Oct 30, 2019

UFO Facts: A White Tic Tac Shaped UFO Was Spotted Over Texas 2016 & 2018 (UFO Fits Navy Pilots Description!)

1. UFO Facts: The Navy Confirmed That 3 Videos On The Web Are In Fact Real UFOs, Providing A Confirmed Starting Point For UFO Research
2. UFO Facts: A Navy Pilot Did An Interview With Mainstream News Media Outlets And Revealed That UFOs Are Shaped Like White Tic Tacs & Can Move At Hyper Velocity, Vertically Or Horizontally, Showing Capabilities Beyond What An Air Force Pilot Or Physicist Can Imagine Modern Aircraft Doing

This White Tic Tac UFO/UAP was spotted over Texas, reported in the Houston Chronicle  Nov 29, 2018 and Fort Worth's Star Telegram on Dec 5 2018, fits the description given by the ex Navy pilot about what UFOs that he encountered looked like, i.e. white tic tacs

Screen shot of the white tic tac UFO/UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena);

Brownsville, Texas UFO report to MUFON August 2nd, 2016 (case 78186)"My brother was driving back home after a fishing trip on hwy 48 when he noticed a bright oval shape object moving slowly from left to right then stopping and hovering. The sky was cloudless at that time of day ,you can see the sunset on the background of the video he recorded. The object had a small object that was trailing the big oval object and was absorbed, but was not captured on the video." MUFON report: I left my house in north Manor Texas around 9:58am. Right before I got onto Fm 973 I noticed a large bright white disk shaped object flying from my far right to south over Manor. The object was moving very fast and decending gradually. Then it stopped decending and kept moving south over Manor. I could see it flying past clouds in and out. The brightness never changed color. It was all white. The shape was oval/ disk. It flew over Manor and disappeared south over the hills. About a minute before it disappeared a commercial plane flew over manor going from east to west. The white disk looked and moved nothing like the plane. I have video on my iPhone. 

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