Oct 31, 2019

UFO Facts: Civilian/Commercial Airline Pilots Have Reported Seeing UFOs/UAPs

UFO Facts: The Navy Confirmed That 3 Videos On The Web Are In Fact Real UFOs, Providing A Confirmed Starting Point For UFO Research

UFOs/UAPs are often called in by civilian airliners, besides being encountered by Navy pilots on a regular basis. This post covers some of the contacts in domestic airspace.

Expert: UFOs/UAPs(Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) frequently come close to hitting airliners (Fox News)


FAA Chief has visual, plane & ground radar proof of UFO

Fox News: 2 pilots in report seeing UFO in Arizona

Extract From LiveScience.com: 2 Pilots in Different Planes Saw the Same UFO. The FAA Can't Explain It.

The object, whatever it was, was flying high — at least a few thousand feet above the jet, which was cruising at an altitude of around 37,000 feet (11,000 m), the New Times reported. A few minutes later, the FAA asked another nearby flight — an American Airlines Airbus traveling in the same direction — to keep an eye out for anything "passing over" it in the desert.
The confused pilot agreed. And sure enough, within a few minutes, the Airbus crew saw the same mystery object fly over their plane. Video...

Yeah, something just passed over us," the Airbus pilot reported. "I couldn't make it out, whether it was a balloon or what … but it had a big reflection on it and it was several thousand feet above us, going the opposite direction."
Several weeks later, authorities are still stumped as to the object's origin. Beyond these two pilot reports, the FAA couldn't verify that any other aircraft were around. It likely wasn't a "Google balloon," the FAA reported, nor a weather balloon or a military craft.

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