales in California and Nevada and cities like Portland and Seattle and beyond. The incident began, at least as best we can tell, around 4:30pm near the California-Oregon border and resulted in multiple pilot eyewitnesses, recorded air traffic control audio, and eventual confirmations from both the FAA and North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) that it did indeed occur.

This has happened before...

The Guardian:
 UFO files: Battle of the RAF versus the flying saucers RAF fighter jets were scrambled 200 times a year to intercept UFOs during cold war, National Archive documents reveal

The 5,000 pages, mainly of correspondence with the public, of Whitehall documents on UFOs released today plot changing official attitudes over 50 years to the "flying saucer" mystery.
They show that the question of possible alien landings was taken so seriously at the height of the cold war in the 1950s that Britain's Joint Intelligence Committee in April 1957 held a special presentation from the Air Ministry's head of air intelligence, Air Vice Marshal Bill McDonald, on "unexplained aerial phenomena". Four incidents that month involving UFOs tracked by RAF radar remained "unexplained".

UFO Facts

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