Oct 30, 2019

UFO Facts: A Navy Pilot Did An Interview With Mainstream News Media Outlets And Revealed That UFOs Are Shaped Like White Tic Tacs & Can Move At Hyper Velocity, Vertically Or Horizontally, Showing Capabilities Beyond What An Air Force Pilot Or Physicist Can Imagine Modern Aircraft Doing

UFO Facts: The Navy Confirmed That 3 Videos On The Web Are In Fact Real UFOs, Providing A Confirmed Starting Point For UFO Research

On Fox News, an interview with a former - Top Gun - Navy Pilot, David Fravor, who now works for To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Sciences describes some mind-boggling attributes of the UFO's along with the description of them as "white tic tacs' with no wings or signs of propulsion;

In the interview the Navy pilot, David Fravor, talks about how fast the UFO could go, "I decided to see what it is, and it was about 2000 feet below me, and I cut across the circle and as I get within a half mile of it rapidly accelerates to the South in about 2 seconds & disappears". The pilot also says, "It has no exhaust, no discernible things of anything forms of propulsion and this thing came out of a dead hover over the water, just kinda hovering around, to a climb up to about 12,000 feet, to rapidly accelerating away in a climb and in less than 2 seconds it was gone and you're talking 50 miles of visibility and you can easily see an object of that size easily up to 10 miles and it just disappeared in seconds."

The interviewer asks,"What would be the effect to a human pilot of the g forces of that altitude change"

David Fravor replies, "Well, the altitude wouldn't be that bad, it would be the acceleration of the object, um, well honestly I wanted to fly it but you know talking to some physicists they don't think the human body could handle that kind of force..."

Finally the interview ask, "So bottom line what do you think this was?"

Navy Pilot replies, "I believe, as do the other folks that were on the flight when we visually saw it, that it was something not of this world."

Next an interview with the same Navy Pilot, David Fravor, as in the Fox News interview above, by the organization he is affiliated with, i.e. To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Sciences;

A couple of interesting descriptions of the UFOs the Navy Commander gives are;

1. At 3:10 in the interview of the pilot he mentions that the UFO he saw looked like a white tic tac and so they call it the tic tac, and,

2. At 5:56 the pilot is telling us how he was told by a controller. "we've been tracking these things, they've been dropping from 80,000 feet. they come straight down. they hang out at about 20,000 feet... they'll just sit there.. and then when they're done they go straight back up and they disappear."  

The same Navy pilot as in the Fox interview above but on CNN. 


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